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Chuck steaks are an inexpensive cut of beef, but with a little love they can be tender and flavorful.
I turn the steaks a few times on the grill and baste liberally with the reserved marinade during cooking. Make your own steak marinade recipe-An Outstanding Grilling Alternative That Saves You Money-Over the years some of the guys that I’ve worked with have mentioned that they occasionally take home boneless chuck steaks. Here we are surrounded by steaks of every kind, all day, and they take home a boneless chuck steak!

Grill, uncovered, 15 to 18 minutes for medium-rare to medium doneness, turning occasionally. I have tried just about every little cut of beef there is to see what hidden qualities that they may have except for the chuck steak. I’ve considered the chuck steak to be a tough steak good for swissing and that’s about it, unless you marinate it in something that would break down the fibers, like say battery acid for a week. The truth is I didn’t know until this Sunday when I fired up the grill and slapped a couple of big slabs of boneless chuck steaks onto it.

Now I’m a believer.Saturday I hand selected two nice big boneless chuck steaks from work and took them home where I placed them in a special sealed container with a generous amount of my special marinade that I just invented. After church the next day I placed them on my grill on low to medium heat and cooked them for about ten minutes on each side.

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