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Ms Snyder, who is against calorie-counting, highlights that the detox is a long-term program and 'needs to take place continuously to get the tangible results you are after.'And if the shift takes place too quickly, she warns that devotees can feel, or become ill.
Ms Snyder's book, The Beauty Detox Foods, hit stores last week and she celebrated its launch with a star-studded party in Hollywood.'The Beauty Detox Foods launch party was such a touching experience . Hollywood’s favorite nutritionist Kimberly Snyder is giving away the celebrity’s recipe for a slim figure, perfect skin and gorgeous hair.
Kimberly has worked with many A-list celebrities, from Drew Barrymore to Dita Von Teese, and she has recently published her newest book “The beauty detox food” that contains 85 beauty recipes.

Kerry Washington, Reese Witherspoon, Chris Hemsworth and Drew Barrymore are just some of the celebrities that start their day with this amazing green smoothie breakfast. It’s the perfect breakfast that will give you more motivation, will rejuvenate your skin, slow down the aging process and boost your energy.
For lunch and dinner, I make different types of salads for her, followed by an entrée like the ones in my new book Beauty Detox Foods. Snyder is strongly against calorie counting and she’s a strong believer that a healthy diet and detoxifications will give you long-term and amazing results.

We had an amazing group of people attend,' she wrote on her official Facebook page.Ms Snyder’s first book, The Beauty Detox Solution, was published in 2011. KICK START YOUR DAY: KIMBERLY SNYDER'S GLOWING GREEN SMOOTHIEThe number one thing Ms Snyder recommends to all of her celebrity clients is to start drinking her Glowing Green Smoothie every day for breakfast.

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