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Botanically speaking, white potatoes are tubers: subterranean lumps of energy that the green, above-ground part of the plant has socked away for tougher times. The alkaloid compounds in white potatoes are particularly concentrated in the skin,В especiallyВ when you see a potato that’s turned green from light exposure. If the only way you want potatoes is as a great big trough of ooey gooey cheesy fries, well, that’s important to note. Remember, they’re probably not as ideal as sweet potatoes for the reasons listed above, but they do offer some decent nutrition. I personally don’t eat white potatoes because they upset my digestive system, but my semi-paleo husband eats them regularly.
Paleo often touts the sweet potato as really nutrient-dense, so it’s common for folks to assume that because white potatoes are shunned, they have little nutritive value.

I usually stay away from them, and go for the sweet potatoes (man, they’re like candy with a big pat of Kerry Gold butter!). If you are severely lactose intolerant or cannot digest milk protein, both of those foods can cause rapid onset of diarrhea. Carb-wise—which is what most people are concerned with—white potatoes contain fewer total and fewer net grams of carbohydrate than sweet potato. For that reason, people that eat white potato don’t tend to overeat and therefore stay below the energy balance. When we compare glycemic index (GI) and glycemic load, though, white potatoes rank higher than sweet. Foods that are the most nutrient-dense and the least likely to mess with your hormones and your brain.

When you compare these tubers, white potatoes are more quickly digested and will cause a sharper spike in blood glucose—and subsequent release of insulin—than sweet potatoes. Brewer’s famous pregnancy diet, in which we were instructed to eat 4 potatoes (with the skin) per week. But it’s no surprise to feel a little confused when Paleo websites and cookbooks give the green light to the sweet potato but not the white variety.

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