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As he got started with preparing them last weekend, he told me I should put these potatoes on my blog. Dan likes to use small red or white potatoes, but we recently discovered that it’s nice to add some sweet potatoes, too. We’ve found that cooking a leisurely breakfast is a great time to involve Mads in the process of putting food on the table. We like our potatoes with lots and lots of onions, which are sauteed in the drippings leftover from cooking pastured bacon (use organic butter or olive oil if you don’t do bacon). Before adding the chopped potatoes to the pan with the onions, Dan likes to add them to a pot of cold water and bring it to a boil.
I know there are lots of lots of ways to make breakfast potatoes, but these happen to be our favorite; we love them alongside crisp bacon and eggs from our backyard chickens. I love this tasty dish but surely couldn’t eat this for breakfast: too heavy but as a decent dinner or brunch, would be great for me!

Today I forced down a simple breakfast of toast and cheese and another toast and peanut butter and then one boiled egg that was already in the fridge. From smoothies to savory soups to delectable desserts, you’ll love these delicious, healthy recipes! A liberal sprinkling of coarse sea salt and several grinds of the pepper mill finishes these potatoes off nicely; serve with eggs and optional bacon, doused with a little hot sauce, if you like.
Breakfasts are hard for me to be enthusiastic about because I simply MUST have my two coffees within 2 hours of waking up and that kills my appetite for 3-4 hours but this got my attention. Drizzle the skillet with oil again and add the potato cubes, onions, peppers, roasted garlic, salt, pepper, and seasoning, arranging them in a single layer. Alternate stirring the contents of the pan around so nothing burns (well to be honest, we like it when the onions burn a bit), and pressing everything down with a spatula so the potatoes get somewhat brown. I almost always make a big breakfast on Sundays and it typically involves potatoes and blue cheese crumbles..

Your family makes breakfast potatoes exactly the way we do.I mix of regular potatoes and sweet or yams, lots of onions and bacon fat or butter, depending on what is on hand. I forgot the bacon and the garlic because I was so hungry and exhausted and doing it from memory. Or if not, mix some powder in with oil in a bowl, then toss the potatoes around a bit (get your hands messy and do some rubbing is best!). I am a published author and I create and photograph seasonally inspired recipes here at Healthy Green Kitchen.
Drain the water and set the sweet potato cubes aside to dry while you cook the pepper and onions.

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