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Many of us play with a raw food diet but are flexible about including certain cooked foods and some others find they even prefer a little bit of animal products on occasion in their diet. And imagine experiencing all this for yourself without having to wonder if you are doing it right, without having to wade through countless raw recipes to find the best of the best, without even having to think about what to make or what to buy!
A balanced raw vegan diet such as the one on The 28 Days Raw Program menu plan is awesome for you if…. As the kitchen filled with the smell of caramelised meat, my mouth watered in anticipation of the coming feast: a thick cut of tender steak, fried in butter and olive oil.
According to government advice, I was doing everything right — and yet my health had never been worse. Furious with myself for sticking to the ‘healthy’ eating advice, which was actually far from a sensible diet.
Had a low-fat diet been suggested by a doctor, Gran would have told him to his face that it was all rubbish and that you needed fat to ‘keep the cold out’. In fact, the Lifetime Membership that the programs come with is almost necessary to be able to make use of and absorb all the materials and resources that make up the programs! In fact, for the previous 26 years I’d been a vegan, eschewing not just meat but all animal products. In 1987, he died of a massive heart attack, aged just 65.His diet in his later years was not one that would have appealed to Gran.
I believe it was these that created all my problems with IBS.Soya has also been associated with hypothyroidism, or an under-active thyroid, a condition whose symptoms include unexplained weight gain, lack of energy and depression — all problems that Dawn began to experience.
My diet was an extreme version of the NHS Eat Well regime, which recommends lots of starchy foods and smaller quantities of saturated fats, cholesterol, sugar and red meat. The effects were instant.Twenty-four hours after eating meat again, all my IBS symptoms had gone.

When I was a kid I thought pizza was healthy since it had foods from all groups.Since the Four Basic food Groups recommendation was introduced in 1956 the US government has changed their recommended serving size a few times. I had constant headaches and swallowed paracetamol and sucked Rennies like they were sweets.Worst of all, I had irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), which left me feeling as if I had lead weights in my gut.
Those few people who did fret about their diet were thought of as fussy.No one thought food was a problem, unless the chip shop ran out of battered sausage on a Friday. As voracious consumers of nuts, pulses and wholegrains, our diet was very high in copper and, because of the lack of animal protein, low in zinc. Had I heeded such warnings, I would have avoided my battle with processed food, in the form of soya, the bean whose industrially produced extracts are marketed as a low-fat and exceptionally healthy source of protein.Today, soya is everywhere. Some researchers have linked this imbalance to constant feelings of fatigue, something with which Dawn and I were all too familiar.For years, we gave the NHS every chance to find out what was wrong with us and get us well. But doctors didn’t and couldn’t — perhaps because they wouldn’t even consider that our apparently healthy diet might be the problem.Finally, in desperation, Dawn suggested we should try eating meat again. Beans were added to the meat group.The pyramids went away in 2011 when the government started the My Plate campaign. In 2010, I decided to give up my supposedly healthy lifestyle and embrace good old-fashioned meat.
But I’m sure she would have approved of everything else about our new diet because her generation knew how to eat properly. Low carb diets actually work well for weight loss.Over the years there have been other low carb diets. I was also shocked when I learned that these people were relatively healthy and were not obese and dying of heart attacks.If you think about the climate that these all-meat civilizations live in, their diets makes sense. While some did eat an occasional berry or vegetable, it was not the primary source of food.There are numerous hunter-gatherer cultures whose traditional diet is based on meat.

Their traditional diet is primarily made up of fish and hunted meats which include seal, walrus and polar bear. The meat or fish they eat is usually served raw, boiled or frozen with no salt or other seasoning.Not much goes to waste after they kill an animal. While they were in their warrior years, until around age 28, they ate only animal products (milk, meat, etc.)Over the years the diet of the Maasai has changed.
The doctors allowed Anderson to eat what he wanted but wanted to test the effects of a lean meat diet on Stefansson.He knew he would react negatively because he experienced nausea and diarrhea in the Arctic when his diet shifted to lean caribou, but he agreed anyway. My guess is that most Americans would feel the same way.Most of the meat found in stores today is factory produced.
The beef, chicken, pork and other meats you get is from sick animals that a pumped full of antibiotics and other drugs. I would be very worried if my only source of nourishment is raw meat pumped full of chemicals and potential exposed to bacteria that was not killed by cooking. Even though Stefansson did his tests with meat from grocery stores, that was in 1928 and my guess is that the chemicals being used have changed a bit since then.Not all meat is bad though. We can be healthy while eating mainly animal-based products and healthy while eating mainly plant-based products.
What we have not adapted to though is an abundance of sugar and processed foods.If you are looking for a healthy way to eat, choose real meat, fruits, and vegetables.

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