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Fan accounts are completely free, and once you're signed up you'll be able to get updates on all the podcasts you listen to as they're released! Trees have powerful lifeforce energies and thus have much to teach those who are willing to spend the required time to get to know them.
In this book he explains it all, in very specific detail, but in language that makes it easy to understand. They cover all the bases including asking for help, coping with duality, avoiding jealous energy, tips for raising your energy level, Divine contracts, focusing tools, allowing yourself to receive, and even how to release past life vows of poverty.
This is inner work which relies on contacting energy within ourselves that resonates with natural energies.

Becoming aware of our physical experiences, our true potential, the roadblocks to our full functioning, our ability to process stress, and how well we deal with loss are all major aspects of taking control of our destiny and recognizing the opportunities that are available to us. It will be an especially valuable tool for anyone interested in subtle energy and the healing modalities associated with that energy. For many New Consciousness readers it will be a relief to find out that the religion in which they were raised is actually tied to natural cycles and common transcendent experiences after all. The good news is that unlike the world of miracle weight loss diets, there seems to be a growing consensus, backed up by scientific research, about what and how we should eat to be healthy. So, we cast off all the stuff we don’t need and take the best of the old year into the new.

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Professor Walter takes it all a step further as he documents the evidence supporting the theory that much of Christianity was merged into existing pagan ritual and symbolism.

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