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The common foods that people usually eat release either alkaline base or acid into the blood after they pass the digestion process. The Alkaline Satisfaction Cookbook: 50+ Exciting Alkaline Diet Recipes to Kick-Start Your Weight Loss and Wellness Success and Keep Your Belly Happy!
My 2nd Alkaline Diet Recipe Book is now available with a special launch promotion of 40% OFF! A Fast Track to YOUR Health Goals: With over 120+ delicious, alkaline and easy to make meals you will always be full of alkaline vitality. For the first time, every single recipe in the Alkaline Diet Recipe Book II has got an Alkaline Nutritional Panel so you know the EXACT goodness you’re getting in every meal. If you have ANY of these goals, or if you want to live with a LOT more energy and vitality then I strongly recommend you try my NEW Alkaline Diet Recipe Book Volume II. I have spent 9 years living alkaline, cooking alkaline every single day and here is why it matters to you: I have cracked the code of easy alkaline living and now you can get all of my experience and recipes to start living alkaline right now.
Since I released my first Alkaline Diet Recipe Book in 2009 I’ve sold thousands and thousands of copies and I know this has helped so many people reach their health goals.
This 2nd Alkaline Diet Recipe Book takes things to a whole new level – if you loved the first book – you are going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one!
No matter what your goal, whether it’s weight loss, no more candida, no more reflux or digestion issues, clearer skin, relief from eczema, more vitality, better athletic performance, higher libido, better moods or simply to have more energy and live with more vitality…these recipes will get you there. With each Solution you get a 7-Day Menu plan and the shopping list to be able to cook each of these recipes, for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
Your website states that you accept payment through Paypal yet it does not give me that option when I add your book to the shopping cart.
I call these two books from Square One Publishers the “dynamic duo of acid-alkaline balance,” a concept that seems to have increased in popularity since I first learned about it when I co-owned a health food store in the late 1970s.

In Part Two you can find instructions on how to test your pH levels so you can determine if your daily diet is too acidifying or too alkalizing, as well as a preliminary explanation of the food tables. The charts in Part Two are most helpful, because they divide all the major foods into low, medium or high levels of acidity and alkalinity. In the cookbook, Ross does gives us what I call a “Top Ten” list, that is a list of the top ten acidifying foods and another of the top ten alkalizing foods, which may be handy to have when you are food shopping. Ross points out that acidifying foods should not be viewed as “the bad guys,” since balancing your pH level to be slightly alkaline is the key. What I find interesting about this food plan and cookbook is that it can be a tool in most any diet or food plan you use.  For example, if you are on a low carb diet, you can use the charts and recipes to help you make low carb food choices that also balance your pH levels.
Also, while this food plan is not a weight loss diet, per se, Ross does note that “by cutting out the processed foods and increasing your vegetable intake, you will be able to lose weight and maintain a healthy pH balance” (pg. It is not a fad diet or a quick weight-loss scheme, but instead a guide to a healthier way of eating and living. I always thought of a balanced diet as one that involved proteins, carbohydrates and fats as well as vitamins and minerals in appropriate proportions to keep one’s body healthy.
Specifically, to ensure good health, the body needs to maintain the proper balance between two types of chemical compounds—acids and alkalis. In most cases, more alkalizing foods are called for, although occasionally someone may be extremely alkaline. Susan Brown wrote the foreword to Ross’ book, so I feel comfortable reviewing them together, since they are already linked. As you will see, it does not have super-strange ingredients, but perhaps some that you are not overly familiar with, which the book explains. The DASH diet was developed to lower blood pressure, one of the leading factors in heart disease.

I never thought much about the importance of balance between acidifying foods and alkalizing foods. The cookbook also has a chart of basic foods before the recipes and some introductory pages about how pH levels are an indication of your body’s alkalinity and acidity.  However, it is not as detailed as the guide reviewed above, so I think they need to be read as a set. Besides sports and fitness routines it is also important to eat healthy and this recipe book can help with that. In addition to lowering blood pressure, the diet has been found to be more nutritious and lead to better health in all areas when compared with the standard American diet (SAD). But these two books have brought my attention back to this researched concept and prompted me to share some of the important information on Menupause.
The format of the ingredients in a shaded box to the side of the directions is also a feature that I really like about the book.
In the long run, people who failed to balance their diet with essential alkaline foods may become apt to develop chronic diseases and gain weight.
This book was designed to make following the DASH diet simple, easy, and most importantly great tasting. In this book you will learn how to prepare some delicious food that will help you to lose weight in a record time.
Included is an overview of the DASH diet covering the foods and portions to eat on the diet, a grocery list to help you stock your kitchen, sample eating plans, and more than 50 delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. We live in a day and age where our time is limited and if you plan to lose weight than you should maintain your diet and use your time to exercise more as well.

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