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In recent years it was made famous by Anthony Robbins who endorsed the work of Dr Robert Young who coined the phrase acid-alkaline balance and the alkaline diet, touting that a pure alkaline diet full of alkalising foods is the secret to a disease free life with an abundance of energy. Interestingly Dr Robert Young was recently charged for some unscrupulous behaviour involving his ranch, unlicensed intravenous treatments and acting as though he is a real medical doctor. Many scientists and doctors believe this theory is unproven and not possible given the fact our blood pH (measure of acidity) hardly ever changes and that alkaline foods would become neutralized by the acid in our stomach.
The ancient Indian system of healing called Ayurveda however backs up this theory and states than an over acidic condition is called an excess pita disorder (too much fire).
In Ayurveda other lifestyle changes are just as important, from the use of healing herbs, exercise, breathing and meditation for regaining balance. There are also many doctors who support this theory, and also many thousands of anecdotal stories of people recovering from disease by following an alkaline lifestyle.

An acid is a substance that adds hydrogen (H+) to a solution, an alkali is a substance that removes hydrogen. The blood has a protective buffer than quickly changes any alterations to its pH and maintains a balance. It is also this mechanism that practices such as yoga and acupuncture correct by balancing the chakras and energy points that control the current flow through our bodies. The kidneys do two jobs: they excrete excess acid into the urine and pump out ammonia (an alkali) into the blood.
The combined force of the lungs and kidneys is what results in an overall slightly alkaline system. This is why a diet rich in alkaline forming, antioxidants and vitamins is essential to maintain our pH balance.

You correctly pointed out that many people do better by using methods to alkalize the body, but some people don’t. With our diets and lifestyle today the majority of people probably lean towards an acid body chemistry, so alkalizing would have very real benefits, and in more cases than not, would probably be the correct thing to do.

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