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High Germination Salad Sprouts Seeds for Planting, Gardens, Cooking, Food Storage or Delicious Salad Sprouts: Sprouts Are High in Vitamins A, B-1, B-6 and C, Folic and Pantothenic Acids, Niacin, Potassium, Iron and Phosphorous & Chlorophyll. Alfalfa is North America’s favorite sprout and is considered more nutritionally concentrated than other sprouts, primarily because of its rich concentration of minerals. Quick serving ideas Sprouts make great replacements for lettuce on sandwiches Sprinkle tossed green salads with a mix of alfalfa and broccoli sprouts. Certified Organic products are non-genetically modified, chemical and pesticide free and are just as nature intended. During theВ germinationВ process there is a formidableВ increasesВ up to 1000 timesВ the vitaminsВ contained in theВ dry seeds.They therefore have anВ invigoratingВ antioxidant andВ remineralizingВ power on the body. If you were toВ start with aВ single germinated seed specie, start withВ alfalfa.В It isВ remineralizingВ and toning. TheВ easiestВ legumes:В clover, lentil,В alfalfa seeds, chickpeas, adzuki beans, fenugreek, mung bean. You will findВ a wide selection ofВ seeds for sproutingВ in health food shops.В SeedsВ to germinateВ will beВ found inВ organicВ food stores, and IВ highly recommendВ this and notВ useВ anyВ non-organicВ seed. SoakВ the seeds overnight in aВ low mineralВ water.В At firstВ put 2В tablespoons ofВ seeds only, you will seeВ the seeds willВ take more andВ more space while germinating, so doВ not fill theВ jar.

To rinse you only haveВ to put waterВ throughВ gauze,В gently shakeВ and drain the water.В You mustВ rinseВ the seedsВ twice a day,В morning and nightВ (moreВ if it is hot). In organic food shops you can find handyВ jars with aВ plastic coverВ adaptedВ to tiltВ the jars.В Others withВ aВ metalВ screenВ integration areВ very convenient. The Sproutman’s guide to indoor organic gardening shows you step by step, how to grow these delicious baby greens and mini-vegetables in just one week from seed to salad. The Victorio VKP1014 four-tray Kitchen Seed Sprouter is an easy way to produce fresh, high-quality organic sprouts in your own kitchen. Fresh sprouts liven up any salad, soup, sandwich or stir fry, and our sprouting seed mixes make an excellent healthy snack. To removeВ a maximum ofВ skins pour sprouts into the trayВ of your sink, fill withВ fresh waterВ and you should seeВ the remainsВ of seedsВ at the bottomВ of the trayВ and you canВ remove them. As the rootsВ get stuck in theВ hotbed it is difficult toВ irrigateВ all the seeds… unless you use dismountable trays –see teh references below–. Alfalfa’s rich content of nutrients include protein, carotene (equal to carrots), calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, zinc, vitamin K, bioflavonoids, and abundant chlorophyll. The sprouting process predigests the nutrients of the seed, making it easier to assimilate and metabolize: starches are converted into simple sugars, proteins into free amino acids, and fats into free fatty acids.

It also contains 8 enzymes which help assimilate protein, fats, and carbohydrates.Organic Alfalfa sprouts are what people typically think of when you mention organic sprouts.
Includes organic alfalfa sprouting seeds, 4 growing trays, 1 water collection tray, 1 storage lid and instruction manual. Rich in phytochemicals, organic alfalfa sprouts protect against cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis and fibrocystic breast disease.
What's more, organic alfalfa sprouts are beneficial in reducing symptoms of PMS and menopause, including hot flashes. Alfalfa sprouts are abundant sources of vitamins A, B, C, E and K, the minerals calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc.

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