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Science, always looking for new ways to help you forget your painful past, has recently discovered that drinking alcohol mixed with diet soda will get you drunk faster than drinking it with other types of mixers.
According to the study published in a journal called Alcoholism (no, the irony isn't lost on us), the lack of sugar in diet sodas accelerates alcohol's absorption into the blood stream. If you care about health, which you probably should, it's important to realize that heavy alcohol consumption is much more harmful over time than calorie consumption (plus, most alcohol has a lot of calories, so double whammy). Though it was a very small study, only eight women and eight men, the findings closely match previous research linking diet drinks and increased alcohol levels in the body. Scientists at Northern Kentucky University asked students who were social drinkers to come to their lab on separate days to test the effects of alcohol.
Using breath tests to measure alcohol levels, researchers found that students who drank vodka and regular soda registered just under the legal limit. But the students said they felt the same no matter what they drank, even though tests showed the diet drinkers were about one-fifth more intoxicated.
Some Americans may try to cut down on a few calories by using diet soda as a mixer in their alcoholic drinks.
Of course, sugar isn’t the only ingredient that has a potentially hidden effect on alcohol consumption.

Sure, there's something a bit less tragically poetic about staring into a glass of whisky and Diet Coke, but, as the old adage goes, wino beggars can't be choosers. More sugary drinks, on the other hand, act almost like a meal and delay stomach emptying and alcohol absorption. During one visit, the students drank vodka with diet soda and at another session they mixed the vodka with a sugar-sweetened soft drink.
To put that in perspective, you'd have to add almost a whole other shot of vodka to the sugar-sweetened drink to equal the potency of the diet drink mixture.
When the mixer is diet soda, the bar patrons tend to have somewhat higher intoxication levels than when they consume regular soda," says Dennis Thombs, professor and chair of the Department of Behavioral and Community Health, School of Public Health at the University of North Texas in Fort Worth.
Yet another thing I would like to convey is that losing weight is not exactly about going on a fad diet and trying to lose as much weight that you can in a few months.
Drinking coffee while intoxicated helps process the alcohol quicker and get it out, together with water. But new research suggests that mixing a diet rum and coke could actually carry an unexpected risk: since diet soda contains less sugar, it may cause greater intoxication than full-calorie soda, even though the difference is barely noticeable while drinking it. Participants didn’t report that drinking the diet drinks made them feel any more impaired or intoxicated than they did after drinking the more sugary drinks.

And it's not just a matter of the subjects who drank diet soda drinks being slightly drunker than those who didn't. Each beverage had the potency of about four mixed drinks, a dose that has been shown to raise blood alcohol levels to about the legal driving limit.
The diet soda mixture passes quickly through the stomach, putting alcohol into our bloodstream faster.
Digestion slows everything down, delaying the release of alcohol into our system, and spreading it out over a longer period of time. By comparison, BrAC was .077 when the same subjects consumed the same amount of alcohol but with a sugary soda.
That could put them at an increased risk of drinking and driving, since they may not realize diet soda could have pushed their BrAC over the legal limit. Alcohol and energy drink combinations are increasingly sending young adults to the hospital, and the American Academy of Pediatrics recently began recommending that doctors attempt to mitigate the dangerous trend by talking to their adolescent patients about the risks of drinking alcohol with caffeine.

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