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This past week was a productive week, as I kept learning and experimenting new things from my Acne Diet Program and saw some initial success; ) Without further ado, let’s jump right into my update! This means a diet plan that incorporates the proper nutrition and dietary supplements that allows our body to stay toxin-free, to maintain the proper function of the organs of elimination, to help skin heal itself, to maintain hormonal balance and re-establish friendly bacteria, and to create a candida-free environment.
A Detoxification Diet is a way to eliminate all kinds of foods that have the potential to cause breakouts.
For my first five days’ NSC Plan, I basically continued my daily plant-based diet routine which I learned from my last detox diet experiment. Keeping a busy skin care routine – this is very important, as we need to take care of our skin externally by following a strict skin care routine as well as internally by following an eating-clean diet routine.
It is actually a myth that chocolate, soda, or any specific food for that matter, will give you acne. The real cause of acne is a buildup of dead skin cells in the pores, excess skin oil and acne causing bacteria. When looking to control and cure your acne, it is vital that you stick to a good daily skin care regimen.

There are several medical spa treatments that can aide in your acne fighting process as well.
But remember, a well balanced diet, full of fresh fruits and vegetables with as little of those sugars and fats will help you stay fit and healthy and help your skin stay that way too! If you live in the Wisconsin or greater Milwaukee area, call Solaris Medical Spa today at (262) 240-0997 and ask for your free skin analysis with our skin specialist. While this plan alone will not help eliminate acne, it serves as an important and essential foundation that provides an environment favorable for acne-removing activities later on. My adventure officially took off from the Detoxification Diet, when each morning I consumed two tablespoons of olive oil and 3 cloves of crashed garlic after drinking warm water with juice from half of a lemon. Many things, including genetics and hormones, can cause acne but it is important to remember that acne is not your fault! You should wash your face once or twice a day with a good cleanser that is non-comedogenic, wear non-comedogenic & oil-free make up and be sure to wear a good moisturizer (yes, even if you have acne prone skin).
Healing is especially for acne-prone skin, as it serves for antimicrobial purposes and reduces blemishes as well.

If your skin does break out, be sure not to pick at it or you will start to get acne scarring.
According to my acne diet program, fasting is “a crucial step” as it “cleanses and rebuilds the organs of elimination, lays the foundation for eliminating candida, expels accumulated toxins from your body, eliminates acne inflammation, revitalizes your oil glands and normalizes hormone production” (reading this made me excited).
As acne-prone skin is a sign of dehydration, moisturizing the skin is particularly important.
Interesting, having heard some bad juice fasting experience from my friends, I was not worried about juice fasting at all, as the basic concepts and the science behind the entire acne diet program makes sense to me.

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