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The PH of your food does effect your urine PH which can prevent things like kidney stones or urinary track infections. In general an alkaline diet is healthier but this is due to the fact that most alkaline foods are better for you. So overall alkaline foods are healthier but less because of the PH and more because you are eating more fruits, veggies and whole grains. There is loads and loads of information on cancer and other things only surviving in an acidic environment, and being treated with nothing other than an alkaline diet. RunningDeer19th June 2013, 02:52In general an alkaline diet is healthier but this is due to the fact that most alkaline foods are better for you. The author goes on to give examples of Western, Japanese, Italian and Yogic diets are in acid-alkaline balance. If one puts acid or alkaline into the stomach the body has it's own mechanisms for balancing out the equation. The AlkaWay Acid Alkaline Food Guide in Chart Form is a wonderful resource for anyone trying to manage the transition to an alkaline based diet.
Dr Susan E Brown has compiled the most comprehensive listing of common foods with their pH scores.

Learn how Kristine won the fight with cancer using all natural organic foods, herbs, health supplements, exercise, meditation and affirmations. Through our online store you can access an extensive range of natural health supplements including Hulda Herbs and Inner Glow are the primary Australian distributor for Aubrey Organics. I believe it was like 50mg per day for about 4 months, and worked on having a more alkaline diet.
However, besides the very controversial issues of how commercial animals are fed antibiotics and steroids, mass-produced under questionable conditions and environmentally inefficient as a food source, excess animal protein can cause the body to become over-acidic and commercially-grown meat is often high in saturated fats.В  Over-acidity and saturated fats can contribute to health challenges.
As in all dietary matters the correct proportions in each meal will vary with each individual metabolism, the amount of physical activity, other foods eaten earlier, and possibly with the depth and speed of breathing (deep breathing alkalizes the system). The foods we tend to gorge on are sweets, flour products, fats, and meats, all of which are acid-forming. I rely on foods and sunshine for vitamins and minerals, even when people point out that the soil is depleted. How did saturated fat and organic foods help heal her digestive system and improve overall health. If you do choose to eat animal proteins, please balance the acidity with alkaline-producing foods and choose organic, grass-fed animals from a company that has a conscience about their farming methods.

Below is a section from the pH Food Chart that demonstrates my understanding and another article about baking soda.
The more acid pH of the blood slows the heartbeat, whereas a more alkaline plasma speeds it up. Less active people can handle more acid-forming food, perhaps one to two, or even one to one, at times. To get rid of it, we almost automatically run for the coffee or the orange juice, both of which do indeed have an alkalizing effect. The sour taste in the mouth should be heeded as an alarm signal indicating that the body has an acid overload. Since she understands medical terminology and scientific methods, she was thrilled to find new research showing that medium-chain fatty acids, which act like an alternative fuel in the insulin-deficient Alzheimer’s brain, can sometimes reverse or at least stabilize the disease.

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