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What I love about studying alkalizing foods is that it leads one to a whole food, plant-based diet. Understandably the largest group opposing the acid-alkaline concept are those who align with the Paleolithic diet. When the overall body is in an alkaline state, it converts free radicals to harmless water and oxygen.
Normal acidic by-products from respiration, metabolism, cellular breakdown, and exercise create free radicals that the body is designed to naturally eliminate. The human body needs alkalizing minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium as well as trace minerals like zinc, selenium, manganese, iodine, chromium, and copper to make enzymes, proteins, hormones, and neurotransmitters. When the acid overload gets too high for the blood, the body dumps the acid out of the bloodstream and into the lymphatic system, joints, arteries, and fat cells causing chronic inflammation is those areas and systems. Lemons are acidic outside the body but have a great alkalizing effect inside the body.Yes an alkaline diet containing many antioxidants (Vit A, C, E primarly) is healthful and anti-inflammatory. A time in your past, spent consuming an abundance of highly processed foods, which acidify the body. Eating healthfully, but combining ingredients in a way they shouldn’t be combined if you are after proper digestion, and as a result- they’ve been fermenting or putrefying inside the body, making it acidic.
You consuming loads of raw foods, but not having been taught, that there are acid-alkaline categories for them and unknowingly overloading your system with one category only. PH Balance also has a scale, which measures how acidic or alkaline any environment or substance is.
It is when your pH levels are low, that your body becomes acid and vulnerable to germs, creating an environment for bacteria to thrive and for yeast to throw an ultimate party. What 5 different ways are available to determine your acidity levels and how to interpret these results so they start working for you from day one. What one absolutely crucial thing you can do right away without changing anything in your diet.
What you ALWAYS need to do on a daily basis to ensure you don't store acids even when you are eating acidifying foods. Messages you've been programmed with, that have been keeping you from achieving alkalinity and making you depressed, as well as why that will no longer be the case for you anymore.
Get a chart for recording your pH levels and discover how to read your personal results to determine which external factors have the biggest impact on your health.
Exactly how you can analyse your own diet and work out what percentage of acid or alkaline forming foods you are eating.
What 9 foods are the most acidic and what 9 foods are the most alkalising on the whole planet.
Receive a handy comprehensive chart, that you can refer to any time to determine how much acidity each food contains and how you can make sense of it so you don't have to rely on the chart for ever.
Which sprouts contain more alkaline properties than any others (even more than vegetable juices) and which four sprouts are going to be the backbone of your pH transformation.

Learn all about why a mini 2-10 day detox is sufficient and why it is absolutely vital in the process of removing excess acids in your body. How to do the cleanse carefully, without changing your entire life's schedule and with the least amount of detox symptoms. The ONE daily action 99% of people are not aware of at this stage of alkalising, which stops them from going further. My simple menu planning secrets to carry on with your alkalising food choices and how to not let them take over your life.
The 5 ticks you must ALWAYS have on your checklist to make sure you are sticking to a slightly alkaline pH balance in any environment. Based on my extensive Reiki Do Satori practice, I will be guiding you through a powerful meditation, that I only ever do with private clients to truly starve out any yeast overgrowth, dramatically improve digestion, remove excess acids and create a pure healthy environment in your body on the inside, that will be obvious for anyone to see on the outside. Daily inspirational tips delivered straight to your inbox to help you stay motivated and on track towards alkalinity, throughout the 28 days. Delicious transitional recipes to help you explore the extent of this program and very specific alkalising recipes to help you succeed in achieving your pH balance. A useful chart for recording your pH levels, which will help you discover how to determine what external factors have the biggest impact on your health. A private Facebook group membership to use as a Forum, so that you can chat, connect, ask questions and share ideas with other Acid Alkaline Breakthrough members.
I will be personally teaching all four classes and am over the moon to be bringing you these educational webinars, packed with information and simple methods to take you through the beautiful process of cleansing and alkalising, which once experienced, you'd never want to return to your old ways of eating and thinking.
All foods have a pH value and are either acid-forming, alkaline-forming or have neutral pH. Negatively charged electrons on the Earth’s crust flow into the body through any skin contact.
I pulled them off the internet and I chose a variety because these acid-alkaline charts tend to vary. Note: oranges and lemons are actually very alkalising once digested and 'acid' is just a flavour, but some people still need to keep clear of them in order to heal.
This is the balance my own body was trying to create by making me hurt when I ate acidifying food, so that I'd stop, and making me experience healing, when I ate alkaline foods, so that I'd keep on eating it.
I will email you a comprehensive coloured chart, which you can refer to again and again to determine how much acid or alkaline properties each food contains.
My mission, however is to simplify it and make it as easy as possible for you to succeed, so that you have the best time doing it and continue to live a pure alkaline lifestyle well beyond Day 28 of this course.
The first includes the complete Acid Alkaline Breakthrough Online Course of four info-packed webinars and every single bonus listed above.
For just ВЈ50 extra, you will be posted a complete package of physical products worth ВЈ85, to help you alkalise easier and faster. Remember you have a total 100% risk free commitment, I will give you the full refund of ВЈ147 if you don't like the information, templates, charts and questionnaires.

Theodore Baroody, Author, Alkalize or Die"I have administered over 5000 gallons of this water for about every health situation imaginable. Susan Lark, University lecturer, Author of The Chemistry Of Success, says, "Drinking four to six glasses of alkaline water a day will help to neutralize over acidity and over time will help to restore your buffering ability. You may post, share and distribute this chart provided it is not altered in any way from its original form. Acidic diets of meat, processed foods, dairy, sugar, and alcohol create free radical overload. A naturally low-fat plant-based diet full of raw, water-dense, whole plant foods is ideal for combatting free radicals and establishing an alkaline internal body environment.
I’m skeptical of the chart which shows most bottled water as more acidic than tap water. Bottled waters that have been purified or distilled in any way contain less alkalizing minerals than tap water making them more acidic and tap water has alkalizing minerals added. Yes, many fruits are acid forming in the body and it’s dependent on their water and mineral content.
A slightly alkaline body (at 7.36) is crucial for good health, but unfortunately the majority of our human race is no where near it. It is especially designed to change colour, so that you can match it to the chart above and determine your body's pH. Alkaline water should be used when conditions of over acidity develop, such as cold, flu or bronchitis. While I support the omission of the non-Paleo foods, ethically and environmentally I can not support the inclusion of any animal foods especially with an understanding of theВ the acid-inflammation correlation. When there is more oxygen than hydrogen, the water is alkaline and measures between 7.1 and 14.
Like vitamins C, E and Beta Carotene, alkaline water acts as an antioxidant because of its excess supply of free electrons.
When there is more hydrogen than oxygen, the water is acidic and measures between 6.9 and 1.
A chronically over-acidic pH corrodes body tissue, slowly eating into the 60,000 miles of veins and arteries like acid eating into marble. Use pH charts as a general philosophy and see the common patterns among different charts, and use the information as one of many tools in your food choice tool box.

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