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You know what you are eating is unhealthy but going cold turkey and switching to a healthy diet overnight is just too overwhelming. The plan will challenge you to go from a Typical Junk Food Diet to a Super Foods Diet in just one week. The typical junk food diet contains up to 60% processed foods along with a whole host of sugary and refined foods.
A Super Foods Diet consists of fruits, vegetables and beans along with some whole grains, poultry, fish, nuts and seeds.

Too often people are discouraged when they try to switch to a healthy diet because they try to change everything overnight. The goal of the challenge is to give you a glimpse into how eating healthy is doable, regardless of how busy you are or how many times you have failed in the past. I also recommend that you weigh yourself on the first day of the challenge and the day after the 7 Day Challenge.
In fact, for the first two days you actually add foods to your diet, with no need to eliminate any favorite food.

Even though you eat healthy foods, the unhealthy foods in your diet are likely keeping the addiction alive. By the end of the 7 Days you will completely eliminate the unhealthy foods that lead to addiction.

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