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In addition to losing weight, this diet makes me feel physically better, not weighed down and bloated by unhealthy food. Tondrie, if you cannot afford diapers this early into being a new mother, I think dieting is the last thing that should be on your list of concerns.
I have been on the 17 day diet plan for over a month now lost 9 pounds the first seventeen days, this is the best diet plan I have every been on, healthy lots to eat and you just watch your waistline shrink- I think Dr Moreno is truly the guy that has figured it out- I am over 50 and at the age that weight loss does not seem to come easy- I would recommend this book for anyone- I had a hard time ordering the book- because it did not have any Alaska on the web sight, My mother ordered it for both of us and she is over seventy and has now lost 16 pounds and we finish the 2nd cycle on Friday, so that would be 16lbs in a total of 5 weeks. Just completed my 6th day and after 5th day was down 6.4 lbs, sugar cravings are just about gone.

Go out walking frequently with your newborn to get some fitness into your every day and be smart about what you eat.
I’ve tried so many diet plans but I always just end up collapsing on them and never get around to losing any weight. I recommend this diet to anyone who really wants to lose weight and feel good about themselves!
Why don’t you give it try as you have nothing to lose than gaining back your health and shape in the fast 17 days.

Mike dedicated two days a week (every Tuesday and Thursday morning) to enroll with hi patient before start his workday.

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