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A friend of mine started the 17 Day Diet a few months ago and I didn’t think anything of it. My SIL brought the 17 Day Diet to my attention last week…and as I read the book myself, I got motivated.
The 17 Day Diet reminds me a lot of South Beach Diet (which I did after both my kids, and loved it)…it revolves around 17 day cycles where you adjust your eating habits and rev up your system.
And for the sake of inspiration, motivation and ideas on what to cook up…here are a few ideas I found here on my blog. She started sharing about her diet with me and told me she and her husband both had lost 20 lbs.
Hormonal women (for whatever reason – be it periods, pregnant, nursing, or just cranky) can have a handful of dark chocolate chips every day.

This diet is really similar to the gestational diabetic diet that I was on during the last few months of my pregnancy (on which I lost a lot of weight – managed to not gain any weight for 3 months while pregnant!). What I like about this program is that is heavily based on eating real food and creating good eating habits, and knowing I’m only thinking 17 days at a time helps. I’m learning to start dinner a little earlier too so that I have some daylight to take pictures still and no one (me) ends up getting hangry! I stocked up on enough food for a cycle yesterday and I’m portioning everything off today.
I would usually eat the frittatas for lunch (or dinner) on the days I chose something like a kefir smoothie or greek yogurt for breakfast.
I never exercised when I was on the diet last time, so I’m looking forward (hoping) to losing more the next time I do cycle 1.

Me and my two older daughters have been dieting for a couple of weeks and running out of ideas. Everyone loved it, big hit I decided to check out some more of your recipes, because I am also on a diet and need lots of creative ways to cook my food. Good luck with the diet – I hope you find some good go-to recipes that you can work with to keep things interesting, I think that helps too.

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    Always be in tip-top shape, and improves health by sticking to meals of lean will.