Shareholder Letter

We have successfully transformed your Company over the past years

We finished 2018 with $508 million of revenue compared with $197 million in 2016, more than a 2.5 times increase. At the bottom line, we generated $2.30 per share of non-GAAP cash EPS in 2018, more than double the comparable metric of $0.97 in 2016.

Wolfgang Dangel

CEO and President

A Leader in Global Industrial Technology

Diversified Technologies

We have successfully diversified your Company over the past years

In accordance with our Vision 2025 strategy, we have enhanced our product offering, geographic reach and access to OEMs by implementing our organic initiatives and acquiring complementary businesses.

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helios Technologies

2018 At A Glance

End Markets & Geographic Diversification

We have successfully broadened our end market and geographic exposure

A few years ago, our end market penetration was limited to a few key types of industrial and mobile applications. We have since expanded our coverage within those markets and also added more applications in agriculture and recreational markets.

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Financial Highlights

We realized record revenue of $508 million and record cash EPS of $2.30

We are successfully progressing toward our Vision 2025 financial goals of critical mass exceeding $1 billion in sales while maintaining superior profitability and financial strength.

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