A Broken Heart and Some Break Beats

By Stick Martin, Justin Vilardi, Noah Broe


Verse: Stick

I got break beats and a broken heart

From the start I guess we put the horse before the cart

But then of course I guess thatís always how we do it

Screw it, it was too good to be true and I guess I should of knew it.

Iím hemorrhaging my memories and feeling like a ghost

Just another notch in your bed post

Iím bending over backwards Ďtill I broke the camels back

Sink like the titanic and Iím having a panic attack

Broken hearts always come in pair

Sometimes falling in love is like falling down stairs

And what I wanted, you just wouldnít give

I got my music and you got your life to live

Too many texts to exís and that ainít how Iím liviní

Burning bridges all day and feeding clay to the pigeons (fuck it)

My bed feels cold when I get under the sheets

I got a broken heart and some break beats


Chorus: Justin

Consensus say

ďHereís some advice from me

Think you can ride for free

You get no time from meĒ


Verse Noah:


Too many distractions dealing with these jealousy reactions

Like I only got a piece just a fraction of attraction

Now Iím feeling broken hearted, you know the feeling

My hurts from hitting it hard way up on the ceiling

Not saying you got me too high, it was confined

In a space in a time in a place in your mind

Small packages, sweet little treats

I got a broken heart and some break beats


Chorus: Justin

Verse: Justin


Blown away by the time as it flies

Watch it move on and pass me by

Iím sick of the lies I was told

Iím tired of things spinning out of control

Keep your coins I want change

I feel like a foreigner in a strange land

Iíve got game but no game plan

Built my house upon some quicksand