01/01/2000 - New gigs are getting lined up for Jan.2001 starting off with a CD release party at Border's in Bloomington, IN Jan.12th. Denis will also play a 2 hour set, admission is free. Also, Denis has aquired an auditronics 310 mixing console for his home studio. this analog board was originally made for broadcasting, but it also is a 16in/4out recoding console with high quality mic preamps and eq's. See the Auditronics 310 board here .More news to come .

12/11/2000 - Many changes are taking place.The last year at http://www.dtguitar.com was really pretty quiet, but Denis's 'wood shedding' for the last year to develop and refine his solo electric guitar style was well worth it. As we speak the new CD 'alien Guitar' has been mastered and is being sent to the manufacturers in time for the holidays. The new CD sounds great! and truly demonstrates a new musical style or genre if you like.It is a huge departure from Denis's usual style as well as being truly innovative and unique. The CD is 69 minutes plus and contains thirteen tracks. They range in time from about 4:00 minutes to about 13:00 plus ! Denis reflected on these past few month's to talk about the new CD "Well, the new CD I am very proud of because I really put my music and myself on the line. It is a huge departure from what I had been doing with my first CD. After experimenting and refining this new style and approach to electric guitar, well, it really made conventional music a little harder to listen to. All the "rules" that I came to know about songwriting went right out the window. All of a sudden I had free reign to really play what I wanted to and to explore new musical boundaries. It has freed my playing and musically has really helped me to really improve in that area.The second CD is really just the begining of what can be done. I need to refine it more as far as technique and sounds.But I am definitely heading in the direction I want to go in". Also, new, is Denis Taaffe's "winter Passage" track was included on Fossil records compilation CD 'Axacation' which is available from fossil records website. Also PG.32 of the new Musician's hotline catalog that goes out to 15,000 readers and 40,000 more on their website has a new Ad for the new CD.This is the first ina series of advertisements for the new CD which really breaks new ground in the rock guitar genre. Also, Denis Taaffe merchandise has returned after a few month hiatus. Now available are 4 new shirt styles,mugs,etc..all with the 1999 'Abducted by aliens' cd cover. Denis Will be having a FREE CD release party January 12th in Bloomington, IN, his hometown to celebrate the release of the new groundbreaking cD 'Alien guitar' . A 2 hour set of solo electric guitar is planned as well. Denis has already recorded new material for his next CD project which continues in his solo electric guitar style but he has already improved on his soloing technique,new sounds and better sounds. New reviews and printed ad's will be posted on http://www.dtguitar.com.

10/20/2000 New Sites featuring Denis Taaffe including http://www.audiohighway.com . Dtguitar.com is being revamped with a new look and new features. Newly announced is the January 2001 release dateĀ  of the follow-up CD "Modern rock guitar Vol.II 'Alien guitar'" This new CD features Denis Taaffe new solo electric guitar style which includes regular guitar, guitar loops done on the fly and drum programs. The new CD is a huge departure from the first CD and will redefine modern rock guitar !!! Material for the new CD has been chosen and the material is being sent off for mastering before being manufactured. Denis has parted ways with the firm Pinnacle entertainment who represented Denis for his first CD. . Denis has also parted ways with Jackson GuitarsĀ .Denis cited his unhappiness with the lack of support of indi guitarists and finding a guitar company that he prefers as the main reasons. Also Denis stated that "I found a company that creates a quality instrument and supports me 100%". Look for an endorsement announcement soon and clinics to follow. These are big changes to say the least but Denis states "Yes, I have made many changes, some drastic, but I really believe in what I am doing and where this new style is taking me musically. I just need to do what feels right and I want the companies and people I deal with to believe in me and what I am doing 100% as well". For existing endorsers Elixir strings,Kradl picks and Seymour Duncan pickups, they will be on board supporting the new CD.

05/18/2000:Denis has some more concert dates setup and more to be announced over the course of the summer starting in early July (first show July 14th). The previous show was recorded and the footage is being edited for a Live concert video.Also, live material has been gathered for an upcoming live CD and an additional studio release. Denis is also working with Guitar.com as a resident instructor.

05/04/2000:Well, there has beeen alot going on lately. Denis has signed a non-eclusive agreement with Fossil Records which is an indipendent progressive rock label. Under the agrremment, Denis is free to sign with other labels as well.Fossil records is distributing the first CD "modernrock gutiar.vol.I'Abducted by aliens' and will also manufacture a second CD of Denis's live sol o material.More on this soon. Fossil records will also provide distribution and some promotion as well. Trax-in Space has chosen denis's song "Begin Again" as top music track for week #16 of the year 2000.They particular liked this song (which can be heard at the mp3 section of dguitar.com or at the traxinspace website). As a result,begin again was also reviewed quite heavily and the reviews were favorable! Denis is gearing up for a solo electric guitar show May 10th at the cellar lounge in Bloomington, In which will be a full concert. concert mp3's will be posted after the show.The dtguitar.com willl slowly be undergoing some changes in the next few weeks.so keep checking back.

03/02/2000:HHGI Magazine is an online guitar magazine. they recently interviewed Denis for a feature. Also, the Mp3.com D.A.M CD "Denis Taaffe: 'Live guitar'" is nine track Live CD of a recent solo electric guitar performance. It is a available at http://www.Mp3.com/denis_taaffe. Denis Taaffe is also again being represented by Theodore Bridges of Pinnacle Entertainment. He will be negotiating with record labels and will be involved in other aspects of Denis's musical career. Denis Has 2 confirmed gigs coming up and more on the way (see gigs and bookings on the main page). Denis has been recording furiously, completing over 15 CD's worth of new material featuring his live solo guitar style. He is prepared to begin the mastering stages for an upcoming second CD which will be a live CD.

02/13/2000: Denis played a gig at "Border's books and Music" this past Friday in Bloomington. The show went very well and Denis was allowed to play till closing (an hour past the scheduled time). The show has been videotaped and recorded. Live clips will be posted soon as well, a D.a.m CD of the show will be made available at mp3.com. This Sunday (feb 13th), Denis will play an informal gig in Bloomington, IN at 'Rockit's Pizza' at 10pm. Admission is FREE!.This show in unadvertized and very short notice.

02/08/2000: Official Denis taaffe Mechandise has arrived. Tee shirts, coffe mugs, mouse pads with the 'Abducted by Aliens' cd cover are available on-line at the Dtguitar shop. Denis Will be playing more solo electric guitar shows including Border's Books and Music in Bloomington on February 11th (this Friday) from 8pm-10pm. Also, Denis will be doing some video editing for an upcoming live video release this week. some concert clips will be posted as well.

01/31/2000: Denis has been working on a live performance video.Video clips will be posted soon. Expect a live CD later in the year from performances of "solo electric guitar shows". A calender of gig dates will be posted soon. Also, a new live 5 song EP is available for purchase at Denis Taaffe's mp3 site. The EP is a good example of the material included in the live shows. Denis has been recording material for a second CD. New gig dates will be added for February and March of 2000.