...Bill gets up from the couch, and starts to walk toward a door. He's thinking about looking around to see what's going on in the other rooms.

As Bill reaches the door, he feels arms touch his shoulders. He is grabbed and turned around. Katy throws him back to Jay. Bill's shoes slide across the floor, which is slippery damp from spilled beer. Katy smiles and giggles as Bill's body crashes into hers. Jay walks toward them. Bill is caught between Katy and Jay for a few seconds, then the song ends. Bill is quite relieved, yet acts like he likes it all. Katy smiles, winks, and shakes Bill's hands. They sit down on the couch. Katy sits in the middle of the couch, almost on Bill, nearly pinning him to the corner. Jay sits down on the other corner.

The MC speaks, “Welcome to our Information Freedom Rave! Tonight we have a truly exciting announcement! We have found the ultimate solution to break through the censored Internet. Our testing has proven that it works. We have invented...” A drum roll is heard. “The Bamboo Router. How did we come up with this name? We thought of it when reflecting on the how and why bamboo is often hard to get rid of. This technology uses macroscale quantum particle entanglement to communicate information between any points instantly. It makes both wire communication and radio signals obsolete. It's also impossible to eavesdrop on. Macroscale quantum particle entanglement communication is like a wormhole. There is not even a trace in the air of the signal being sent. Nothing can stop it. The Ministry goons can try, but good luck to them, Not! It does not need anything to pass through, not even space. It goes from one point to the other as if no distance existed. Even the speed of light has been conquered for information transmission. This is an even greater breakthrough than restoring the good old days of the open internet. No more phone and cable bills, and no limit to the bandwidth it can carry. It is truly peer-to-peer and self sufficient. Now I know that most of you won't understand most of the nerd-talk that I just explained, so I'll put it in simpler terms. We've brought the open internet back for free and much more!” Applause and cheers are heard throughout the building. “You will all be free to take one of these devices home with you. We have formed a gift economy after all.” More music is cued up.

Bill understands much of what’s being talked about here. He did study quantum physics, for he loves this stuff. However, he knows that we’ve never been able to use this particle entanglement phenomenon in a useful way, because of what they call collapse by observation. Bill thinks, “Did someone find a way around it? If this is true, it could mean that time machines are next.”

Bill sneaks away from Jay and Katy and goes to another room, where he meets the MC Rick, and an elderly woman. She is dressed in bell bottom jeans and matching denim shirt. She says, “Hello, I'm Melissa. I can see that you're among the wiser kind.”

“William MacDonald Charles, you can call me Billy or even Billy the Square for all I care.” Bill’s not quite a square, he had done drugs, but is trying to quit.

Melissa whispers, “I hate drugs too, but I hide it to try and fit in. I'm here for Rick's project. I have quite an important use for it, so I hope and pray it works. Now, to be honest, it will mostly be used for shady activities, selling drugs, pirating music, movies, books and video games, and probably identity theft and terrorism too. However, I hope that it will carry some important truth that I wish to expose to the world.”

Bill immediately thinks of the missing text on the Norman Rockwell artwork. He silently reflects, “Just how much are they hiding from us?”

Rick says, “We nerds always faced a social catch-22. I heard you've got some serious goods?”

“Oh yea. As serious as it gets.”

“Our internet-reborn is growing fast! The Bamboo Routers have only been out at the rave parties for five minutes, and they already restored over half of the old internet's vast storehouse of information that was lost, from pirate backups people kept. About half of the lost videos from YouTube are back, most of Wikipedia, and the entire collection of Project Gutenberg. I can't believe all this happened in just five minutes! It almost makes Biblical miracles seem scientific, doesn't it?”

“Biblical, in more sense than one. We will still have quite a battle on our hands, especially if John Adramalech Balor finds out. What I brought to upload tonight is as Biblical as it gets, literally.”

“Hence one of our favorite slogans in our Information Freedom Raves: Save Freedom of Worship. F@$& John Adramalech Balor!

“Feel sorry for the woman that has to.”

Rick falls on the floor and laughs hard. He gets up, “Now that's a good one, Melissa. Sympathy for the Whore of Babylon!”

“It's great that we've got all that done so quickly.” Melissa takes a Bamboo Router and hooks it up to her laptop and starts the web browser. “Just like it used to be, and hopefully better?” She loads up John Adramalech Balor's list of banned works, and says, “Lets explore some of the things that they don't want us to have, and why. As shown in this document, the Published Information Purity Act defines four distinct classes of Subversive Literature. The same law applies to movies, music and games. Class D is described as …

(From Chapter 3 of Forbidden Honey Dew Chronicles, Book 2: Balor’s Reign & the Dungeons of Britnoitula) © Glade Swope