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• Bruce announces his new YouTube music channel
• Bruce's Re-debut Concert November 9, 2019 in NYC

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Please Subscribe to Bruce's new YouTube channel. Here's why - October 28, 2019

Hello friends and music lovers. Would you help make a big difference to me at this time? It is simply to "Subscribe" to my new YouTube music channel (and “Like” my first music video of my live song there, “Box Before My Time"). Here is the very specific reason for your help reaching the goal to have 100 "Subscibe"s by Friday, November 1:

 My upcoming November 9 concert – the first of my own music after over eight challenging years – is serving as impetus and momentum to re-engage in, and realize, a key life vision; to occupy the very alive place music owns in my world… and the desire to share its fruits.

 The current YouTube link is totally unmemorable gibberish: . Significantly, YT policy allows the channel owner to custom name their own URL (“”) upon reaching 100 “Subscribes” on  the brucemarkowmusic channel. This, of course, enables much more connection, ease and clarity.

If you like anything at all about the first video [or maybe even don’t dislike it :-) ], would you please take a moment to give it a “Like” on its page? And, importantly, Subscribe...and be notified of more to come. I promise that I will upload a second, often requested, song of a very different genre as we meet the goal of 100 “Subscribe"s by Nov 1. OK?

Again, for now that's

Your comments are welcome there too, of course. Thank you!

Bruce Announces his new YouTube music channel - October 19, 2019

New brucemarkowmusic Channel at YouTube!

I am thrilled to invite you to the debut of my YouTube music channel, brucemarkowmusic! Come visit, and enjoy my first ever official video, “Box Before My Time” - Live.

How odd these days to be a longtime performing and recording singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist with nearly no videos online. But that is now over! Witness for yourself...

Please enjoy. Then add the coveted likes, comments, shares and subscribing that make a video channel a living, breathing entity. Thanks in advance for this.

If there is an enthusiastic response, I promise to add another new video (of a different genre from “Box”) before my re-debut concert on Saturday eve, Nov 9 at Peoples’ Voice Cafe in NYC. (Y’all come!)

Happy watching and listening!

Bruce's Re-Debut Concert November 9th - October 18, 2019

Bruce Markow with guitar

Hello  world! Please come to the first "I'm back" concert on Saturday, Nov 9 in NYC, featuring my original singing/songwriting/multi-instrumentalizing "Folk'n'Roll”, after a break of a few years!

Great practice session today, and I'm excited. I hope you will also be excited, and more too, joining us at the concert.

This is the first all-public announcement. Pleased to meet you, Universe. Let's get to know each other.

Complete with Pete - February 21, 2014

Pete Seeger with banjo

I don't know about you, but it hit me like a ton of bricks getting the news that Pete Seeger is no longer with us. He went out gracefully and I've since been actively celebrating 94 years of a life well lived. On the other hand, it feels strange and painful at times to talk about Pete's life in the past tense.

But in many ways Pete is very much still with us. He has changed the face of American folk, pop and rock music. He has lived a model for conscience and consciousness for commercial and non-commercial music and the rest of our culture. He helped clean up New York's Hudson River and provided some well-borrowed models for other environmental work. He has gone into many classrooms to catalyze future generations of singers, community builders and purveyors of truth. And, happily for a man who never sought his own glory and felt that his work wasn't about him, he has sparked many of his admirable qualities in countless singers and songwriters who are active today.

Such was the case tonight in a celebration of Pete and his late wife Toshi at Judson Church. Pete's influence was tangible – and alive – in the scores of people who sang and talked about their inspirations derived from Pete. Some had had a more direct contact than I've been happy to have had (see the entry for May 8, 2009), some only second hand. But all had been touched in positive ways that will carry over.

In my connections with Pete, I'd had one glaring incomplete. Not long after 9/11, I'd been sharing a round robin song circle with him, in which I sang my song "Let's Be Honest" (now on my CD-EP Demolicious4), a musical rendition of my experience on a soap box in the post-tragedy healing space that spontaneously arose in NYC's Union Square. As a complex funk-rap-reggae piece – my one and only – it went from a version my band at the time could barely pull off to a voice and solo guitar version, implying all the band parts, that, at the time, I could just about deliver. Pete enthusiastically asked me to send him the song. I had nothing to send at the time and, being at a perfectionistic stage in my musical expansion, it took awhile to get anything completed that I found presentable. Of course, that misses the point and, to make a long story short, though it eventually became a featured part of my solo set and a full band-arranged extravaganza on my CD, I never sent it. So there's some musical history that never happened. Or, it happened like that.

Farewell Pete Seeger

At the Judson event, in singing "Let's Be Honest" in all its glorious imperfection this time, having not performed it for years – I felt I was finally delivering to Pete... and to all the Peteness that progresses out into the world and the future via the audience of singers, activists, music lovers and small, frolicking children. Without a doubt, a fulfilling, heart-warming and hopeful experience, and the best consolation available.

Bruce's RARE NYC Concert. (1st set: Sally Campbell) - March 20, 2011

Peoples' Voice Cafe 
40 E.35th Street (between Madison & Park Aves) New York NY 10016
$15/TDF/$10 PVC members • "More if you choose, less if you can't" 

Bruce makes a triumphant return to the NYC concert stage tonight at the Peoples Voice Cafe! Expect him in fine fettle with a full set of his original songs – old chestnuts people dance in the aisle and/or sing at top volume in foreign languages to and others more rarely performed.  

The second set is all-Bruce, starting around 9. But be sure to catch the first set's performer, Sally Campbell.

Quaker singer-songwriter and longtime activist, Sally Campbell, sings her own songs accompanied by her autoharp. Her songs range from a lullaby for her mother, Rest Here in My Arms, to a friendly decluttering anthem, Beloved Belongings, to a rousing resistance song, I Don’t Wanna! She may just reprise concert favorite, Hug a Friend, with her friends Adele Rolider & Bruce tonight.

Yummy snacks and drinks are available. And, best of all, a good time for all!

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Bruce guests w/Adele Rolider - March 10, 2011

Peoples' Voice Cafe
40 E.35th Street (between Madison & Park Aves)
New York NY 10016
$15/TDF/$10 PVC members ("More if you choose, less if you can't")

Bruce supports Adele with guitar. voice and arrangement on Adele's stirring song, "The Garden".

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After Ho, Ho, Ho... it's Ha, Ha Ha - January 1, 2011

At this time of year, as my heart asks to share itself with people I feel gratitude toward and I remember how deeply I wish the best for you, my words tend to heft a spiritual focus. I'd expect no less at the end of 2010, when I personally learned plenty about the alchemical possibilities of muck transforming into beauty.

But heft and spirit aside, I'll just offer you something simple, something that may be among "the best medicine" during transitions and other times, something that sounds like a symphony to my ears and heart: the gift of laughter. This video is pure silliness. I will tell you another time about gigs and recordings and the wonders of musical stuff.

But now, on to the music of laughter! That seems like a decent way to enter a new year. Enjoy yourself.

Happy New Year!

With Love,

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Happy Thanksgiving 2010 - November 19, 2010

Time does fly whether or not you're having fun – but I hope you are having plenty of fun and whatever else fulfills you, since we were last in touch via my music e-list.

I'm writing to wish you a Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving, with countless riches to be grateful for and the capacity to receive them with gratitude. As for my music news, the general hiatus continues, though graced with a lot of guitar and mandolin study, recording session dates, many great jams, a smattering of smaller gigs and powerful sound-healing work.

As for the future, stay tuned for word on stepping out for at least one big NYC show this spring and a growing hunger to be recording again that may just get fed. I hope you are finding satisfying expression, yourself. Here are a couple of apropos-of-Thanksgiving links: 1. Celebrate the simple joys of life with Matt:

2. An expanded 2008 entry from my holistic bodywork practice's "Well-Being Almanac" on how and why to grow gratitude:

Please stay in touch.

Best to you,

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BAC Chooses Two Songs by Bruce for "September 11 Memorial Sing" - September 5, 2009

TIME/DATE: Friday, September 11th, 2009, 5 PM - 7:45 PM
LOCATION: Tobacco Warehouse, Empire Fulton Ferry State Park
IN CASE OF RAIN: Powerhouse Arena, 37 Main St., Brooklyn NY

Brooklyn Arts Council
chose two of Bruce's songs to be performed at a musical memorial to 9/11. Bruce will perform Let's Be Honest solo at around 6:30.

A full band version of Let's Be Honest appears on Bruce's CD, Demolicious4. Buy it here at Bruce's Bizarre Bazaar. Read the lyrics (minus the rap section, which you'll need to catch live or on the CD!).

Around 6:40 Bev Grant will sing Truth That's Real, which she and Bruce co-wrote.

"BAC Folk Arts presents its annual September 11th Memorial project, which this year features performances of [about 20] original songs about the events of September 11th and its aftermath. A selection of songs submitted through our open call will be performed live for the public on the anniversary from 5 - 7:30 PM in Empire Fulton Ferry State Park in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Bring a blanket or chair(s), light fare, and spend the early evening with us in the park."

DIRECTIONS: A/C to High St., F to York St., or 2/3 to Clark St. The entrance to Empire Fulton Ferry Sate Park is at the end of Main St., take a left onto the park path. The event takes place on the grassy area across from the Tobacco Warehouse, facing the water. Recordings of both songs will be permanently archived by BAC.

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A Yeehah! About Pete - May 8, 2009

I'm still smiling about Pete Seeger's 90th Birthday tribute concert at Madison Square Garden and how the buzz/joy factor lingers, even expands, days later. That experience reminded me - though it doesn't take much reminding - that just our living in a world that contains Pete Seeger is a deep blessing. (And then, of course, there were Bruce Springsteen and all the other great artists on Sunday, who were beautifully present and inspiring, as well.)

While newspapers dutifully captured the who-what-when-where, Democracy Now caught some of the grit and sizzle with videos and the full text of Springsteen’s warm, articulate and insightful words from the stage.

My friend and fellow singer-songwriter, Bob Barlow, may have described the essence best in his letter to the editor: “I was there, and I'd like to report what the AP did not – that the spirit at Madison Square Garden was truly magical – that an ineffable oneness pervaded the huge arena – and that this was one of the most life-affirming, peace-promoting and activism-inspiring experiences I've had in my 52 years on the planet.”

Some of Pete’s experiments, such as his early popular songs, his PBS tv program, Rainbow Race, and the time he sang "Waist Deep in the Big Muddy" mid-Viet Nam war era on The Smothers Brothers Show – sponsors aghast – served as formative, childhood template memories for me, though I didn’t realize it at the time.

As an adult, my own direct personal connection with Pete has been a surprising gift that keeps on giving. Recording with him for his "Pete" CD for many consecutive days while he tirelessly waxed on (and on) between songs with inspiring stories and lessons from his wild, creative and empowered life; performing together onstage at various times; song-swapping; and learning newly birthed songs and rounds direct from the source have been instances of "amazing grace" beyond what I could have once imagined.

Please don’t let enthusiasm and appreciation about Pete and his example obscure what I believe is one of his main maxims: He insists he's just a regular guy, like you and me, and there is every reason and plenty of opportunity for each of us to unfold our own unique gifts, as unfettered as he does, to help co-create a more free, natural, harmonious and heart-filled world.

Happy Birthday, Pete! Thanks and many more to you! Well may the world go! Bruce

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Twas a Good Show March 13! - March 14, 2009

Big turnout, big music, big love, big success! Thanks to everyone involved at my Good Coffeehouse Music Parlor show and the songwriters' round robin yesterday.

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Bruce's March 13 Concert/Round-Robin Announcement & Poster - February 21, 2009

Bruce takes another rare step out of his ongoing performance sabbatical with a big, inspiring show on March 13... plus he'll host three top singer-songwriters (Spook Handy, Emily Pickrell, Glen Roethel) afterward in a lively round robin. Come on down. Invite your friends.

And GET YER FREE POSTER HEEEERE! GET 'EM WHILE THEY'RE HOT! Click below for a printable poster. (8-1/2 x 11, 200dpi)

More details (including web addresses of the other artists) at the Calendar.

Doors open at 7:30. Stay tuned here for a possible announcement of a 7 pm "Meet the Artist" event. We hope to see you there.

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Love day (today and every day) - February 14, 2009

Dear Ones,

Couldn't resist this opportunity to wish you a Body, Mind and Spirit filled to overflowing with delicious, nutritious, succulent Love. Thanks for being there for me to love.

Love is, in essence, what my music is about – maybe not the gooey type, but always juicy.

Wishing you all the best, whatever form it takes, today and every day.



Isn’t It Strange? (Isn’t It Love?)
©Words and Music by Bruce Markow

I live in old Saint Louie
and my name is Louie, too.
I learned my lessons in my ‘68 Ford.
It’s a real humdinger and goes where I want to.

Each day I get to heaven,
though sometimes I feel so blue.
When I’m draggin’ I sit right down
and say to my maker as I say now to you:

Isn’t it strange? No doubt!
Isn’t it love that life’s about?

My best friend’s name is Lucy
and she lives so close to my heart.
All I’m given I give to her.
The love that’s arisen just goes where it wants to.

Autumns we go drivin’
all across Missouri.
In the cover of darkness we sneak in each yard,
plant some tulips and giggle ‘til they pop through.

Isn’t it strange? No doubt!
Isn’t it love that life’s about?

Ev’rybody’s hustlin’ to make a little scene.
Ev’rybody’s musclin’
to get well in.
What does it take to open your heart and give it away?...

So when you’re in Saint Louie,
Lucy and I want to see you.
The door’s always open; you’re welcome here.
We’ll go for a spin and sing you a song of love.

Isn’t it strange? No doubt!
Isn’t it love that life’s about?

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Good Things Coming? - January 14, 2009

Yes, we can!








I love you,

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Thanks, Raves and Holiday Wishes - December 21, 2008

Big thank you to Tom Boyd and Oralee Wachter for hosting the Music Over Manhattan show artfully and generously on Saturday. Thanks to The Ukuladies for their set of great schtick and great music. Thanks to the audience of old and brand new friends for filling the joint to overflowing with enthusiasm, singalong power and good vibes.

I LOVE performing!!! Sabbatical has been like a racehorse tied to a post. All I can say is, New Yorkers and NYC commuters, please save the eve of Friday, March 13 in your calendar!

I enjoyed these early reviews (rave-views?) soon after the show:

• "You rocked, and then some!!"
"I had to contain myself from jumping off my stool to dance it up to your music and beautiful voice – next time I won't!!!
"You're my Magic Mango Man!!!"
"I kept singing Shine a Little Light – that song helped me heal my spirit and body and soul, to feel the good in the world coming through your music."
"Thank you for illuminating our existence."
"BEST SHOW YET? Great show last night. You looked/sounded great... I like you best solo. Also, playing solo highlights your excellent musical skills more."
"Wow!! KaBoom!"

Stand by for some photos and videos expected from the show.

TO ALL WHO CAN TOUCH AND BE TOUCHED even via our virtual link (however much our physical paths cross)... Thank you for continuing to be an inspiration and a motivation to be my best and as awake as possible.

In this time when many holiday traditions celebrate the literal and figurative light found in the looming darkness, I wish you all that you wish for yourself in your heart of hearts... or even better. May you enjoy the wonder and mystery within the unknown of the darkness and the healing, sustaining, enlightening power & beauty of the light.

Yours in illuminated succulence,

p.s. Whatever your spiritual/religious beliefs, all or most of this video link may remind you of who you are when you forget. Enjoy: You Are The Light

Top 10 Reasons to Email Tom Boyd NOW - December 10, 2008

THE TOP 10 REASONS TO RSVP TOM BOYD *NOW* to see Bruce Markow & The Ukuladies on SATURDAY EVE, DEC. 20:

10 • Tom's terrific house concert shows often sell out.
9 • Other than a few 2-song sets, Bruce is coming out of his performance sabbatical exclusively for this one.
8 • Bruce's golden nuggets: Mango, Treasures, Prayer for Peace, Box Before My Time and more
7 • Bruce's newborn songs, like My Swing Guitar Fantasy, Row Row Row Your Boat '08, Peace at the Piano (yes, Bruce will tickle some ivories tonight!) and a sizzling bluegrass send-up specifically composed for this show.
6 • A warmly cosy, relaxed and intimate listening space/living room with an incomparable, breathtaking view
5 • It's THE UKULADIES, people!!!
4 • The Ukuladies will not only serenade you with fine, unique music, but also bring beauty, bravado, balloons and bacon to the stage (as well as champagne and tap dancing). Big fun!
3 • Humans need the Real Stuff to balance December's mumbo jumbo prepackaged holiday cheer-like doo doo.
2 • You won't catch Tom Boyd messin' around with anything that ain't quality, see!?

AND THE #1 REASON TO RSVP TOM BOYD *NOW* to see Bruce Markow & The Ukuladies on SATURDAY EVE, DEC. 20:

1 • We are standing by to dazzle and delight you and touch your heart with music, mirth, refreshments, good company [I've seen the list of respondents.], humanity, high art and fun. You belong there!

MUSIC OVER MANHATTAN House Concerts Bruce Markow and The Ukuladies Saturday, Dec. 20 -- 8 pm to 10:30-ish. 251 West 19th St., #7C (between 7 & 8 Aves.) New York City NY 10011 $15 @ door. RSVP ASAP! Seating limited

For more information:

Oh, and did I remind you to email your RSVP to Tom Boyd NOW?

Stay succulent,



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Bruce & The Ukuladies! December 20 - December 1, 2008

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 20 • Music starts at 8:00pm
251 West 19th St., #7C (between 7 & 8 Aves.)
New York City NY 10011
Seating is limited. RSVP ASAP:

$15 covers music, refreshments & fun!

Email Tom Boyd now at to reserve your place for a celebratory, intimate evening tongue-in-cheekily called "Holidays With Strings" in the best possible setting in Manhattan: a comfortable living room with an amazing view!

The current plan: Bruce leads off with a 30-ish minute first set and finishes with a 20-ish minute final set; two sets in between by the fabulous Ukuladies (and maybe some combined mischief afterwards). Bruce has new songs to share with you, including one composed for this event!

Tom Boyd, Web radio host – and this evening's host, says [lightly edited]:

Music Over Manhattan Proudly Presents... "Holidays With Strings: Bruce Markow & The Ukuladies" Music • Refreshments • Schmaltz • Big Fun

BRUCE MARKOW writes memorable melodies, graces them with powerful personal lyrics, and delivers music that is "hot... amazingly tasty" (Vance Gilbert)... "carefully crafted true-life songs performed with heart and soul" (James Reams, Good Coffeehouse, Brooklyn)... "literate, thought-provoking, witty and wise" (Chris Lang). Bruce plays almost everything that has strings or keys, and incorporates contemporary and traditional folk, 60's and 70's rock and pop, r&b, bluegrass, jazz, Afro-Brazilia, gypsy swing, J.S. Bach and more!

You will not see or hear another act quite like THE UKULADIES. Twin sisters, an aunt and a cousin from Winnipeg, the Ladies' shows include (but are never limited to) cheap champagne, bacon, three kinds of uke, fiddle, saw, flute, glockenspiel, kazoo, balloon animals, tight harmonies, tap dancing, Hawaiian hits, Ruth Wallace medleys, George Formby tunes and originals. Old-timey and sharply contemporary. Zany and poignant. Audiences say, "You guys were freakin' hilarious... That was some of the most fun I've had at a concert."

Seating is limited. For RSVP and directions, email:

View Larger Map

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Gratitude, a Video and a Useful Link - November 20, 2008

[Excerpted from a pre-Thanksgiving email to the e-list, in three sections]

Dear ones,

Thanksgiving has generated feelings, wishes and resources for me that may, in turn, touch you. Last night, as I put down the guitar after completing one of two songs I've been working on for a week (one uncharacteristically funny-with-no-redeeming-social-value and another about the secret to life), I felt infused with music and heart-busting grateful...

for the inexplicable passion and capacity to create a song – something out of nothing – that can bring inspiration and enjoyment to me and people I share it with. (In fact, the challenges I'm experiencing these days seem to be an aphrodisiac to the Muses, who are handing me songs in droves, even via dreams.)

for a body (and mind and emotional/spiritual makeup) that can sing and play guitar, and derive deep pleasure and occasional compelling sounds from it. (Somehow my guitar skills have doubled over the last month, without feeling like I particularly "earned" them.)

for the community that music connects me, and all of us, to. For your own amazing journey and uniqueness. Your kindness, support and friendship mean so much to me.  

Thank you!

This video wonderfully conveys the beauty of music and how it interconnects us:


Click for video maker's web site,

Anticipating Thanksgiving this year got me especially focused on practicing gratitude, to the point of writing an article with tips on how and why to "Grow an Attitude of Gratitude" (and, while wearing my other hat as a holistic helper/healer, leading a workshop on it last week). Studies say gratitude can literally be a lifesaver. Enjoy the article:

Wishing you happiness, health, wholeness, fulfillment... and thanks.

With love,

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Digging for Treasure - October 23, 2008

I just realized, and appreciate, how relevant my old song "Treasures" seems these days. It will be on the CD when it arrives, but you can read the lyrics now (and hear it live this Sunday).

Check out verse 2 for its Nostrodamus-like uncanniness for prediction. (Oooooh!) Then please see what inner support you derive from the rest of the words during our outwardly tight times.

I wrote "Treasures" long ago, during my early days as a holistic bodyworker, massage therapist and teacher (Yes, I still practice in NYC.) at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Lenox, MA. The song emerged in response to a client who felt he didn't have resources to meet his challenges. The Muses actually started me composing, spontaneously and inwardly, during his session, while coaching him on what became the main themes of both his session and the song. (My inner helper/healer and songwriter are both very dedicated... and apparently adept at multi-tasking!)

I can usually relate today, in 2008, in the midst of the economy melting and my own personal challenges. But, back then, I would sometimes moan and groan about my troubles (which we all need to do here and there) to my old friend, Satya, who would compassionately and patiently listen to me kvetch for a while. Finally, invariably, she'd say, "Bruce, go home and read your own lyrics. You'll know exactly what you need to do. It's all in there." Bingo. Now as then. (Thanks again, Satya.)

Not to minimize our tests in the least, but we all have surprising resources to tap, within and together. For its timeliness, I plan to dust off "Treasures" this Sunday, October 26 at a benefit for Sloan Wainwright and George McTavey (performing alongside the treasure-filled Fred Arcoleo, Jane Babits, Cadence Carroll, Toby Fagenson, Kelly Flint, Julie Gold, Chris Kunstadter, Glen Roethel and Watershed). Come and celebrate your own treasures – both the internal ones and the external ones flourishing on this miraculous earth and in community!

Meanwhile... Q: • What and where are your treasures? • How do you access them and take solace from them? • How do you use your treasures for yourself ...and to support others? A: Please share your wealth via your comments, below. (A secret: Participation may be the greatest and easiest treasure of them all.)

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Bruce & Others at Benefit for Sloan Wainwright & George McTavey – Sunday, Oct.26 - October 2, 2008

Reformed Church of Bronxville, NY
Sing a Song for Sloan and George:
Music • Refreshments • Whole Lotta Love

3:00pm - 6:30pm
80 Pondfield Road
Bronxville NY 10708
Donation at the door: $20 minimum

Friend, mentor and inspiration, Sloan Wainwright (of the Loudon, Rufus and Martha clan), and her husband, George McTavey, have been working hard to help George come through his bone marrow transplant with complete success. Complications and side effects have made it a very difficult time. This means that George, a master builder, and Sloan, a master musician, haven't been able to practice their arts. Income has suffered.

"Sing a Song for Sloan and George" is our way of raising some money to help. Also to raise the roof with expressions of love and support.

MUSIC BY Fred Arcoleo Jane Babits Cadence Carroll Toby Fagenson Kelly Flint Julie Gold Chris Kunstadter Bruce Markow Glen Roethel Watershed Ina May Wool Special surprise guests MC'ed by Tom Boyd

Directions by Metro-North and car here. There will also be a silent auction and a veritable orgy of delicious home baked masterpieces to eat.

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Bruce in Songwriters' Showcase on Oct.15 - October 1, 2008

The Actor's Institute (TAI)
Manhattan Songwriters Circle Showcase - 7 p.m.
150 West 30th Street, 14th floor
New York NY 10001
212 924 8888
$10 suggested donation

Bruce is among several members of the Manhattan Songwriters Circle chosen to showcase three original songs each. The compositions were all written and/or developed at the Circle in recent months. In addition to Bruce Markow, the tentative line up includes: Pat Wictor, Marc Raphael, Toby Fagenson, Jane Babits, Josh Sanders, Matthew Broady & possibly another one or two outstanding songwriters.

There will be wine and cheese + light refreshments.

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Newsy News - September 30, 2008

Dear Friends,

Announcing: A little performance sabbatical taken off from my non-performance sabbatical! Two dates, part of group efforts.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2008 – 7 p.m.
• New York City Songwriters' Showcase

• SUNDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2008 – 3:00-6:30 p.m.
• Bronxville, NY
Benefit for Sloan Wainwright & George McTavey

Click through to my Web calendar to find out about the very different intentions of each of the shows, the list of fantastic, first class musicians sharing the stages and all the other details.

It would be a joy to see you there!


• My notice in an early March '08 email that I might take a break from live shows for a while turned out to be true. I love performing live so much that it sometimes breaks my heart, but I've needed to direct energy elsewhere for the time being.

Great musical successes continue to happen meanwhile – e.g., I've been very prolific on the songwriting front (Fully edited songs are even arriving in dreams!), have gotten a few wonderful radio placements and have done session work on mandolin and guitar for a fine folk CD project in the works. I'll share some of this kind of news in the future so we don't have to be completely out of touch while I'm offstage.

• Finally, please keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming announcement about digitally downloading my song "Estamos Muy Contentos" (in both Spanish and English versions), the theme from the award winning documentary film "Soy Andina", which is successfully touring North and South America and will soon be released on DVD.

I can't wait to start revving it up again, big time – hopefully sooner than later! For now, please join me at one or both of these shows.

Sending love,

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Bruce sings at Peru Human Rights Film Festival - July 13, 2008

JULY 17, 2008
Doors open 6:30 p.m. - Film at 6:45
PCCC Auditorium - Corner of Ellison Street & Memorial Drive
Paterson NJ 07505
Price: $10
Bruce sings, dancers dance and the wonderful film "Soy Andina", about discovering personal and community identity, and offering an insider's view of dazzling Peruvian cultural arts, plays on the big screen.

Come see a showing of the award winning documentary film Soy Andina (for which Bruce took on the role of associate producer and many other functions) amongst the Peruvian community of Paterson, NJ, nearby where Bruce (as well as the film's director, Mitch Tepitsky) grew up.

Afterwards there will be dance performances by the movie's two protagonists as well as a short set -- including the "theme" song of the film, "Estamos Muy Contentos" -- by Bruce. After that, a Q&A. The evening ends early at 9 p.m.

The film is in English and Spanish, with a little Quechua! This showing's version has subtitles in Spanish.

NEWS FLASH: Bruce's fully realized rendition of "Estamos Muy Contentos", as heard in the film, will be available by digital download soon. Expect an as-yet-undebuted English language version soon, too. Stay tuned to this web site!
Get directions to Passaic County Community College. There are also buses from Port Authority and frequent mini vans across the street on West 40th.

This screening/performance is part of a powerful series, the first Peru Human Rights Film Festival, which is just one of the programs created by the TIKSI Group.

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Thank you! - March 10, 2008

Big thanks to all who made the Old Stone House concert on March 9 a well attended and uplifting success.

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