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The Stevens Family: References

"It's been my pleasure to know and work with The Stevens Family for several years. Their dedication to excellence in their ministry is only superseded by their love for the Lord. You will be blessed by their music ministry and their warm, genuine spirit. "
Debra Talley - THE TALLEY TRIO - Morristown, TN
To my colleagues in ministry:
~ Refreshing! Exciting! Anointed! Great depth! Unique! Wonderful! These are the words that come to mind and that were expressed by our congregation regarding the ministry of The Stevens Family.
~ Combining their own fresh compositions with wonderful arrangements of gospel standards and hymns, it was powerful ministry. Their obvious love for the Lord and each other, and the joyful spirit of fulfilling His calling on their lives added great impact to the evening.
~ It's tough to stay on the road these days, but this ministry needs to be out there and in your congregation. God placed the office of evangelist in the church, and these folks are some of His best! With a heartfelt appeal for a love offering from me, our people dug deep and were generous. They were blessed, and responded accordingly, and they will reap benefits for supporting the Stevens Family. So will you and your church.
~ I encourage you to have Rich, Tami and Erin. Just like this congregation and this pastor, you will want them to come again and again!
Rev. Dave Matheny - CORNERSTONE ASSEMBLY OF GOD - Williston, FL
"Thanks so much for your ministry at Girard Alliance. The blend of humor, great music, along with solid teaching and testimony, provided a great ministry night. I enjoyed it so much I kept thinking of folks who weren't there and what they were missing. We want you to come back next year. I would heartily recommend you to any church."
Rev. Clyde Davis, Pastor - GIRARD ALLIANCE CHURCH - Girard, PA
“Each time The Stevens Family has been with us, Christ has been exalted and our hearts have been touched. Their love for God is deeply reflected in their character and in their music.”
Rev. Jesse Boggs, Pastor - NORTHGATE BAPTIST CHURCH - Pittsburgh, PA
"I have known Rich and Tami in ministry for almost twenty years. Solid Gospel ministry and music coming from transparent, dedicated, loving vessels is a guarantee of a positive experience with the Lord and these choice servants. I highly recommend The Stevens Family to you for ministry in your church or group function."
Dr. Duane P. Durst, District Superintendent - ASSEMBLIES OF GOD - Liverpool, NY
"I highly recommend The Stevens Family to any evangelical church. Rich and Tami do a wonderful job of intertwining the gospel throughout their presentation, and they also have the ability to help lead people into meaningful worship. We have had them back four times over the last nine years because of their effectiveness and Christ-centered approach to their music."
Rev. Brad Kelley, Pastor - GRACE BRETHREN CHURCH - Homerville, OH
“Rich and Tami are a special husband and wife, a finely tuned music ministry team, and we highly recommend them.”
Mr. Neil Enloe, Founding Member - THE COURIERS - Mechanicsburg, PA
“Rich and Tami communicate the Good News so effectively with their lives as well as their voices.”
Dr. Robert H. Spence, President - EVANGEL UNIVERSITY - Springfield, MO
"Rich and Tami are some of the most creative and enjoyable among today’s Christian artists. They are beautiful Christian people whose character shines through in their ministry. They will refresh your people and you will find them easy to work with."
Dr. Richard D. Dobbins, Founder - EMERGE MINISTRIES - Akron, OH
“Rich and Tami are not only musicians of the highest order, but people possessing a positive witness in their personal lives. I know they will be a blessing everywhere they minister and they carry my highest endorsement.”
Rev. Dan Betzer, Executive Presbyter - ASSEMBLIES OF GOD - Fort Myers, FL
“Over the years The Stevens Family has shared with us many times in Gospel concert. We have always been so blessed as they have ministered God’s Word in song. I highly recommend them to any church.”
Rev. Bill Sprague, Former Pastor - GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH (SBC) - Champion, OH
“I am pleased to recommend the ministry of the Stevens Family. The combination of their musical excellence and the Lord's anointing make them a great gift to your congregation.”
Rev. Doug Clay, General Treasurer - ASSEMBLIES OF GOD - Springfield, MO
“I am always looking for ministries that I can feel comfortable in inviting to our church. Rich and Tami truly ministered to our congregation. They are quality people, spiritual yet very professional. I highly recommend them.”
Rev. Terry Kidd, Former Pastor - FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE - New Philadelphia, OH