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Panther Creek Recording: Equipment List

Microphones - Neumann TLM49, Neumann 184(2), AEA R84 Ribbon Mic, AKG 414(2), Shure SM57(6), Sennheiser MD421(2), Rode NTK, Rode NT1, AKG C1000S(2), Audio Technica 4033(2), Audix D4, Audix D6, Beyerdynamic M 88TG, Beyerdynamic M201(2), Beyerdynamic MPC67(2), Electro-voice N/D 868, Electro-voice 661

Keyboards and synth modules - Baldwin 7' grand, Hammond B-3 and 122 Leslie, Kurzweil SP2X,  Roland-Rhodes MK80, Fatar 610, Memorymoog, Emulator 1, Roland Fantom XR, Korg M3-R(2), Alesis D4 Drum Module

DAWS/Recorders/Converters - Logic Pro 9, Alesis HR24XR, Alesis Masterlink, Panasonic SV3700, Benchmark converters

Pre-Amps - Avalon 737sp, Universal Audio 2-610, Grace 101(3), TL Audio dual valve amplifier,dbx 586, Joe Meek VC6Q(2), ART Pro Channel, Silvertone vintage amp and 2-12 speaker cabinet 

Compressors/Effects - Lexicon 300, Roland SDE-2500, Yamaha SPX 90, Antares AVP-1, Symetrix 528, Aphex 204, dbx 1046, dbx 266xl, TL Audio dual compressor, Joe Meek compressor(2), dbx 163x, Avalon 737 compressor, Orban 245f stereo synthesizer

Computers - imac 2.8 Ghz Intel Core i7 (quad core) 27 inch display, Asus 27 inch display, Apple G4 Powerbook

Speakers/Mixer - Adam A77X(2), Mackie HR 824(2), JBL 4208(2), Mackie 32-8 mixer

Software - Sibelius 6 Notation Software, Logic Pro 9, Wave Burner, Soundtrack Pro, Izotope Nectar, Izotope RX2

Miscellaneous - Ludwig drum set (1965 model), conga drums, Masterfonic Accordion, vintage german violin (late 1800s)