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Andy Sherwood: Equipment

These are my set-ups on clarinet and saxophone from classical to jazz. 

Classical and Jazz Clarinet

Instrument: Buffet R-13  

Mouthpieces: Backun Pomarico Crystal CG+ or Backun Hawkins H

Reeds: Legere European Signature 3.75 

Ligature: Silverstein CRYO4


Dixieland Clarinet

Instrument: Leblanc “Big Easy” Pete Fountain 1610

Mouthpiece: Vandoren Crystal A2

Reeds: Vandoren Blue Box #2½

Ligature: Old Leblanc


Jazz Tenor Saxophone

Instrument: Selmer Series III

Mouthpiece: Guardala MB II

Reeds: LaVoz M

Ligature: Selmer


Jazz Alto Saxophone

Instrument: Selmer Series II

Mouthpiece: Meyer 5M    

Reeds: LaVoz MH

Ligature: Selmer


Classical Tenor and Alto Saxophone

Selmer C* on both with Vandoren Blue Box #3½