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Tracy Island: Images

August 2006 UK tour - Part II: Five shows in five days through departure

On our way to the first show!
On Wednesday, August 2 we played The Dove Inn in Micheldever
There was a great moment as we started playing this first UK full band show: we all looked at each other with excitement thinking YES this is really happening!
Yeah!  These British people are liking us.  This was the show where a woman came up and whispered something we later learned to be salacious directly into Ian's ear!
After rocking, we were invited to start a new patch on the Dove Inn's wall of posters, and were sold incredibly strong beer very cheaply.
On Thursday August 3 we played at the Platform Tavern in Southampton.  Those are empty absinthe bottles on display in their window.
Inside the Platform
Playing at The Platform - there's Richard Stickler joining us on keys.
Rockin' it out all five of us - note another very old wall behind us - the City Wall for the port of Southampton, constructed in medieval times.
Art shot at the Platform
On Friday August 4 we played the Cricketers in Eastleigh.  My only regret is that we have no pictures of our audience.  This was a kicking show - smooches Eastleigh!
Playing a Larch song at the Cricketers.
At the end of two sets at the Cricketers we're feeling good.  When people get into the music like that you're able to play better and things become amazing!
Saturday August 5 we entertained at a private party.
Playing a Larch song.
Playing "No Exceptions"
Solo artist Andy Comely favored us all with a dinner time set.
After playing four sets we got to hang around a bit and act loopy...
... loopier ...
... loopiest!
Ian + Liza, arm's length portrait.
Ian + his brother Paul.
On Sunday August 5 we played the County Arms in Winchester.
When we pulled the car up to the back door of the pub we heard this huge cheer, kind of like the audience at the end of our show at the Cricketers on Friday.  It turned out to be a hot footie match on the telly.
While Tom stayed to watch the soccer, Ian, Andy + I went for a walk about.
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