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Jim Hoehn: Music

Between The Lines

(Jim Hoehn)
Jim Hoehn

Childhood dreamer, catching frogs and baseballs
World Series hero in my mind
Now I'm out of breath from a long run,
But still playing means that I've won
There's youthful magic between the lines

The colored tales of Travis, an old Dan Jenkins scorecard
They were the Mark Twains of my time
Perused the bookshelf, discovered 'Life It's Ownself,'
When I read between the lines

    Between the lines is where the story's told
    The childhood lessons that I recall
    From classroom mimic, to pressbox cynic
    Between the lines I've found it all

College roommates, invincible but honest
No measure of the pleasure we tried to find
Snorting white lies off the mirror
His reflection finally clearer
No longer trapped between the lines

A sportspage storyteller, three-chord imagination
Newspaper poet for the times
A late night barroom smile
The eyes of a thousand miles
There's a good life between those weather-beaten lines

    from a wise ass classroom mimic, to tired old pressbox cynic
    Between the lines I've found it all