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Jim Hoehn: Music

Thongs In The Key Of Life, Vol. IV

Magic Chair


(Young Rebel Goombas)
R. Saccente; S.C. Mallardi; J. Gorst

Sailor's Story

(Bob Banerjee)
B. Banerjee

Tangy Margaritas

Shorts, Sandals and Shades

(Ray Fogg)
R. Fogg, Jr.

Magic Cruise

(Ramajay Intercoastal)
Q. Yeates, P. Bobal, A. Yeates, K. Bobal

I've Got A Beach In My Backyard

(Brent Burns)
B. Burns, J. Allison

Lazy Days

(Larry Joe Taylor)
L. Taylor

Key West Address

(James Slater)
J. Slater

Out of the Blue (Here Comes My Paradise)

Southeast Texas Rain

(Jerry Diaz & Hanna's Reef)
J. Diaz

Sunshine State

(Lauren Adams)
L. Adams, L. Coulter, P. Settle

Blame It On The Margaritas

(Howard Livingston & Mile Marker 24)
H. Livingston

Sand Dollar Millionaire

Callin' In Gone

Lost Keys

(Kevin Mulvenna)
K. Mulvenna

Blame It On Buffett

(Kelly McGuire)
K. McGuire