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Jim Hoehn: Music

Bimbette du Jour

(Jim Hoehn)
Jim Hoehn

At one of my high school class reunions, the average age of several couples was
somewhere around 75 -- a 50-year-old guy and a new wife half his age. She was not
there to win the class Scrabble championship. It's amazing how long some guys
can hold in their stomachs.

She bounced on into the party,
demanding that we look her way
She talked non-stop about everything
with absolutely nothing to say
She was looking around the room,
to see who was looking at her
A pretty face, but a classic case of,
Bimbette du Jour, She's A Bimbette du Jour

She wears the latest fashions,
bright pink and fluorescent green
Although she glows from her head to her toes,
she's not too bright if you know what I mean
But she knows the entire alphabet,
She learned it all from A to Z
With the proper skirt she could get some work,
Turnin' letters on prime time TV
As a Bimbette du Jour
(I'll buy a vowel from the) Bimbette du Jour

    She's a tasty little dish on the menu,
    At every fern bar in town
    But she's like TV where you like what you see,
    If you could only turn down the sound
    On a Bimbette du Jour
    (Silence is golden from a)
    Bimbette du Jour

Political discussions, don't interest her in the least
Never watch the news for those worldy views,
she thinks Ohio's in the Middle East
But that's not too surprising,
Geographically not really strange
I'm not saying she's dense, but when it comes to sense, She's got to give
back change
As a Bimbette du Jour
(But I don't get it says the) Bimbette du Jour
I met some high school buddies, reunion after 15 years
I could tell by the grin when he walked in
and she confirmed the worst of fears
He was shakin' hands around the room,
We were all lookin' at her
Not only was he rich but the son of a bitch
Had a Bimbette du Jour

(On his arm he had a) Bimbette du Jour
(right from the pom-pon squad a) Bimbette du Jour
(we would kill him for the) Bimbette du Jour