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Jim Hoehn: Music


(Jim Hoehn)
Jim Hoehn

Back in the pre-Internet days when you actually used a travel agent, the agent asked if I prefer an island where they speak English. I said I prefer an island where they don't speak at all. Two is company, three's
a crowd and four is a vacation-ruining charter tour.

It's been a long winter, that's a sub-zero matter of fact
We need a vacation, we've both agreed upon that
But she likes the sound of a four-star hotel
To me it's 10 days of maitre d' hell
So we're fighting 'bout where to unpack

    We're out of tune, 'cause she'll Cancun but I can't
    (Can't, I can't Cancun)
    We're out tune, 'cause she'll Cancun but I won't
    (Can't, I can't Cancun)
    I'm taking the ferries to Isla Mujeres
    'Cause she'll do Cancun but I don't

The coffee table's piled with a three-foot stack of brochures
Mine have palapas the one's with jacuzzis are hers
She wants room service, a phone within reach
I'd like a six-pack for lunch at the beach
Same old argument chapter and verse

The charter jet leaves in search of that Mexican heat
It's polyester cargo getting drunk at 35,000 feet
They measure their fun by the pesos they spend
Montezuma extracts his financial revenge
Gringo history I refuse to repeat


She wants the nightlife, the pulse of the maddening crowd
I want the scenery of a beach where no clothing's allowed
She's looking for a bag to go with her shoes
I'm sittin' in with Miguel playing Buffett and blues
Far away from that snow to be plowed

So she went her own way, I'm not sad to say I went mine
She's counting the days, while I've lost all track of time
She's spending my money buying trinkets and such
I'm tending some honey probably drinking too much
As the return flight leaves me behind ... adios, chica