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Jim Hoehn: Music

Room With A View

(Jim Hoehn)
Jim Hoehn

Right before I went into the Air Force, I sold 3,000 baseball cards from
between 1959 and 1969 for $25. To make sure the guy didn't back out of the deal, I
threw in Satchel Paige's autograph as my lack of business acumen reared its
ugly head at an early age. Since then, I've kept my eyes open.

Marty's been running those catamarans, into the wind to St. Bart's
Juggling sun screen, beer and advice, breaking those tourist girls hearts
He knows by the motion, it's all one big ocean, but the sea is a contrast in
Open your eyes and you might be surprised, that your life is a room with a

The real estate man, his development plan, he'll sell you a spot on the shore
Imagine the view with a sunset for two and he'll give you an option for more
With political ease, he'll bulldoze the trees, And put up a strip mall or two
But you see the cost of paradise lost, when your life is a room with a view

    From a room with a view you can see to tomorrow
    You're living the interest on time that you borrow
    But the message delivered by Satchel
    Says don't look back something's gaining on you
    The wise old sage of the baseball Paige
    Knew that life is a room with a view

So I went to college to get a degree, it looks real good on the wall
Balanced the books by driving a cab and tending the bar 'til last call
Discussions of God and semesters abroad, were part of the classrooms I knew
The arguments ring as historians sing, that your life is a room with a view

I answered the call for wine, women and song, I left no stone unturned
Trial and error, right from the wrong, the painful lessons I learned
But the why and the when, I'd do it over again, Especially the time spent
with you
As good as it was, I see it's better in love, Because my life is a room with
a view