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Jade J. Maze: Calendar

Oct 13, 2019 Maywood Jazz Stage"at T&JJ's Maywood Illinois
Aug 1, 2019 Vote for me in the Author Academy Awards USA
Jul 26, 2019 Burger 21 Orland Park Illinois USA
Jul 14, 2019 A Salon Bizz Westchester Illinois USA
Jun 29, 2019 United Church of Hyde Park Chicago Illinois USA
Jun 8, 2019 35th Annual Printers Row Litfest Chicago Illinois USA
Mar 10, 2019 Annual Peace Concert-Glenview Community Church Glenview Illinois USA
Dec 14, 2018 Newberry Consort Chicago Illinois
Nov 25, 2018 United Church of Hyde Park Chicago Illinois
Nov 2, 2018 Culture Club: A SLAM Soirée Chicago Illinois
Oct 30, 2018 On Tour Brewing Co. Chicago Illinois
Oct 18, 2018 What Do You Bring To This World? Chicago Illinois
Jul 22, 2018 Glenwood Community Church Glenview Illinois USA
Jun 30, 2018 Private home Aurora Illinois Uni
Mar 11, 2018 Hyde Park Art Center Chicago Illinois US
Dec 3, 2017 Music Box Theatre Lounge Chicago Illinois Uni
Nov 12, 2017 Hyde Park Art Center Chicago Illinois US
Sep 30, 2017 Kathleen Battle - Underground Railroad: A Spiritual Journey Chicago Illinois Uni
Jun 12, 2015 Chicago Bluesfest Chicago Illinois US
Nov 4, 2014 Instituto Cervantes Chicago Illinois USA
Oct 30, 2014 Hambone's Blues Party Chicago
Aug 10, 2014 Hyde Park Union Church Chicago Illinois
Jun 28, 2014 Logan Center Chicago Illinois Uni

Really enjoyed being part of this performance. Audience was appreciative and the music was beautiful to sing!

Jan 19, 2014 Glenview Community Church Glenview Illinois
Jan 19, 2014 Hyde Park Union Church Chicago Illinois
Sep 29, 2013 Hyde Park Union Church Chicago Illinois USA
Sep 30, 2012 Hyde Park Union Church Chicago Illinois
Jun 11, 2011 Loyola University, Mundelein Auditorium Chicago Illinois
May 24, 2011 Oprah Winfrey Show
Mar 25, 2011 DePaul Concert Hall Chicago IL USA
Mar 6, 2011 DuSable Museum Chicago IL USA
Dec 20, 2010 Martyrs Chicago IL USA

A night of tons of wonderful music. Click here to see the list. my set is slated for 9pm.

This concert will benefit a wonderful man that has helped musicians all over Chicago in the most selfless way. Glad to be able to give back in some small way:)

Dec 19, 2010 Hyde Park Union Church Chicago IL USA
Dec 11, 2010 United Center Chicago IL USA
Nov 8, 2010 Chopin Theatre Chicago IL USA
Oct 4, 2010 Jazz Showcase Chicago IL USA
May 22, 2010 Navy Pier Chicago IL USA
Feb 16, 2010 Victory center Chicago IL
Nov 1, 2008 Merit School of Music Chicago IL
Sep 25, 2008 Northeastern Illinois University Auditorium Chicago IL
Sep 14, 2008 House of Blues Chicago IL USA
Jul 23, 2008 Prague Proms Int'l Music Festival Czech Republic

This was an absolute honor to be a part of. We (the choir and the orchestra) truly ministered!!! It was a great feeling singing in a hall that used to be frequented by Bach, Dvorak, Beetoven and the like. You could really feel the history. Language was not a barrier.

Jun 14, 2008 Lutkin Hall Evanston IL USA

Wow! What a wonderful feeling to finally be singing for an audience and for the sake of music instead of a grade! Thank you so much to all of you that attended, friends, family, and colleagues. A special thanks to my teacher Nancy Gustafson and my coach Kenneth Smith for all their patience and encouragement. Can I do that again? Too fun.

Nov 17, 2007 Lutkin Hall Evanston IL USA

I really hope to get a chance to play Madam Flora again and again. Life has given me the right tools for this. What a blast!!

Jun 24, 2007 Gene Harris Coming Home — Coming Together Concert Benton harbor MI
May 19, 2007 Cahn Theater, 600 Emerson St. Evanston IL
May 18, 2007 Cahn Theater, 600 Emerson St. Evanston IL
Jan 15, 2007 Chicago Symphony Center Chicago IL
Dec 28, 2006 Cuatro 2030 S. Wabash Chicago IL
Dec 25, 2006 Joy of Christmas on Fox 32
Dec 24, 2006 WCIU channel 26 or my 50 Chicago IL
Dec 14, 2006 CUATRO 2030 S. Wabash Ave. Chicago IL
Sep 28, 2006 Hortex, 7419 W. Irving Park Rd. Chicago IL
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