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nathan sheppard/Infinite Bandwidth: Songs

Enough Love

(nathan sheppard)
Nathan Sheppard
Enough Love

There’s enough love to go around
there’s so much lovin’ to be found
it’s not hard to find, you have to want to see.
There’s enough time to change the world
and show the hungry and the poor
there’s enough love to go around
there’s got to be

Sometimes it’s hard to be aware
With all the chaos here and there
And thoughts of woe and anger get in your way
But when you think of things so dear
then the way becomes so clear
that dawn will bring you to a brighter day.

We can close our eyes and see,
We could think the world to be
A universe without the hate and fear
If we start to change our minds,
then the world will change, in time
And a place of love and kindness will appear

When our minds (the world) begins to change
And all the planets re-arrange
And the love living free is all we know
Then we all will finally see, that our thoughts, collectively,
Are the reason for the way that all things go