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nathan sheppard/Infinite Bandwidth: Songs


(nathan sheppard)
Nathan Sheppard

I have watched the sun while setting, rolling on a mountain scene.
‘Saw the ocean’s daughter, all the beauty and a queen
I’ve heard the the Siren’s cry for me, and call me by my name
And watched as others followed, and I’ve never been the same

Then Amelia came along, I sing a different kind of song
She’s the one I want to be with every day.
I could always let her go, I don’t think so, well you know.
Nothing’s been the same since Amelia

I have chased a life of folly, filled with sound and fury and,
walked the road of beggar, taken reason from the land.
The road’s become a river, that’s the way we’re swept away
A current running over you, the world, another day.

(BR)- In the field out in the sun and in another time when time the world was one.
The people sow, the flowers grow , Amelia is the one you know.

Amelia is my lover, she’s always good to me.
Takes me to a plane where I’m alive and being free.
She goes with me to places I’ve almost never been.
A hunger she revives in me, for living, now and then.