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nathan sheppard/Infinite Bandwidth: Songs

Life Of Love

(nathan sheppard)
Nathan Sheppard
Life of Love

Livin a life of love, livin alive and always feeling
standing beside you and above, every moment here and seeing

See the wonder, it’s all around you.
Free your way back from what you’re bound to

Living a life of love, never too late for contemplating
moving to light and made out of, everything else that kept you waiting.

It’s not that far away, not that hard to do
you’ve always been the same, it’s always been in you
you can try to rearrange, you could always change your name.
You can say it won’t come true, ‘cause it’s just a part of you.

Livin a life of love, never to be the one that’s reelin
livin the life because, nothin can make you shake the feelin