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The Midwest Home Grown Band: Music

Katy Bar the Door

(Eric Einhorn and Rob Brines)
September 26, 2016
E. Einhorn

Song about 2nd Amendment rights and the desire of some in the government to strip them.

Bar the Door

I’m just a simple working man I like girls and guns and trucks    

There’s a lumber mill near Fayetteville – where I turn a couple bucks

My momma taught me scripture and my dad taught me to shoot

I get splinters in my fingers, got blisters in my boots

I’m a simple, proud American and I love the USA

I respect the Constitution and support the NRA

I believe in truth and freedom, and in the pledge and prayers at school

I been called a bitter clinger –  I been branded by a fool     

I’m a simple guy - I don’t occupy and I don’t get confused

About the difference between Jack and Jill or which bathroom they should use

I don’t believe in handouts, believe in Proverb 13:4

And there’s a storm cloud riding on a southwest wind - Katy bar the door

I try my best to tolerate, even when I don’t condone

If you want a rainbow wedding, hey, I say- to each his own

But I can’t abide the govament overstepping like they do 

Want to take my voice and take my choice, want to take my weapons too

Have you seen the news we’re black and blue, bruised from shore to shore

Unsecured borders and executive orders, hell we’re headed for a civil war

We’re mile high in Denver, we’re burned out in Baltimore

And there’s a storm cloud riding on a southwest wind Katy, Katy bar the door  

Yeah there’s gonna be a show down, the battle lines been drawn

They want to take my guns away well I say come on come on    

My Grandpa fought in Normandy and my Dad in Vietnam

And the only way they’ll ever get my gun - is to pry it from my cold dead hand

The only way they’re ever going to get my gun - is to pry it from my cold dead hand

Spoken :

Yes sir when that overreaching government comes knocking at my door, I’m gonna greet em with the business end of my old Colt 44