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The Midwest Home Grown Band: Music

She's All That

(The Midwest Home Grown Band)
April 26, 2017
Eric Einhorn

A story about moving on after having your heart broken. Turns out it was all for the best cause he found his dream girl and she's all that...

She's All That

You done me dirty - You broke my heart in two

First you had me seeing red, then got me feeling blue

That's all behind me now - I found somebody new

And I'm here to tell you she's all that

My new girl's got amazing eyes - They're Carolina blue

Angel sent from heaven and I - I swear to you

She takes my breath away, the way you used to do

I'm here to tell you she's all that

No need to worry 'bout me - I'm doing fine

My new girl's lips are sugar sweet - Her kiss is genuine

And when she says she'll never cheat

Well, I don't think she's lying

She's a Barbie Doll in overalls and an old straw cowboy hat

Loves silk and lace, but won't wear pajamas, imagine that

She don't have to ask cause nothing makes her butt look fat

She's bodacious, she's all that

She's 11 on a scale of ten - She's all that

Drinks moonshine with me now and then - She's all that

Happily ever after is the way our story ends

No doubt about it - She's all that - Yeah she's all that

She's all that - Just got to shout it she's all that