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Maria Daines: MUSIC


(Maria Daines/Paul Killington)
October 9, 2013

Satoshi photo satoshismallerpic_zps32ea43fe.jpg

Our dear friend Mary Alice Pollard asked us to write a song to highlight the plight of Whales and Dolphins at risk from mankind's brutality, selfishness and greed.

This is the email I received from Mary -

'A Special 60th Birthday Request Wish'

'Maria, please write a song about the Taiji Cove and the horrific killing of dolphins and pilot whales there - Nights I sit up in support of our earth angels THE COVE GUARDIANS who so bravely document every part of this crime against nature.'

'Please Maria, sing for them'

Mary Alice photo MaryAliceLifetimeAchievementsmallpic_zps0386933e.jpg

'Such a dark cloud hovers over Taiji while the waters turn red … the crime of all crimes is being committed against nature.'

- Mary Alice Pollard,
October 4th 2013

Mary Alice has dedicated her life to the protection of animals world wide. We could not refuse her wish to have a song written especially for her to gift to the world.

A song that will hopefully call others to stop, listen...

And unite us all to bring caring hearts and hands of hope to the cause.

We wish you a wonderful birthday Mary.

You are an inspiration to those who are helping to save the defenceless.

And you are loved.







I want to be there with you
Standing by your side
Waist-high in the water
Become the rising tide

I want to be there with you
Behold the mighty sea
We raise our voices higher
Together you and me

And we will rise up for the ocean
The shepherds of the seas
Let no man take their bodies
And drown them in our tears

I, I will stay with you
While we drown in blood and pain
I will not desert you
We shall not die in vain...

And we will hold on to each other
Though they bleed our bodies dry
As the water rises higher
They shall not hear us cry

I, I will care for you
When no one else is near
In the depths of sorrow
I will take your fear

I, I will go with you
To the end of earth and sky
You will know I fight for you
Until the day I die

And we will rise up for the ocean
The shepherds of the seas
Let no man take their bodies
Or drown them in our tears
We will rise in tidal waters
And brave the darkest days
We fight and never falter
The guardians of the waves.

© Maria Daines/Paul Killington
Released in Association with Mary Alice Pollard
'Cornwall's Voice for Animals'
All Rights Reserved
(mcps) ASCAP


Some words from Mary Alice Pollard - Cornwall's Voice For Animals

'I want to introduce you to a man who is a hero of mine. The man who first introduced to me the plight of whales and dolphins in the cove, he is Dexter Kate. Our Cove Guardians are earth angels, Dexter is an angel in spirit and I know he remains here on earth guiding our earth angels in exposing to the world the horrors taking place in Taiji's Cove.

One must remember that back in those days, there was no internet, no social media and to bring attention to these issues, one had to go to what some may think were extreme measures to expose these issues to the world. It worked. After Dexter's arrest the Taiji dolphin slaughter went global and after he was finally released from prison and home, he toured the USA speaking about his experiences and showed film and photos of the dolphin drives. He opened the eyes of thousands of people around the world - including mine.

My support to those who campaign to educate and expose these atrocities continues and will do so until our whales and dolphins are able to swim freely and safely... or, until my time comes to depart this world.'


Picture and story of Satoshi can be found on -


Add Your Voice: Support Satoshi Komiyamas Fight Against Dolphin Slaughter


With our grateful thanks to Janice Tyrrell for her fantastic talent and help with the art work which helped to make this a special gift for our Mary Alice xx