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Performing and Fine Artists for World Peace: Programs

International Day of Peace

Performing and Fine Artists for World Peace is joining others from around the world on September 21 to celebrate the United Nations International Day of Peace. 

We are also partnering with Odyssey Networks in the "Million Minutes for Peace Campaign." Together we're working to collect one million pledges to pray for peace for one minute at noon on the International Day of Peace.   

International Peace Gardens

International Peace Gardens

Creating places of refuge and peace have become extremely important in our fast paced world. The International Peace Gardens Program was created to support efforts by people of different economic, social, and ethnic backgrounds to work together to create a place where a vision for their community and the world could be shared. Partnerships between individuals, organizations, businesses, and government agencies are encouraged in the coordination and planning for the creation of an International Peace Garden.

Earth-Friendly Schools Hawai'i

Earth-Friendly Schools Hawai'i

Earth-Friendly Schools Hawai`i is an educational program that was created on the island of Kaua'i in 1993 to instill an 'environmental ethic' into the lives of our youth. Through service-learning projects and other endeavors, students make a difference in the quality of life in their community and learn invaluable skills along the way.

Program participants are challenged to demonstrate respect and responsibility for the well being of their local and global environment. This is accomplished through projects that promote The 10 R's: Respect, Recycle, Reuse, Reduce, Recreate, Respond, Remind, Research, Realize, Revere. The program acknowledges 'Earth-Friendly Schools' for the completion of activities with a Certificate of Recognition. Bringing attention to these designated Earth-Friendly Schools has inspired others to take action thereby fostering a network of informed students committed to serving their community and protecting their environment.

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Students clean beach for Earth-Friendly Schools Program.

In 2007 a partnership was formed between Performing and Fine Artists for World Peace and Recycle Hawai`i. This partnership has broadened the outreach of the program especially on the island of Hawai`i where Recycle Hawai`i is located.

We Are 'Ohana-Songs of Hope Program


We Are 'Ohana-Songs of Hope Program

The problem of substance abuse and addiction has spread across Hawai'i and the mainland U.S. Its devastating effect on many families and individuals has negatively impacted rural and urban communities. All economic, ethnic, and age groups have been drawn into this web of addiction.

The We Are 'Ohana-Songs of Hope Program was created to carry a positive message of hope and recovery to the people of Hawai'i through music, dance and other artistic endeavors. The program incorporates the talents of Hawaiian musicians and creative fine artists in mentoring and positive role model capacities.

This program addresses the issue of substance abuse and addiction in three phases; the recording of a CD of inspiring uplifting music; outreach to schools, treatment centers and correctional facilities; and a youth program called A.C.T. (Action-Community-Teens) that motivates teens to implement positive service-learning activities in their community.

"Your Heart Will Lead You Home" - We Are`Ohana -Songs of Hope CD

Artists In Action For Human Rights

Artists In Action For Human Rights Program

The Artists in Action for Human Rights Program (AIAHR) brings artists, resource educators, native Hawaiian cultural practitioners and community outreach staff into classrooms throughout Hawai`i. Using educational materials provided by the United Nations Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights, Amnesty International and other human rights organizations, our presentations include a discussion of local and international human rights issues by outreach educators from Performing and Fine Artists for World Peace (PFAWP), followed by a sharing by our guest artists. Presenters also share the impact that the issue of human rights has had on their art and their lives. Presentations range from 45 - 90 minutes depending on grade level. Our major objective for AIAHR is to make students aware of human rights issues and to motivate them to take action in protecting the rights of others around the world. We will also be fostering a love for the arts and nurturing young artists to develop their creative talents.

Artists in Action for Human Rights also supports and actively promotes the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Caring for the Earth Month - A Billion Acts of Green'


Caring for the Earth Month - 'A Billion Acts of Green'

In April 2010, we partnered with Recycle Hawai`i in sponsoring Caring for the Earth Month -'A Billion Acts of Green'. The project celebrated the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day and supports the Earth Day Network in promoting a worldwide education, action and media campaign connecting millions of individuals and catalyzing 'A Billion Acts of Green'.

Events were held around the world. There was Global Days of Service (April 17th and 18th, 2010) with millions of volunteers around the world cleaning parks and beaches, planting trees, participating in recycling projects. All of this helped to generate 'A Billion Acts of Green'.

On April 22, the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, world citizens commemorated a Global Day of Action by demanding a binding global climate change agreement from their governments. On April 25th, 2010, a Global Day of Celebration honored and celebrated the contributions of volunteers and the commitment of millions of people to protect the environment.

Artists and the Environment

Artists and the Environment Program

The Artists and the Environment Program is sponsored by Performing and Fine Artists for World Peace and Recycle Hawai`i. The program brings artists, resource educators and native Hawaiian cultural practitioners into classrooms throughout Hawai`i Island. Presentations link art and native Hawaiian culture with recycling, sustainable practices and stewardship of our unique natural environment.

Presentations are facilitated by one of our outreach coordinators; the focus being on environmental issues, placing particular emphasis on island-wide recycling opportunities. One of the goals is the promotion of sustainable practices that students can integrate into their lives.

Guest artists share demonstrations of hula, Hawaiian healing arts and implement making, music and dance performances, creative drama, recycled art, painting and other artistic endeavors. Presenters seek to share their relationship with the environment and convey its effect on their art and lives. Presentations range from 45 - 90 minutes, depending on the age of the students.

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