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DropBox File Sharing Access!

I had an idea while sharing some files with friends, to offer access to fans so they can burn their own CDs/DVDs from my files, or just download them to their mobile devices. I will charge $30 for full access, and this will not change no matter how many files are added in the future.

Brand new among these files is a Carolyne Mas show from the Fast Lane in Asbury Park, New Jersey, in January of 1980 . Also among these files is a 1979 video of the Bathurst Theater in Toronto, a Chorus TV show from Paris from 1979, the Ovation TV show recorded by Paramount for HBO in 1980 but never released, my promotional videos for Carolyne Mas which were recorded from the VHS tape that my manager had from the record company, as well as all my studio recordings ( US and Germany) and several live recordings which I am still adding, like RockPalast, More Mas Hysteria, and a 1990 show from Karlsruhe, Germany. I am in the process of adding even more, and fans are welcome to contribute their photos or recordings as well. I just added “Brand New World,” as CD of the last recordings I did with producer Steve Burgh in 1999. 

This is a great idea that lets you save money over CD Baby prices, as well as make custom compilations easily and share files with other fans.

DropBox Access


A friend of mine recently suggested that I sell hand-written lyrics on fine linen paper as Holiday gifts...and as I made my first few, they evolved into something that I wished to now do permanently. 

I discovered that writing the lyrics by hand was not the wisest choice, as I kept running out of space, and they were uneven, running either uphill or down. Short of inventing a font that is exactly like my handwriting, I searched the internet and began downloading fonts that I felt were artistically compatible with the themes expressed in each song. I then chose to draw over the printed lyrics to make them more interesting, and then I added artwork with conté crayons. A coll new idea was born...which I will call lyric illustrations. Each is unique. These of some examples of my recent work that just shipped out.



The cost per order is $60, and I will ship each unique piece via Priority Mail for US, and first class mail for Canada and all points overseas. When you order through PayPal, just specify which song you would like, or if you prefer contacting me directly, just email me at

BRAND NEW WORLD CD - The Return of a Classic

I have a few copies of "Brand New World" available for sale, for those who do not like digital downloads. This CD is the third in a trilogy of CDs produced by the late, great Steve Burgh, who produced Steve Forbert's critically acclaimed debut album, "Alive on Arrival." In fact, one of Forbert's songs appears of this CD, given new life with Spanish lyrics written by my late mother, Livia. The original song was titled "Listen to Me," and in Spanish, it became "Escuchame."
Steve Burgh Also produced my debut album "Carolyne Mas," as well as my second album "Hold On." This album was recorded in late 1998 to early 1999 - twenty years from the time when we first met at Kenny's Castaways in New York, and nineteen years after recording together for the first time.
Special guests of this album include Charlie Giordano (now with Springsteen, but who toured and recorded with me back in the "old days"), Charlton Pettus (now with Tears for Fears, but who produced my album "Reason Street," 1993), Daniel Rey (The Ramones), and Sue Hadjopoulos (percussion, Joe Jackson), as well as many other fine musicians.
I am especially proud of my cover of the Dictator's song, "Stay with Me," which I had wanted to record for years.




All music is now available for download at CD Baby. They are the greatest!



I specialize in creating small portraits taken from photos, and I work mostly with conte crayons to capture the essence of the person I am drawing. Below is a sample of my work.

I can create a special hand-crafted frame for your portrait, if you wish, for an additional charge.

Please contact me at, if you would be interested in me creating a special piece for you. Prices vary.



You can now purchase "Across the River" directly from Amazon Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the UK, or from Route 61 Music in Italy. You can also download it on Amazon or on iTunes. "A great voice, even better today, a great personality, and exciting songs that touch the soul." ~ Blue Bottazzi Beat "The rich notes in the booklet tell in great detail her encounters and love affairs with these songs, part of a "time travel" which includes several previously unpublished original compositions as well as a few that are known and revisited with grit, class and sexiness between sinuous swing, scat, blues, Latin flavors and touching confessional ballads." ~ Alfredo Marziano,


I was inspired to paint this after completing the liner notes for my new CD "Across the River" on Route 61 Records out of Italy. It is to featured in the artwork, so it is a very special work for me as well as for fans.

It is 9" x 12", and is acrylic on canvas. It will be personally signed to you, and is unframed so that you may frame it to your taste.


"WELCOME HOME, LUCY" - Original Canvas

I painted this canvas in July, after my dog Lucy died from a rattlesnake bite. I saw this image in my head of the spirit of my late mother, almost like a loving mother earth, welcoming Lucy's spirit home to the great beyond.

It measures 9" x "12, and is acrylic on canvas. It is signed. You can frame it to your taste.


Rare Photo from Creem Magazine Photo Shoot, 1979.




This is my first career-spanning retrospective: 17 tracks from 1979 through 2001, half of them never-before-heard. This CD includes tracks from my five studio albums, plus many newer, previously-unreleased album cuts, as well as demos done on the 16 track home studio of friend and collaborator, Mark Johnson. I then worked with AHA Studios in Nashville to master all of these tracks onto one CD. The photos are all personal ones, and there is a complete list of credits inside. The cover was painted by me when I ran out of ideas for a cover. When my father died in 2002, I decided to dedicate this CD to him, and I added as the last track, a song sung by him and recorded more than 50 years ago, named "Foggy, Foggy Dew." He is accompanied by my Aunt, who now has Alzheimer's, on the piano.The first pressing of "BEYOND MERCURY" was made in November of 2003, and it was the first release for "SAVAGE JULIET RECORDS." The name "SAVAGE JULIET" came from the label on the inside of a overcoat given to me by a fan from Springfield, MO. It had been his grandmother's. Once the name for a long-age tailor, it sounded to me like a great name for a label of a different sort! So, 15 years later...well, the rest is history. Thank you Gene Shipman, for the coat, wherever you are! This CD is currently out of print. Download is available from CD Baby.

Buy this CD at CD Baby



Produced by the late and great Steve Burgh, and released September 16, 2005, this CD contains the studio versions of the demos of "Little by Little," and "Be Your Girl" which appear on "Beyond Mercury," as well as the original arrangement for "When You're Near," which was recorded in 1993's "Reason Street," in more of an "acoustic" style. There is actually a third arrangement of this song recorded as a demo in 1985, but it was unfortunately lost over the years. I do have an obscure live accourtic version #3 from "The Speak Easy" in NYC, 1985, with congas (!) and David Landau ("Carolyne Mas," "Hold On") on lead guitar. I think "When You're Near" is one of the songs I'm not done with yet! It was written at the end of 1981, for a boy named Locke Wallace, who was the most handsome guy I had ever seen. I have copies of this CD for sale on eBay where I will personally autograph them for you. You can buy the download at CD Baby.

Buy this CD at CD Baby