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Jill and Rich: Recording Studio


Pro Tools HD2 9.0.6 
Logic Pro X
Ableton Live 
Tracktion 4 
Cubase 7 
Digital Performer 8
Alesis HD24 hard disk recorder and BRC 
MOTU 828 
MOTU midi timepiece AV 
2 Fastlane midi interfaces 
Autotune 7 
Melodyne Editor 

Yamaha 02R mixer 
Prosonus 16.0.2 mixer 
Apogee Rosetta 96 
SSL Duende 
Mackie HR824 monitors 
Rockit monitors and sub woofer 
Yamaha NS10's 
New Auratones 
Universal Audio LA 610 Preamp and Compressor 

Neumann U87 
AKG 414 
Groove Tube G166 
SM 57's and 58's 
EV RE20 

Yamaha Studio Piano 
Acoustic Bass 
Vintage Olympic drum kit 
Roland RD150

Roland Juno Gi


Triton Rack 
Roland Drums and Bass 
Korg X5 
Yamaha DX7 
Akai M500 
Yamaha EX5 
Korg Wavestation 
Yamaha Motif XS 6 
Roland JV1010 
Giga Studio 
Machfive 3.1 
Ivory Pianos 
Drumcore 3 
Ocean Way Drums 
Nord Electro 3

Mac Pro 
Dell Inspiron 620 


Nolan Sotillo (Disney Films, Hollywood Records)

Dick Robinson Music Group

Legend's 100.3

Seaview Radio

Avery Sommers (Film, TV and Broadway star)

Marilyn Maye (record holder for most appearances on the Tonight Show!!!! )

Grapeseeker Advertising

Krive Musical Productions

Ellis Family Music

Tony® Award winner Linda Lavin

Tony® Nominee Anne Hampton Callaway

Bob Lappin

Bucky Pizzarelli

Cruise One

Anderson Coach and Tour

Mary Wilson (from The Supremes)

Colony Hotel, Palm Beach

United Cerebral Palsy

The Robinson Media Group (Dick Robinson)


Saturn Sound Studos

and many more....