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Rick Suchow: Music

Jaco Radio Interview 1978 (8:08)

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This is not the Clive Williamson BBC interview that's reprinted on many websites (including It's a 1978 interview that aired on London's Capital Radio network. The interviewer is Adrian Love, at least according to Colin Carroll of the UK, who was kind enough to write me with that info and remembered hearing the original broadcast. At the time, Jaco was out promoting Weather Report's 'Mr. Gone' album just before it was released.

Consider these great quotes from the interview:

on Zawinul: "He's the master, he's the cat... he can play all that stuff , he's the only guy that can do it."

on his musical education: "Most of the music I know, believe it or not, I learned from TV. There are great writers that are writing on TV in America... Henri Mancini, the Dick Van Dyke Show, or Wonderful World Of Disney. These people are writing some beautiful music, you know?"

on recording 'Birdland': "I read treble clef because Zawinul writes all his shit in treble clef, and I gotta read it. Like Birdland for instance. I sightread that all in the treble clef, one take man. Birdland is one take. One of the greatest tunes ever, we did it in one take."