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Iain Mclennan: LINKS/FRIENDS


Camellia Morris Gallry

Camellia Morris

Camellia is a visual artist working and exhibiting at ...

Shop1/138 Spit Rd Mosman 2088

Thursday-Saturday 11am-4pm


by appointment.


 Ph: 0423 987 904

Some great paintings and prints by Camellia. Languid images with an almost luminous quality. 

Przemek Draeheim Sfrea Radio
Przemek found 'Faith' on CDbaby, liked it and is now playing it on his radio shows. Based around Soul Blues. Thanks to Przemek the album is reaching into Europe.
Wicked Digital
Can't speak highly enough of Steve Lees who owns and runs Wicked Digital.

Located in Young St Neutral Bay with friendly service and always good advice. If Steve is not available personally, Alexander Milne is full of information and always happy to help.

From Studio Recording Equipment to Live Gear. In Particular:


Order online or go direct..Wicked Digital.

The Keith Shrine
Blue Lena is not your ordinary fan of Keith Richards. More a personal Historian with insight, respect and a genuine love of music. Quite a few of the photos I've posted are from this site. Lena, I thank you for all and always look forward to hearing the latest news.
Vintage Snare Drums
This is the best site as far as history, pics, info, restoration, identifying the year and value of your kit. Plus, a great forum.David is one of the nicest and helpful guys around. He kindly helped me identify my Premier snare drum PLUS he sent me a catalog image from the original Premier press release. Any questions will be answered by those in the know. The home page is full of info, kits, links and up to date news. A word of advice: Don't clean your drums before visiting vintage snare drums, as all the important do's and do not's are freely listed in detail. Check it out.
Amber Technology
Leon Hart, has been such a help over the years.

Without the non sense of tech talk he has patiently listened and advised me re equipment for the studio.

Without his help, I would remain in the dark as like all those who are well informed and do what they do well, Leon gives advice freely and with enthusiasm.

If your looking for a Mac, Parts or some advice, pop in and see Norm Dart.

Norm has the patience of an Ox and a dry sense of humor.

Some years ago I discovered his shop in Miller St Cammeray, full of questions as I knew very little about computers.

I still have many questions and Norm is kind enough to advise.

Always helpful and exceptional prices on all Macs.

Middle Eight Music
Shane Hewit started the company several years ago. Promoting snd selling many Australian recordings. From Stage show titles to Rhythm & Blues. New store has opened in Toorak Melbourne. If they don't have the title, they'll get it.
Blue Moon Film and Video
Blue Moon Film and Video is well known as an innovative creator of video clips for bands. They have had many clips aired on mainstream TV programs such as "Rage". Multi-camera coverage of concerts to highest broadcast standards is also possible. See NEWS for more about Blue Moon and Nancy Jones.

"Jazz off the Record" (Director/Editor) One hour performance video. Australia Council and Arts WA. Excerpts screened on national television and also on Qantas. Kirsten Hersh and Kim Salmon for Nomad on SBS (Producer/Editor) Video Clips broadcast on RAGE: * "Love Planet" Painters and Dockers. * "Girlfriend" Jackals. * "Colours" John Albert. * "Restoration" Header. * "Swing for the Trees" Freedom Police. * "The Arty Type" Jon Edwards (Camera/Editing). Recent Productions * "Sugar" - Short dance film, mentor and editor for Danielle Micich. ArtsWA funded Big Screen * Visual designer "Silent Movie" July 2002 Putting on an Act (Phillipa Clarke choreographer) * "Stump" Hampton SHS (Phillipa Clarke choreographer) one screen, two performances. * "Mavis Goes to Timor" - Deckchair Theatre PIAF 2002 . Nominated for best new production 2002 Helpman Awards. * "Calcutta Manga" July 2001 PICA Putting on an Act - Rakini Visual Artist choreographer, one screen * "Australia Day Promo" 2001 for ArtsWA one screen on Perth foreshore. * "Turmoil" Hampton SHS - (Jane Diamond choreographer) Perth Concert Hall July 200l - one screen. * "Sustainability" Fund raising event one screen (disused building) * "Luna" Festival of Perth 2001- deckchair theatre 2 screens * "Tools" Artrage 2000 - in conjuction with Lux Mammoth - 2 screens - creating both set and lighting * "Bridgetown Blues Festival" 2000 & 2001 continual coverage streamed live to the net and big screen in Bridgetown & Vienna Austria. * "Face First" Buzz Dance Theatre Production - WA Museum Hellenic Gallery - 3 projectors - 3 moving screens. Recent Documentary * "Le Morte d'Empedocle" - documentary on the collaboration of Phillippe Lanton (France) and Katsura Kan (Japan) - Kyoto 2000 - ArtsWA and International Foundation for Arts and Culture. * "Little Yugal" - Documentary Screenwest/SBS Postcodes Series * "ecoWAtch" - Series Producer CTV (2nd series broadcast - 3rd series in development. * "America's Forgotten Allies"- Editor - The story of the Montagnard Hill tribes of Vietnam & Cambodia. Today they are fighting for their very existance as their lands are taken, their religion banned and sterilization forced on the women. 2001. * "Because the Forest Called" - Producer editor - the story of the successful campaign to save the old growth forests of the southwest (55min). 2000

Iain Mclennan/Sales/Reviews

Apple Store Australia
Pick an Apple, any Apple. All your needs plus.
US of A Distribution and sales.

Thanks to Cdbaby and all the staff, particularly Stacy baby (Whipped me into shape) as it were...Hi Stacy...

my music is being played in the USA, Spain, Europe all places I never dreamt of getting Airplay, let alone seeing.

Always helpful with advice.

Dereck (Silvers) is constantly on the go. Taking Indie Music into the future and beyond.

Many thanks to all at Cdbaby for helping a dream come true.

.Represents artists from all over the world and Yes, Aus too.

Tower Records
Faith is available at this digital outlet. Mp3 downloads and trials.
New Music Label

Music Submit Promote your music with the help of Music Submit. There is only so much you can do yourself. Try This...
Indie site for unsigned bands/songwriters. Links to many support and much new music. Toronto
Oinkmuse Studio Mosman

Oinkmuse, situated on Sydneys North Shore is owned by Iain Mclennan. A three room facility, running Pro Tools LE including Video Production, editing and Artwork. From pre production, mixing to CD Mastering and release. Education is another off shoot of Oinkmuse primarily run for the young musician lending itself to the further devolopment of Australian music as a whole. Budget, Planning are just some of the learning curves faced by young musicians today. Focus on composers and peformer copyrite and access to Legal support is available. Sponsors are welcome to contact me re instrument supply & service. Public relations & promotion is also highly developed. Contact: Iain Mclennan

It was quite some time ago I walked into Tony's shop.

Firstly, they let me wander about before asking if I needed help. A relief to say the least.

Trumps Music began life in the 1970s as a record store. In 1983 it was taken over by Tony Tavella and the business changed to Guitars and Amps. This was an obvious move as Tony had spent many years working as a musician, touring Europe with his band "Good Company" and in Audio Visual with the Sydney Hilton Hotel. A specialist dealer in premium products including Gibson Guitars, Gibson Custom Shop, Mesa Boogie Amplifiers, G&L Guitars, Epiphone, Martin, Maton, AER, Rivera, Tom Anderson Guitarworks, Modulus Guitars, Hagstrom and many others. In the early ‘90s our product range went upmarket and we are now a premium dealer with noted brands such as Trumps Music began life in the 1970s as a record store. A specialist dealer in premium products including Gibson Guitars, Gibson Custom Shop, Mesa Boogie Amplifiers, G&L Guitars, Epiphone, Martin, Maton, AER, Rivera, Tom Anderson Guitarworks, Modulus Guitars, Hagstrom and many others. Trading for over twenty-four years, Trumps Music has earned an enviable reputation for quality products, unbeatable service and real world experience. In the early ‘90s our product range went upmarket and we are now a premium dealer with noted brands such as P 42 Northpoint 100 Miller Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060 Phone 02 9954 3300, Fax 02 9957 4894

My Space Iain Mclennan
My Space. Provides free hosting for all pics, movies. This link goes to My.. myspace. You can view "Rock Me" and other bits and pieces I post. Sign up yourself. Create your own page free and meet many people, artists, musicians... another place to uplaod your photos. Write your own news. Add your music, poetry or simply have a look a round. Read details re Spam, Friends etc as it can get a little confusing for the new user...


Wicked Digital
Always in search of equipment or general info on how to, what to, which to look for. I came across 'Wicked Digital" in Neutral Bay Sydney. First thing I noticed was the array of up to date and well presented equipment and upon entering through huge glass doors the welcome. Then to be left alone to see for myself. What is not on display is a phone call away and information is not a technical splatter of jargon. Today, Steve was sitting at his studio setup in a corner of the shop testing a new bit of gear.'s close, classy and friendly. I will aways pop in with a question, knowing, I'll understand the answer. I am a musician specs? Let me play it!...thanks Steve.
Digidesign Australia & New Zealand
Digidesign Australia and New Zealnd Support, News, Education and Products.
Cats Computer Graphics Design
Steve Roberts; a friend of mine from Melbourne runs this Design Co. Set up by his dad Mike Roberts, who at present is selling his own brand of golf clubs, designed by Mike under the name "Roc Golf" in Europe. Steve has been a great help over many years and has always followed through with his support. His design for "Faith" cover art, he shrugs off with "Oh You Know couple of days" it'll be cool. Album Artwork & design is why you are drawn to many artists work, in the first place. Thanks again Steve. PS "The Cell" is the next CD...Could you spare a couple of days? Cheers
Billy Hyde Music
Located in Surrey Hills Sydney. I popped in today to buy some skins and ended up having a long chat with John Adams.

John, a drummer himself, went out of his way to help me find precisely what I needed.

If you need anything for your drums or whatever, you'll get friendly and quick help.

By the way it's Sunday and the place was full of drummers, parents and friends. An acoustic set was being played in one corner, bongos were going off left right and centre. Cymbals, Snare Drums and an Electronic Kit were being tapped, whacked and Crashed. Action packed to say the least. Click Link. See for yourself...

Wagner Microphones
 These are hand made in Germany and Australia and these are the REAL DEAL. Gunter has been in the business of repairing Neumann and Telefunken mics for many years and he knows the heart and soul of the instrument. Gunter's re-issues are true to the original specs. Knowing the original Neumann and Telefunken sound characteristics is the key and Gunter has made a truly unique and solid microphone. The old components of say the Neumanns change over the years particularly over around fifty years and require special attention and I might add....cost. See for yourself and contact Gunter as he is most helful and approachable.
Sound On Sound
Great Music Magazine. Reviews on all latest equipment and a huge archive from earlier publications. If you want to know what's what... Have a look..
Audio Technology
My favourite Australian magazine, covering newly released equipment and reviews of what's to come.

Support Groups/For All

Here for Life
Here for Life is a not-for-profit public benevolent organisation focusing on education, awareness and research aimed at the prevention of youth suicide. The organization provides resources, education and school based life skills programs to help prevent suicide amongst young people. Currently, due to the deaths of such celebrities as Kurt Cobain and Michael Hutchence, there is a certain "sexiness" about suicide amongst some youth today. For others, it is simply the last resort after a series of other options run out. The task of an organisation such as Here for Life is to curtail these perceptions about suicide and let teenagers today know that there is help available.
beyondblue is a national, independent, not-for-profit organisation working to address issues associated with depression, anxiety and related substance misuse disorders in Australia. beyondblue is a bipartisan initiative of the Australian, state and territory governments with a key goal of raising community awareness about depression and reducing stigma associated with the illness.


Kasey Sealy
Kasey is a fine artist. Many of his pictures are exhibited internationally. I mention Phill Budge also, as it was he I first spoke with as I watched him paint.
John Sayers Studio design
John has designed and built some of the best studios in the world. This site is not only helpful, but enthusiastic with many pics of new project and pro studios. All ongoing projects from conception to completion. Plus, a forum for all those questions.
Hill Family
A great site for anyone. Be it travel, history or any questions you might have as a new adventurer. Justin writes a good song also. Have a listen to "Just John" (Copy Justin Hill)


My Space
My Space home page. New songs and Links to friends.
Iain Mclennan
We're the world's leading Independent Artist & Repertoire Company. As a matter of fact, we invented independent A&R more than a decade ago. Since 1992, TAXI has specialized in giving artists, bands, and songwriters real access to the people in the music business who have the power to sign deals.
Info on Aus bands and much more.
History of Aus bands. Who's who, who's not. Plenty to read
Set up by Daryl Roberts the site has links/friends to many of the people I was playing with way back when. The good news is, they are still playing
GTA Studio
Wayne Gardner helped set up my pro tools rig and answered many questions re computer technique.His knowledge and patience helped greatly as he walked me through a steep learning curve. Wayne also supports new artists and devotes a lot of time developing and defining an individual sound for each performer. He is also a fine guitarist featuring on two tracks of 'Faith'. A great help with equipment and shows a strong passion for his work as both producer and performer.
Sound On Sound
Great magazine full of information on recording, gear reviews. I now subcribe to this mag, as I learnt and am still learning so much from the articles and it's vast archives.

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