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Iain Mclennan: OINKNEWS

From Hear To There - November 27, 2017

My oh My!

Haven't been posting ahything for far too long.

 However there times when ...

"A lot means Nothing and Nothing Means A Lot."

As far as I was concerned it was better I stayed off

line and pretty much re adjust  my sites and get a lot of stuff out of the way mentally: to allow the more optimistic and encouraging self talk that get can be vulnerable after daily onslaughts of violence. 

There are better things to view

and far better to do.

Cheers to all.

"Ya just gotta keep goin' on...

No matter how tough how long.

Co Iain Mclennan/Oinkmuse

Hmmmm Another Break - November 9, 2016

It's taken almost 4 years to have a good look at the past, deal with it and move on. Learning to deal with issues is not so much the point. More a chance to consolidate memories and know the truth. If one tried to make it up.... impossible. Indelible. Real and most important to remind oneself  "It Happened". Has been factually Documented and the guts of it? If denied or questions so personally relevant are dismissed, unanswered to assist you through the shadows of deception. Whereby some statement has been thrown down your neck..  Quote:" I have no interest in your personal Life !". It's most plain to see that this has been the case since day one. All you can do is know the truth and not fall into any victim state of mind.

SURVIVOR: of a Self serving and irresponsible adult/adults who sore fit to re arrange all facts to suit themselves only to blame that which was given to them? With the notion of owing. Owing what? 

to catch the disease  of neglect, verbal and hostile abuse? I am grateful not to be of that blood line. Or have anything to do with kicking a kid around. 

Forgive and Forget? To forget would be most dangerous and foolish. To forgive oneself for being in the firing range and accepting yourself on your own terms.

We all know a child is at the mercy of those who supposedly care and love us. Obviously being knee high leaves you no escape or defense. 

So with all this aside, it's time to prepare for more Learning. Writing. Melody and Rhythm. To put the energy into a positive place. For me, Music, Art and much more are that place. 

Now I have said this, I feel less alone and more prepared to live in this moment. Not the past. Nor the future. 

To do what I do as best I can. This includes updating this site with new music, art and the odd thought.

So here we go. Here comes 2017.



A Lot of Lyrics - September 13, 2016


I'll pick up the guitar or whatever a melody hits and lyrics arrive. Of late!? A lot of lyrics and a mixture of melodies. One major problem is up dating my old G5 PC to another G5, but a Multi core.

Same old thing more power..... To get to the point I'm now using every available recording tool I have. From Mobile Phones to Video/Digital/Analoge.

A Zoom H2n.

From the iphone and a Lenova Pad for sound mainly. By the way if you want a cheap and reliable TAB ... try Lenova.... For aound $70.... I couldn't say no. 

The recording sound via the Lenova is live, yet has a quality about it suitable for recording Drums. 

So it's many small items to do many small things I guess.

I'll be interested to see what happens as I can play a Drum Track.. play it back through the studio monitors and record both the drum and ... say a bass track...

and have a two track rhythm track to work with.... I bloody hope. 

Summer's is falling in with much needed warmth. Colours are mingling .... yet this crazy place remains restless.

Or perhaps that's me?

Cheere to you and yours,


Bee...n A Long Curve Ball - July 31, 2016

Sometimes you misread the the Bass Ball  Pitchers Body Language as he winds within the triangle to throw a swift curve ball.....

Anyway, I miss read the curve. A resonating Psych busting ... Out, I went in ....

I wasn't going back.

Needed time out, although I was aware since day one. Some how the Jigsaw Puzzle, including without being included. Always remained fixed. If you venture out you may not be able to back in.

Needles to say, my own curve ball is improving ..

with the alteration ......

removing the curve, yet keeping the grip. 

Eye To Eye.... 

Hope you and yours are well... good to e back...

BAND - June 4, 2011

Putting the Band in place. Strong and Road Tough!   All play several Instruments, which allows me the freedom to move from one Instrument to the other when needed and feature each Individuals Musicality.   One thing that has been, and remains an issue, is members who contribute, not being included in writing credits. Of course... No Royalties!! Each has experienced "None Payment" for more years than it's worth mentioning? Naaa...! For Me: THIRTY FIVE YEARS! Bit much, don't you think? No One. APRA. AMCOS. No One... Makes you more that "Junk Yard Dog", without the bitter taste.   Remain focussed on the music. Pay to Play? Why the fuck not!? Always been the same. Gigs are Managed by the appropriate Agents.   Like anyone, no matter how long we may be/been around, there's no free ride. Knocked Down?... Stand Up!   Time to prepare and begin again. "Music/Band/Friends, to this day remains the centre. As noone goes nowhere without a lot of support. Someone who simply tells the truth. Like it or Not? Doesn't really matter. The Music will be felt by those who do.   Those who don't? Don't matter. Play what you like. Rock and Roll still gives you complete control. Write it. Give it to the Band. Record it. Mix. Master. Done!   Now: Time to put it all on the line. (of course:on line also.) On the Boards and Play!   To me, Commercial Radio underestimates peoples inteligence. Give more choice. More Australian Artists. Forget The Age Bullshit and make the whole Industry a Strong and Competitively Healthy as opposed to Knive Flying in All Directions.   We all make our own decisions as to what we like or otherwise. Good to have Choice. Questions and Reactions. Especially in such a Conservative, yet Get It Now Climate...   The Dynamic of Pop/Rock or whatever Label it may have is, The Hope, measured by Goals. The Love? Living with yourself. The Action!? A lot less Talk.   A LOT OF ACTION!.   Hope all is well with You & Yours, 

Been A While_May_2011 - May 18, 2011

For all who may have tried to access this site, I do apologise. I must say however, I don't regret it as Life, in relation to past has a way of letting you know when it's time for a good look: Get on with it!

One. A very new development is the formation of a new Recording Band. Brad Carr. Iain Mclennan and Fess Parker.

All have been around for many years in many places and as any faces. Time to team and play a lot!

Oinkmuse Studio is also on it's up again as the New Three write & record. Bradd & Fess will also add colour to my new album??? Ha!... A long time coming!!

The positive side of any huge change is simply that which means to one enough to re aline and remain open.


Much more news to be up dated and the new Pics in PHOTOS should get us up to Date....



TIME IS LIKE A FEATHER - July 29, 2010

For those have visited my site it's obvious I haven't posted much... Well? I am now, so I guess I can take it easy on myself, as lack of rest and inner turmoil can throw you off track.


I am going to be off and on for another year while restoring my health. Haven't decided whether or not to talk much as yet. However, I will be journaling the whole thing daily and perhaps see if it has a place via publisher. A way off in the future ... back to earth.

I shall make a lot more posting and updates via a Laptop. 

Thanks for your support,



Next.. The Camel Ride - May 3, 2010

After everyone had settled down and all became... All's well etc. I was in for a....... you got it......

"Special Surprise." Considering I could have been on the wrong end of a wrong end it was decide, as  a treat. A Camel Ride was in order. Unbelievable. Just go to bloody Egypt & discover for yourself how easy it is to find yourself in the Middle of a well planned Mess.

This, I cannot believe.. As soon as I was placed upon the Camels back. It's owner whacked it with his Cane an once again I was in flight.

Hurtling across the Sahara upon the most crazed Animal on the Planet Plus, I doubt this... was the Pretty One..

It was all too much by now, I'd had it..

I somehow grabbed and held on to the stinking creatures neck. With my right hand I punched the Monster in the Eye. It was a great punch. Connected well and had weight behind it. A great idea!!!

The Camel Screamed and proceeded to go in circles.

By now the owner was on the scene. As was my old man. The Picture?

Me being flung side to side as I hung onto that Camels neck. The owner screaming "Haji Walla. Hajiiii wallla." Which I guess was Camel for "Stop you Son Of A Motherless Camel."

Not far behind I could vaguely see dear old dad in high animation and  sweating profusely as once again his precious little chosen one was in the hands of another kidnapping.

I couldn't believe it. Didn't believe it and for the first time ever, I had thoughts of finding some form of weapon to carry at all times. Can you Imagine? Sure you can. As what we see on the TV News is pretty close.

In time the Camel began to make such a dreadful sound, I started to feel sorry for it. I started to talk quietly and calmly to this Desert Creature Down. I was surprised when it began to slow and gradually came to a Halt. Promptly sat down crushing my left leg into the Sand.

I could hear the  "Hajji Walli Unfuken Nalli Nalli." Screamed by the Camel owner and see clearly Dear Old Dad getting closer by the WallI...

That's was only the beginning of a life filled with the unbelievable.. not much has changed. I try to live quietly. However,someone has other ideas as it's hardly unusual to find myself in some sort of adventure. You know where I'm coming from.

Night... All...


"SEVEN" - April 30, 2010




Iain Mclennan/Oinkmuse/©

I was seven. The Humidity was getting close as I stood upon a Clay Road with Sand by it's edges. Side tracked I began looking up into branches of a large thirsty Tree. I could hear the voice of someone saying, "Don't move from that spot Iain." So I must have known them or they I. When I dropped my eyes from looking skyward, I was greeted by a group of young Ceylonese School Girls. All smiling and giggling. They came so close, I could smell them. A Nutmeg type smell. I could taste it.

My smile was as big as theirs as they reached out to touch my Face, Hair, Arms and giggle about my Freckles. Such Eyes I'd never seen. Pools of brown myst and white Cloud. Such beautiful skin. I knew from that day I was destined for a heady ride in this World. I also knew that from that Day each of the Girls would be with me somehow throughout my Life.

They have been. Yet at times I've not noticed.


I was in Ceylon. Head spinning from their intoxication and such innocent and open affection. Sometimes I am in Ceylon standing under the Tree. Kicking at the Road.


When I turn I see two Men standing under a Canopy Tree. One the Father. The other his Son. So Black. Leaning upon the trunk of the Tree. 

From behind them come the very same School Girls all giggling and smiling. At this moment, it is in my mind to go to them as they are my family and would lead me Home.


This happens when I go into a deep Meditation. My Centre.

You would think it would calm me... but I dare not sleep, in case, I miss something.


I was Seven and in Ceylon. The Humidity drained all my strength to prepare me for this wonderful meeting.

Today, I recall such moments in my Life. Incredible and Life affirming experiences. 

To wonder at or about this Life's outcome is fruitless.

To continue as an individual full of such wonderful moments is not something I have to think about. It is just a matter of placing these moments in order so as to clarify any doubts about one's destiny and how many forgo experience in the name of a memory.

Maybe, just maybe another will find solace in these events and begin to write their own.

If so, I would be more than pleased to hear about them.





You Have to Stay.. - March 20, 2010

Optimistic don't you? After five months of hearing problems, it all starts to wear a little thin. I have managed to finish mixing "Everybody Knows" which is from my point of view a good step. However, I have been told to watch volume levels until the Ear thing is sorted out. What I am trying is to send a Mono Mix to my right ear and work around it that way. Believe me, it still sends you nuts after numerous setbacks.

I've thought "what else can I do?".. let alone want to do. But that not an option. I'm as stubborn as hell and been doing this far to long to even ponder whatever... So it's patience and that never ending sense of humour that keeps kicking in and restores the old saying.. "It could be worse."

I'll keep posting and of Monday after another bout of tests... we shall see... almost a joke in there somewhere?

Best to all,


SO, When I Returned - March 2, 2010

From the Chemist, after having a good chat to Tony "Chemist Chief", Mosman... which has become over the years a regular thing. He mentioned an old Band I played with "ARIEL" which to this day surprises me (not that I played in the band) but that Tony was a fan. It's always the same, you gotta smile as in a simple comment like that you feel in a strange way even more apart of your own past. It's gratifying and a comment that touches the core of you. People actually remember and are kind enough to mention their interest.

AS I was saying... when I returned home, I was greeted by two hefty blokes standing at my front door. "Mr Wallis, we're here to move your stuff as arranged....". "Mr Wallis? I replied?" "I'm not Mr Wallis and I don't particularly want my stuff removed." With this, one looked at the other and said... "Told YA!" "I Told ya this was the wrong place...!" Both looked at me as if I had something of value to add. I did... "So what's the address?" Both checked through the pink paperwork only to find they were not only at the wrong address... they were in the wrong suburb.

Once again... "Told Ya!" "Ten Bucks!"... I would go on ... needless to say bets were on that the driver had stuffed up big time even though his partner... (The High Roller) had given directions and with a "Gotcha Ya Bludger and Pay Up Me old Mate...!" echoing on the wind, I quickly made a run for the door thinking... Australia... You Beauty!!! As I hadn't heard this sort of lingo in years. Aussie Poetry. Even to these muffled ears... Wine and Bugga it, they still not happening. So off to more specialists.

Some good news and that is P Laffy is starting go hard nails to fight Lymphoma and urges young and old to hit the high notes as opposed the low. I concur as there is nothing worse than hearing"Oh Mate, I've been thinking of you for years... Oh Mate..."

I'll keep all posted yet keep it low profile as the vibe at present is strong.

Music wise... the song I recorded "Everybody Knows" Came out fine... the catch is... no loud anything for the old ears. So... Bugga!

The level I record at, particularly when tracking live drums is very loud even with my sofisticated "SHURE Inner Ear Headphones". It's not volume as such but definition of sound. By nature I like it loud as it gives you a real "IN THERE" feel as anything too quiet tends to feel quiet and doesn't punch the adrenaline.  AS I record all myself, I have to get the feel as if I am playing with others. I swap hats and become the player I need to be. (Some may disagree... But... HEY?) Plus it's the best fun I know on a vertical level...

I'll leave all with you for now. The guest book is up and running again as I had a hell of a time with Spam and all kinds of rubbish. So everyone is safe from the dreaded PORN sites and Chemical floggers...

There's also a new page. Simply a Blog Page where I can say whatever and comments are welcome from all.



Out & About - February 21, 2010

It's all been a bit much with the news of late so, I decided to accept an invitation to a small party over the weekend. Firstly, I haven't seen these friends for ages and it was no surprise to find everyone as cookie as ever.

I arrived and was greeted by an Angel... Yep... Wings and the whole bit. Looking  closer, I could see it was Kelly and asked if I should have worn something... Silly question and the night progressed from there. It soon became clear "The Girls" had decided to create another "Special Occasion"

The last one being most memorable with the classic theme "Bedtime Stories". My role was the story teller and a story I told, as my imagination was prompted by "Get to the good Bit." Low and behold... my role was once again... The Story Teller...

Without going into details one night led into two and half and fun was had by all.

I'd forgotten how good it is to get out and about. In fact it's been years since I've accepted an invitation. Mainly because I tend to work late and then go wandering. It's hardly surprising to find the streets barren and frankly it all looks a little like a "Ghost Town". One place remains open all night, that being Maceys, a coffee/eats place in Neutral Bay. You can sit outside and watch the traffic go by. On the odd night people wander in and out. But usually it's pretty quiet during this hour..

The question always comes up in my mind ... what do people in fact do on the weekends? Especially young people. Those I have asked have said much the same thing. That being... "We go out early and maybe go to a friends place late." Why? Because on the North Shore, there is nothing open. No music. Nothing. After Midnight everything winds down and people either go South across the Bridge to "The Cross" or head towards Glebe and other areas more people oriented. The Cross is not that popular as it remains very much the same and being more an observation destination than a place to go. It still gets ugly. In fact far more ugly than it was when it was a regular wind down destination after a gig. As far as I recall there were never any real problems and you could fall out of the place a 7AM and feel quite comfortable. If ever there was trouble it would begin and end quickly. The street would erupt into a battle zone between Bikies and those on the opposite side of the street. On for young and old for five minutes then back to a murmuring normality.

So the dilemma  for most people is where to go after any meal or show they may have been to. It goes on and I'm surprised there is so little available for people to do. Perhaps most stay at home. Watch Movies or play Video Games, which seem to be huge at the moment. As for live music, forget it. There is none. Not on the North side anyway. Perhaps a couple of Cover Bands. But that's about it.

For me, it's an issue as I'd like to be able to go somewhere with a bit of life. Relax and observe and return to my studio. Hopefully refreshed. You can understand why having a social night was such an occasion especially with a bunch of free thinking and imaginative people.

When I did get home, I was so stuffed, to sit in the studio was really refreshing and instead of staring into space, I found myself finishing more than I have in a long time. It was also a relief to let go of the past year and the present issues for a moment. Hard to remain optimistic and get a good view of what is happening and proceed.

Outside influences can really rock the boat, especially if they're uninvited.

So, it's onward and time to sort my hearing out as for one, it's my main issue and not something to be ignored.

Hope all is running smoothly for all,



The Way It Is - February 18, 2010

IT's tough times for a few friends of mine at the moment. A very dear friend and colleague Peter Laffy is losing his fight with Cancer. I have a special feeling for Pete as he was like that Brother that always irritated you. Drove you to the point of absolute madness. Of course this worked on both sides and throughout the years we got ourselves into some wonderful bother. It was always amuzing to see the looks of those who lived rather a quiet life and the shock and horror as time after time we managed to rear our ugly heads again to push a little harder.

Pete plays Guitar like no other. You know when you watch someone and what they are doing looks so easy and sounds so great. He's one of them. In fact he's more than one of them, he's about it as far as I'm concerned. Both a complicated and generous soul. Mostly for me, I knew that 100% out the window playing was guaranteed. Many tried, as they do in this ridiculous game to pull the walls down with the behind the  back chat. As for me, I knew my worst enemy and Pete's a little the same. Self critical and doubting, until on the boards, lights on and kick start into a howling set.

After the touring days ebbed away it was a long and arduous task trying to fit into a normal routine or life style. If you can imagine night after night on the road. Non stop driving here and there playing to thousands of people each night. Then... suddenly, it stops. Pubs close. Drink driving rules come into place. Poker Machines... you name it brought Live Music to a grinding halt. What I didn't know was why my behaviour went off the tracks. Drinking far too much. Looking for some way to discharge the energy that remains in my mind and body to this day. I now know what the process was... GRIEF. Such a loss. A complete emptiness as there was simply no way to set yourself free from the intense build up that would start each morning all directed toward the coming nights performance. 

Life goes on. Marriage. Kids. Divorce. Emotional confusion. All history.

Now, just as Pete has found a lot more of himself and fallen in love, married the biggest challenge and wall to accept is with him. To keep it simple. He has chosen to remain of all support and finish at home with his girl. Why the hell wouldn't you as opposed to being stuck in some ward with a bunch of white coats. Waiting hours each day to see the only person that really meant anything to you. No way. So he's home now and resting comfortably. We can talk or simply absorb the silence. There's no choosing. No better or worse.It just is. You make the most of it. I know I do as I get excited even before I dial his number. I want that voice. That part of our history to be enjoyed. Most of all, the friendship which goes deeper than I could have ever imagined.

This evening I just got word another friend of mine had a Stroke over the Weekend. Nothing positive as yet as in recovery.

 Henry Corey played Bass in "SUN" of which I was a member way way back. I can't believe it. Yet i can as the life style does nothing to guarantee a stress free life. Happy in the Burbs existence. The love of Music is such a drug. To express yourself completely through it allows not only you to be vulnerable, but powerful and the Animal in you becomes calm and controlled. Years of playing at that level requires no tangible thought, yet demands such focus regardless of how you may feel that if you let it slip, you become ill. Restless. Angry as you try to place what is you in some restrictive box.

So Henry is doing time as we speak. I shall catch up with him asap.

Meanwhile my Ears have not improved, which almost seem incidental next to all else. Yet it terrifies me to think this numbness may remain with me. Of course inside I say to myself... it will go away and it will become another memory on the list. I do hope so. Enough about me and all.

Regardless of who you are or think you are. All this will come in time. That's what we know about Life. Our constant. Yet we allow ourselves to become bogged down or say we can do all those wonderful things in later years. I do hope so. But is living now supposed to be some war within? An existence of following those pathetic Should, Musts etc. No... that's the cop out. If it's what you believe is right for you... then it's right... surely?

I started Yoga. Something I have wanted to do for years. Not for any health reason but simply to let my body free again. My mind has been playing havoc with me. I found myself behaving as someone else. Something I did many years ago which nearly killed me. All to please or feel in some way what I did would be accepted and an interest shown. Please no one. Please yourself. Make sure that you are happy with you. As the reality is there is no pleasing another unless you have yourself in a good place. You don't have to be in ship shape. Just accepting and remain with a sense of humour. Regardless if anyone else gets it or not. One of the funniest things I see with some people is that expression of disbelief after hearing something so ridiculous they either fall around laughing or go blank.

2010. Well, we're all in it and it ain't going away. Any problems... face them. Any happiness... enjoy each moment. A couple of friends.. well, we are blessed. 

Time to finish this and make some calls.

I'll speak again soon as I am moving (as usual) at a rate of knots in a most productive way. Am so lucky to be able to listen to my friends for perhaps the last time. Some years ago, I would not have been in a condition to do so.





Lost Hearing - February 10, 2010

For some time I've been slightly deaf in my left ear. This from so many years of very loud Music. In fact, more likely the volume of the Snare Drum. As of a week or two ago, both ears have become quite deaf. All I can hear is a Surf like sound and of course the regular ringing of Tinitus.

Apparently this is to do with a blockage which feels like a Loaf Of Bread in my Sinus and Ear Canals. I must say, I'd rather be blind as to not be able to hear my instruments, let alone record and arrange new material is nothing I've experienced before. I live for Music. It's my way of connecting and has been since a small boy.

A CT Scan will give a clearer picture and hopefully they will not have to operate.

On another subject. Referring to my last post. It is good news that my friend is recovering well from Cancer and all in all she remains optimistic. It wasn't the case at the time of last writing. 

Lots of support and a huge heart can do wonders. When all is completely well Jenny will have the recovery time to adjust to. So Jen, you know I'm thinking of you.

That's it for me as these ears are to be dealt with.



Guestbook/Pestbook - January 24, 2010

I have had the Guestbook turned off for some time due to Links posted to porn sites, you name. Well, I'm going to give it another run and see what is to be seen. The main reason is the feedback from genuine folk far outweighs the rubbish. As it's so time consuming to delete any advertising entries. Some will remain as I haven't had the chance to delete them. Apart from that, there have been many changes regarding recording schedules and promised release dates of the new album. It's done and I'm most happy with it. One point or subject I wanted to address is the notion that Positive Thinking can be in fact no help at all. The reason being you set yourself up for a huge disappointment. Be overly optimistic when experience tells you clearly that nothing is guaranteed in Life or Career. You can spend so much energy on being positive, you become unaware of the essential ingredient. That being the music. The energy levels it takes to remain positive are most draining and in many cases are not worth the effort. I was reading an article on Cancer survivors and how many of them went in complete denial as to their illness. Positive Thinking took all their energy, became an obsession and in some cases after receiving advice, factual advice made decisions based on ... "I'll beat it, no matter what." Unfortunately that attitude prolonged the illness as all was denied. Optimism is perhaps a better word. Less demanding and far less aggressive. There are days of absolute "I give-up". Days of "Hey? I'm feeling pretty good." The Key to any issue beyond Human Control, is acceptance. By accepting the facts and facing them everything is made clear in the mind. Only then can one move forward as acceptance allows us to take a step back. Look at the issues and allows you to take time out when necessary which is exactly what the body and mind need to help fight any interfering illness or personal dilemma. For me, it made a lot of sense. Many become angry at what becomes their lot. To deny your anger only puts it on the back burner only to rear it's head in an extreme way. Stress can be your allie. Stress tells us we are under fire. Something is pushing us into a state of hyper vigilance and the nervous system remains on high alert at all times. No sleep. Lack of appetite. Fear. In fact it can disable us completely. On the other hand it can be your friend. They call it "Ustress" or Positive Stress." If a car is hurtling your way and no stress reaction takes place, you may simply stand and observe your demise. Fight & Flight are essential. Action. Immediate action. Jump out of the way. Do whatever it takes. The car is out of control. If you become rendered immovable.. Bang, you're gone. This is why I'm not rushing anything. As it means nothing to anyone but me. I have my film on "Wattle Birds" to complete. To rush either one in my mind would eventually catch up with me as to know I haven't done the best I can and let it go can return to kick your arse. Like everything if we do not act and spend our time talking the lot up. Nothing happens. We bear no fruit. Make excuses and worst of all can lose the love of what we do. Procrastinate. We are surrounded by "OTHER" things to do. TV. Socialising excessively. All to avoid that which we know once started, we will not only enjoy but find a great sense of working toward that which we have always wanted to do. So, my thoughts for today are those. Find the middle ground. When things need to be addressed... deal with them. That includes your personal life. Habits. Balance. A word I found very hard to accept. As I like to move and move quickly. However, I am learning that balance is all there is when it comes to reaching a goal or completing a task. So, I keep trying. Stuff up. Start again. Get side tracked. Start again. Let my imagination take me so far away, I almost forget what it is I love to do. One thing I have leant is this. Act now. If there is any stumbling block. Act. Don't wait for the inevitable and then get angry because you may have been fearful, insecure, had no emotional support from those around you. Anything. Don't wait... Act. It's taken me a while, however action is becoming not only an ally but has put me back in contact with instinct. One other thing, if you are lucky enough to have a friend or acquaintance who is not afraid to honest. Speaks their mind. Treasure it as even though you may react, with time their thoughts will be absorbed. Not as criticism, but as reality. Another perspective. One which comes from a true place. Not one that comes from that place of envy, jealousy, control. We see it every day as it is thrust down our throats. People turning on anyone for the sake of there own inadequacies. That's me. Fight the fight and don't back down. Simply Stand up and be seen.. Cheers, The invisible man.

Despite Me - January 19, 2010

Despite me, the songs keep coming. I've started to go way beyond the bounds of three minutes. Some 45 mins, 25 mins and others, one single line and one single note. Doesn't really matter to me how long they may travel as long as there is a good view. Surprisingly, some do hold attention. As usual the lyrics slip from the sub conscious regardless of any prior restrictive thoughts i may have. The point is... I really enjoy the trip. Those who know me will be well aware of my ability to babble. I love to talk at times. Other times.. long quietness ... Silence is golden.

Some write songs from the page up. For me it doesn't work. What does is a melody of mood. Imagination and free thought take it from that place. A little like Meditation. These songs of course remain for me only. Perhaps I'll set them free together as these days I couldn't care less about singles or who likes what. I f I get the feeling, it's all I know and all I need. Others can wade and criticise if that is there want..

If another enjoys the work, I can't tell you how grateful I am. Sales have never been strong so it's not a money gig. I'd hate to be trapped in the "Write For The Time or Fashion." Those who can sit and write via method using Lyric with a 4 minute time limit I admire of course and most of my material is around the 4_5 Min mark.

Something to try both with song expression and playing is have no pre conceived idea.
See what happens.
An improvisation free of thought. No should or musts. A Jazz impro where you bounce off yourself.

In my mind, I have nothing to do with it as usually I am in some form of questioning time and like dreams all is taken care of. I have read many have to do as I do... that being learn the Lyrics after the song is done. These songs defy any talk or-explanation and somehow explain themselves. To me, they are like a rolling Camera. The Camera or Recorder captures all.

As a youngster, illness left me alone most of the time. Ahhh.. thankfully in my mind, I travelled, Met beautiful Women and revealed Time as a consuming worry and travelled through many landscapes.

Out the window.

Upon returning to the so called normal environment of home and school all felt odd. Out of place. Contained and restrictive. In fact at times I could feel myself becoming ill as to speak, be heard in any shape or form were strictly a huge NO!!!, yet I had in my mind the freedom to alter. There's a good Chap... I now realise this was a way of coping with a rather rigid pace.
It explains very clearly the Adult I have become and sometimes treated rather harshly. Absurd. However, only when you track down the truth as you sore it as a child, do you reconnect with the self allowing you/me to breath...

I now understand how I survived and survive today. At times one can see things so clearly, they have to be distorted a little to fully absorb or we would be left shattered you into millions pieces. If not they would be dismissed and regardless of content could be ignored. Leaving us all in a perfect and beautiful world.

Humour comes from this place. Can heal the deepest wounds as once shared in with a sense of absolute absurdity, they become clear. Others see and laughter is finally released.

One of my favourite Comedians, Richard Prior is a man who lives within me today as he could weave Black & White without any violent slant. Lenny Bruce, pointed out the absurdity of the obsession of speaking freely about sex, race, you name it. a tragic end as his obsession became defending his legal rights.

I'm happy to say after some years "Wattle Birds" a short Movie is taking shape. At one stage I thought... "All this stuff is going to remain in a Box." Well, sometimes Life gets in the way of Art and is to be addressed. The relief is to have so much to come back to. A collection to view in a new way. Together with that energy to carry on.

It sure ain't about Money. Perhaps if it were... I'd have to find another way to express myself.

All out there,



It's Been So Long - January 15, 2010

For almost a year I have no real interest in blogging. The site had become a burden. Time consuming. Most of the stuff I wrote was of only any real interest to those who may be trying to build a Studio or simply had stumbled across the site and were kind enough to express some interest or tell me that perhaps my way of thinking was a little fantasy like. "Mate, ya can't build your own studio unless you know what you're doing!" Many thanks but no thanks. As I mentioned long ago, the studio is well finished. I have learnt more than I could have imagined and found that I am both stubborn and still excitable when it comes to a fight. If you have been here before you will have seen the results of "My Way." Accidents happen. Falls, Electric Shocks. The discovery that flesh is not stronger than Steal. The scars on my feet will bear witness forever to that. Nails, Staples, Glass. It was good for Vocal warm ups as screams do something to dislodge any obstruction s that may accumulate on the Vocal Chords over time. It's done. It works. Now after far too long it's time for me to assemble another Album from the old and new. Still, something more important concerned me. There are times we see an horrific Car accident. Some stop and gaze. Perhaps one will, despite all logical reason will react and in fact help another who would be dead or seriously maimed if not for this action. The tag... Hero is then thrust upon that person. He or She has no feeling of Heroism nor Reward as so many interviews of these folk will and do show. Hang on a minute... I shall be back. I can hear a Dog Howling/Crying down the Road. This has happened for two nights. I went down last Night and I'm going Tonight. It's a large Dog and is Crying in that desperate, left way. Some start to writing anything this has been, but it's more important the Dog is not so bloody miserable he or she will be so distressed all Night. Oh.. of course, it's Friday. Time to lock the family pet inside and hit the Town. I'm no do gooder but I have a Dog and know how deeply they feel and love. Simple isn't it? Speak later... I'm sure you can drag yourselves away for who knows how long... I may or may not return. I will, however continue to write a little again soon. Point is. I made a start. Bye.....

Well, I did make it back many hours ago. I found why the Dog was crying so much... After walking down the side Road, I couldn't help but notice Mr Dog's Head sticking out between two fence pailings. No wonder he was yelping.

Funny as I had had the same experience during the Day. Not fence wise but happened to make simple mistakes. Of course my head got stuck and over the Day it simply wore me down. Some days no matter what another may mean, it comes out with a double or incomplete or misheard way. Life is a long process of ups and downs. Highs & lows. 2010 is no different yet optimism once again may allow us to fall into a hole or two. Another year. Though I feel a sense of once again illuminating the obvious and replacing it with possibilities. I don't make plans as more than often there can be a change. The only thing I am sure of is what I believe and hope to always view in a vision like way. I'm no Mystic so don't start with the OOOOHs..... this doesn't mean I have no plan or hope. It means it does Rain and at times becomes so Hot.. Doubt and dissolution hit many both financially and personally. At times Loss and Death. Regardless.. the Sun comes up and goes Down. Regardless others make calculated evaluations of where and what they are doing. Great. It's exciting as off we all go. I'm not going to finish this as it relates to Time and Change. Wants and expectations. Sometimes or often which can become quite misleading. Once again you pull your head in a crawl back in your hole with that confused message banging in your head. Before long, an idea based on reciprocation is nipped at the gate. Sometimes at great personal loss. Other times the knowledge you have done what you were asked to do and quieted an issue that bothered another. There's no reward as that's not a reason to do anything. Then... it's gone. People return to that which existed prior to whatever. Perhaps forgetting how much trouble they were really in. My concern is, if it's so easy to forget, who's to say exactly the same thing will happen once again? Why? Because we quickly forget how crippling the anxiety became. How threatening whatever came to the simple routine of getting up and carrying on. I've done it more times than I like to think. Now, I make different mistakes which bother no one but me.

The door shuts as if nothing happened and another's life returns to their particular norm. Unfortunately, it's exhausted you as to offer is to become vulnerable only to find you're kind of in the way. Exposed. Well, after so much patience, fun and a connection close to Music in it's true sense the only option is to hold yourself together in some way and return to finding the Music within yourself. Really exciting stuff. Particularly as it's what you've done for a Lifetime and mainly in isolation as that's the demand. The Price. To expect anyone to be at all interested is naive. However, the vision is clear. That one Day someone may really take the chance or act the way they have spoken.
The sadness is. It's too hard as words full to paper. Match goes to fire and once again as you follow that vision knowing full well no one is going to act on words, feeling or the hardest one Love. No ones fault. But what a wonderful thought with a world full of broken homes. Restarts backfiring in a Circus gone Mad.

A moment in time that was worth the air we breath. As quite simply it felt like such pure and adventurous, faith restoring Oxygen, there was a chance to step way out of the On Line Crowd of searchers of the perfect one. For Christ's sake! If you cannot see their eyes and feel what you may feel once in a Lifetime it's no wonder everyone is becoming disposable all performing their own living works of Art. Complete with an Avatar of many colours. Hunters and collectors. However it's become a disposable collection. The Hurts get bigger. The defence Systems become an Army of of Pawns and fear as it is... Is at our very door... The Wolf who will not let go. The Shadow that remains after Dark and the Mind knowing full well when and at what voltage the Electricity was fully charged, Fascinated and challenged. Open to take a chance and ready to connect on a level that many can only wish for.

So 2010 is well into action. Kids are starving. People are living for the Lottery. Some are building, not a fantasy or dream but the very reason we are on Earth. A Life with if lucky, another who may test, quiz and stimulate you completely for the breath of Air we are left with.

To all.

I wish you well. Take a Breath. Don't forget how much energy was ignited if ever that Electricity was connected to a Voltage of similar power. How a smile, a tear became larger and you were free to laugh and howl into any given situation.

Take the hand of the one or many you dearly love with no expectations and simply ask the questions. Enjoy the beauty of watching them deep in their thoughts or in what they may be doing. Thanks your lucky Stars, you simply did not walk away in complete knowledge that to do so was to shut down the very Child/ Core of you.

Like Bands, they are only as good as their weakest Link. Who needs to carry and who deserves such a dismissal.

I have to do the same. Cannot be precious about a song or piece of music that won't wok as it never will unless it is allowed to do it's thing. That thing we all need. Hope. To be moved and perhaps to fall knowing there are arms more than willing to hold and fulfil our every dream and that we all have the courage to let them in in on the secret.

That's a Vision and one that we can thrive in as communication is clear and above all when to look upon that other you see all and love all.

It's my wish for all. This World and for myself.
It is far from difficult. All we have to do is know, in all our ways, up or down another sees us as a complete, flawed, idiotic, loving, kind and all the stuff we can be as Human Beings.



Again & Again - November 9, 2009

As you can well see I haven't posted much of anything for quite some time. It's all relative as they say. Changes are slowly coming into place as I begin to record again. A new style. More acoustic oriented with more emphasis of rhythm. Purely to see what happens as opposed to any pre thought. Always a great way to write and as it's mainly for me, it doesn't have to be any style or fixed content.

The whole idea of being independent is that you are free to do as you please. If anyone happens to be interested, well & good.

So we shall see what eventuates in 2010.

Best to all,


TIME & WORK - October 23, 2009

As you may have noticed, I haven't been on line for many months. It's a fine line between keeping all up to date and recording material. Especially when you do all this yourself.

Over the months, I've more or less decided to pull the site as to keep it updated is not what the Music is about. Perhaps in the New Year I'll re build another site, but for now, I'm way to busy getting the recording together and ready for release.

Many other life issues have to be dealt with also. Such as "Getting One" for a start.

Thanks to all who have visited throughout the years and the encouraging emails. The SPAM in the Guest-book really does bother me and keeping it all under control is a nightmare.

Cheers to all,


Primal Park_CD Release - August 9, 2009

Mondo Rock Primal Park  Cat No: AVSCD046 SRP: $25.00 Barcode: 9336043001461 Release Date: August 14, 2009 Ross Wilson was recently described, by noted Australian rock historian Ian McFarlane, as "one of this country’s national treasures". With a 45+ year career, that continues to this day, Wilson has given this country nearly five decades of great music. From his pioneering Sixties bands (The Pink Finks, Party Machine, Procession and Sons of the Vegetal Mother), to his national breakthrough with Daddy Cool, Ross Wilson's place in Australian music history was assured. However, it did not end there. After disbanding Daddy Cool - and in an incredible three-year run - he formed the short-lived 'super group' Mighty Kong, re-formed Daddy Cool, produced (amongst others) the mega-selling Skyhook's debut album Living In The Seventies, started a record label (Oz Records) with Glenn Wheatley and formed Mondo Rock. The Mondo Rock (initially Ross Wilson's Mondo Rock) of 1976-1978 honed their live skills on a seemingly endless series of one-nite stands across the country. The line-up took some time to gel, eventually settling with Peter Laffy (guitar; ex-Fox, Freeway, Jim Keays’ Southern Cross), Tony Slavich (keyboards; ex-Richard Clapton Band, Ariel), Simon Gyllies (bass) and Iain McLennan (drums,vocals; ex-Sun, Richard Clapton Band, Ariel. Solo Albums: Mauve, Faith). Randy Bulpin (guitar; ex-Toads, Ready Rubbed, One Nite Stand). It was this line-up who recorded the half-studio / half-live debut Primal Park. Our deluxe reissue of Primal Park adds the 1978 debut single 'The Fugitive Kind' along with seven further bonus tracks. Liner notes are by Ian McFarlane and include a recent interview with Ross Wilson. The CD was digitally remastered by Gil Matthews and Ross Wilson - an interesting fact is that Matthews features on the last four of these bonus cuts, as he was Mondo Rock's drummer in the line-up post Primal Park . The last track, 'Perhaps, Perhaps' was written by Wilson and Stephen Cummings and would become a hit single for Cummings' band The Sports in 1980 (as 'Perhaps'). Ross Wilson celebrates 'Five Decades Of Cool' at The Palais Theatre on the 14th. of August - book here... Tracklisting:

1. Question Time
2. Down To Earth
3. Primal Park 
4. Searching for My Baby 
5. Tell Me
6. Toughen Up
7. Down Down Down Down
8. The Rebel
9. Live Wire – The Mondo Shakedown Bonus Tracks: Singles A’s & B’s 1978/79
10. The Fugitive Kind 
11. The Breaking Point
12. Love Shock 
13. Send Me Someone 
Live-to-Air, RMIT, 1979
14. Don’t You Lie to Me
15. Louie Louie
16. Telephone Booth
Demo, 1979
17. Perhaps Perhaps 'searching for my baby' 'the fugitive kind' 'don't you lie to me (live)'

What A Gift... Mozart... - July 23, 2009

"I cannot write in verse, for I am no poet. I cannot arrange the parts of speech with such art as to produce effects of light and shade, for I am no painter. Even by signs and gestures I cannot express my thoughts and feelings, for I am no dancer. But I can do so by means of sounds, for I am a musician."
-- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, composer

Derek Silvers-Hugh Macleod - July 20, 2009

Derek Sivers
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Ignore Everybody - by Hugh MacLeod
ISBN: 159184259X
READ: 2009-06-28
RATING: 10/10

Go to Amazon

Brilliant succinct wisdom on creativity from an artist. Seth Godin says, "Hugh harangues and encourages and pushes and won't sit still until you, like him, are unwilling to settle." I highly recommend this to all musicians, artists, and entrepreneurs. Even those that prefer not to read much. :-)

My notes from the book:
Ignore Everybody - by Hugh MacLeod

Good ideas alter the power balance in relationships. that is why good ideas are always initially resisted.

Good ideas come with a heavy burden, which is why so few people execute them. So few people can handle it.

1. Ignore everybody.

2. The idea doesn’t have to be big. It just has to be yours. The sovereignty you have over your work will inspire far more people than the actual content ever will.

Your idea doesn’t have to be big. It just has to be yours alone. The more the idea is yours alone, the more freedom you have to do something really amazing.

3. Put the hours in.

If somebody in your industry is more successful than you, it’s probably because he works harder at it than you do.

4. Good ideas have lonely childhoods.

5. If your business plan depends on suddenly being “discovered” by some big shot, your plan will probably fail.

6. You are responsible for your own experience.

7. Everyone is born creative; everyone is given a box of crayons in kindergarten.

8. Keep your day job.

The creative person basically has two kinds of jobs: One is the sexy, creative kind. Second is the kind that pays the bills. Sometimes the task at hand covers both bases, but not often.

It’s balancing the need to make a good living while still maintaining one’s creative sovereignty.

The young writer who has to wait tables to pay the bills, in spite of her writing appearing in all the cool and hip magazines... who dreams of one day not having her life divided so harshly. Well, over time the “harshly” bit might go away, but not the “divided.” This tense duality will always play center stage. It will never be transcended. And nobody is immune. Not the struggling waiter, nor the movie star. As soon as you accept this, I mean really accept this, for some reason your career starts moving ahead faster.

9. Companies that squelch creativity can no longer compete with companies that champion creativity.

10. Everybody has their own private Mount Everest they were put on this earth to climb. You may never reach the summit; for that you will be forgiven. But if you don’t make at least one serious attempt to get above the snow line, years later you will find yourself lying on your deathbed, and all you will feel is emptiness.

11. The more talented somebody is, the less they need the props.

Meeting a person who wrote a masterpiece on the back of a deli menu would not surprise me. Meeting a person who wrote a masterpiece with a silver Cartier fountain pen on an antique writing table in an airy SoHo loft would seriously surprise me.

A fancy tool just gives the second-rater one more pillar to hide behind. Which is why there are so many second-rate art directors with state-of-the-art Macintosh computers.

Successful people, artists and nonartists alike, are very good at spotting pillars. They’re very good at doing without them. Even more important, once they’ve spotted a pillar, they’re very good at quickly getting rid of it. Good pillar management is one of the most valuable talents you can have on the planet.

Keep asking the question, “Is this a pillar?” about every aspect of our business, our craft, our reason for being alive, and go from there. The more we ask, the better we get at spotting pillars, the more quickly the pillars vanish.

12. Don’t try to stand out from the crowd; avoid crowds altogether.

13. If you accept the pain, it cannot hurt you.

You’re better off doing something on the assumption that you will not be rewarded for it, that it will not receive the recognition it deserves, that it will not be worth the time and effort invested in it. The obvious advantage to this angle is, of course, if anything good comes of it, then it’s an added bonus. The second, more subtle and profound advantage is that by scuppering all hope of worldly and social betterment from the creative act, you are finally left with only one question to answer: Do you make this damn thing exist or not?

14. Never compare your inside with somebody else’s outside.

The more you practice your craft, the less you confuse worldly rewards with spiritual rewards, and vice versa.

Never sell something you love. Otherwise, you may as well be selling your children.

15. Dying young is overrated.

Every kid underestimates his competition, and overestimates his chances. Every kid is a sucker for the idea that there’s a way to make it without having to do the actual hard work.

The bars of West Hollywood, London, and New York are awash with people throwing their lives away in the desperate hope of finding a shortcut, any shortcut. Meanwhile the competition is at home, working their asses off.

16. The most important thing a creative person can learn professionally is where to draw the red line that separates what you are willing to do from what you are not.

It is this red line that demarcates your sovereignty; that defines your own private creative domain. What crap you are willing to take, and what crap you’re not. What you are willing to relinquish control over, and what you aren’t. What price you are willing to pay, and what price you aren’t.

Art suffers the moment other people start paying for it. The more you need the money, the more people will tell you what to do. The less control you will have. The more bullshit you will have to swallow. The less joy it will bring. Know this and plan accordingly.

When I see somebody “suffering for their art,” it’s usually a case of their not knowing where that red line is.

17. The world is changing.

If you want to be able to afford groceries in five years, I’d recommend listening closely to the (people who push change) and avoiding the (people who resist change).

In order to navigate the New Realities you have to be creative - not just within your particular profession, but in everything. Your way of looking at the world will need to become ever more fertile and original.

The old ways are dead. And you need people around you who concur. That means hanging out more with the creative people, the freaks, the real visionaries.

They’re easy enough to find if you make the effort, if you’ve got something worthwhile to offer in return.

Avoid the folk who play it safe. They can’t help you anymore. Their stability model no longer offers that much stability. They are extinct; they are extinction.

18. Merit can be bought. Passion can’t. The only people who can change the world are people who want to. And not everybody does.

Part of understanding the creative urge is understanding that it’s primal.

We think we’re “Providing a superior integrated logistic system” or “Helping America to really taste Freshness.” In fact we’re just pissed off and want to get the hell out of the cave and kill the woolly mammoth.

19. Avoid the Watercooler Gang.

20. Sing in your own voice.

The really good artists, the really successful entrepreneurs, figure out how to circumvent their limitations, figure out how to turn their strengths into weaknesses.

Had Bob Dylan been more of a technical virtuoso, he might not have felt the need to give his song lyrics such power and resonance.

21. The choice of media is irrelevant.

My cartooning MO was and still is to just have a normal life, be a regular schmoe, with a terrific hobby on the side. It’s not exactly rocket science. This attitude seemed fairly alien to the Art Majors I met. Their chosen art form seemed more like a religion to them. It was serious. It was important. It was a big part of their identity, and it almost seemed to them that humanity’s very existence totally depended on their being able to pursue their dream as a handsomely rewarded profession.

22. Selling out is harder than it looks.

Diluting your product to make it more “commercial” will just make people like it less.

23. Nobody cares. Do it for yourself.

24. Worrying about “Commercial vs. Artistic” is a complete waste of time.

It’s not about whether Tom Clancy sells truckloads of books or a Nobel Prize winner sells diddly-squat. Those are just ciphers, external distractions. To me, it’s about what you are going to do with the short time you have left on this earth. Different criteria altogether. Frankly, how a person nurtures and develops his or her own “creative sovereignty,” with or without the help of the world at large, is in my opinion a much more interesting subject.

25. Don’t worry about finding inspiration. It comes eventually.

Find a way of working that makes it dead easy to take full advantage of your inspired moments. They never hit at a convenient time, nor do they last long.

Writer’s block is just a symptom of feeling like you have nothing to say, combined with the rather weird idea that you should feel the need to say something.

Why? If you have something to say, then say it. If not, enjoy the silence while it lasts. The noise will return soon enough.

26. You have to find your own shtick.

Jackson Pollock discovering splatter paint. Or Robert Ryman discovering all-white canvases. Andy Warhol discovering silk-screen. Hunter S. Thompson discovering gonzo journalism. Duchamp discovering the found object. Jasper Johns discovering the American flag. Hemingway discovering brevity. James Joyce discovering stream-of-consciousness prose.

Somehow while playing around with something new, suddenly they found they were able to put their entire selves into it.

27. Write from the heart.

28. The best way to get approval is not to need it.

29. Power is never given. Power is taken.

The minute you become ready is the minute you stop dreaming. Suddenly it’s no longer about “becoming.” Suddenly it’s about “doing.”

You didn’t go in there, asking the editor to give you power. You went in there and politely informed the editor that you already have the power. That’s what being “ready” means. That’s what “taking power” means. Not needing anything from another person in order to be the best in the world.

30. Whatever choice you make, the Devil gets his due eventually.

31. The hardest part of being creative is getting used to it.

32. Remain frugal.

Part of being creative is learning how to protect your freedom. That includes freedom from avarice.

33. Allow your work to age with you. You become older faster than you think. Be ready for it when it happens.

34. Being Poor Sucks. The biggest mistake young people make is underestimating how competitive the world is out there.

35. Beware of turning hobbies into jobs.

James Gold-Smith once quipped, “When a man marries his mistress, he immediately creates a vacancy.” What’s true in philanderers is also true in life.

“Before, this man had a job and a hobby. Now suddenly, he’s just got the job, but no hobby anymore. But a man needs both, you see. And now what does this man, who’s always had a hobby, do with his time?” My friend held up his glass. “Answer: Drink.”

36. Savor obscurity while it lasts. Once you “make it,” your work is never the same.

if they were still “eating dog food” after a few decades, I doubt if they’d be waxing so lyrically. But as long as you can progress from it eventually, it’s a time to be savored. A time when your work is still new to you, a time when the world doesn’t need to be fed,

37. Start blogging.

38. Meaning scales

Searching For Someone - July 19, 2009


Iain Mclennan1996/2009 to be re recorded now my voice has more grit & grain...

So many times I've been too busy
Looking far too far ahead
Not taking the time to take it easy
Driving one circle to the next.

Taking the same road over and over
Looking at life through coloured glass
I've always been a true believer
Still, I'm searching for someone.


I've been told Life's a River
Flowing into some mystery place
I've heard the magic sound of voices
I've felt the power of that space.

Sometimes I don't find any meaning
In what I hear the people say
So I lay me down to dreaming
Still, I'm searching for someone.


So here I am chasing adventure,
I leave my mark mile for mile.
You may laugh and call me dreamer
'Cause I'm always searching for someone.

Yes you can laugh and call me dreamer
But still I'm searching for some...
Yes, I'm searching for some...
Lord, I'm searching for someone.....

The Music Stopped - July 16, 2009

There is only so much you can put into that very special place which I call music. It takes a lifetime of without. To allow yourself to continue fighting for it's very freedom. The one place you know. The last place you felt would ever have to be compromised. It's place is in observation. Not a place to live. To live in the music takes more than most can ever give. It doesn't give back. Expects nothing yet demands every part of you. If you can have it as a hobby or simply to enjoy fair enough. Enjoy it. Whatever hit you get to keep you going. It's no fun making music unless you can share in it's absolute freedom. The world has changed beyond the beyond. This is not a world I have ever believed in. It couldn't be. The only choice was to be creative in any way possible. To look at everything squarely and find something good. Or scream via the music when the reality in which we all live was unkind. Cruel and in deed that which repulses us all. The power of music is beyond any voice. A gun can shut that voice. The music has to resound forever.

It does. But when you can no longer give yourself to that which helped you survive the cruelties of living and let you feel your very life, it's time to unplug, let go and absorb the shock. Most don't survive and more won't as it has become far too important to hold onto what each and every one of us knows is half a life. I am glad to have given as much as I have to music. It took every ounce of belief to continue against all odds. People want it. People don't. No matter what another assumes any music to be about it is not. Not even to the writer. It's a Primal release. An urge so powerful it cannot be contained. Once it's judged altered or whatever it no longer is. When it turns on you it does so with no feeling whatsoever. Does not care how much you love it. How so much a part of you it has become. It bites harder and deeper than any life experience. If you want to test it, go ahead. I give you five seconds. Try it. See how much it demands of every part of you. If you think you can cut it, by all means go and do what is and has been done since time began. Hit a log. Sing a note. Find that which comes from the very you so deep it can and will alter emotions, create strength where there is none. See if you can allow that Primal part of you touch another. Cry it. Scream it. Own it. It is your music that makes you what you are. To stop it is both dangerous and almost foolish. However, that is what most want. That Primal scream to be smothered. Stopped. As it's feeling reaches the place few want to be touched. Yet all, if honest search for on a daily basis. I don't know how I'll find another way. I don't know anything. All I know is that to be, is not enough for anyone. It's too much to bear. The raw nerve so well hidden is not just touched, it's exposed. To me that is the very process of music and healing. To be free of the cages set up from day one for the innocent to be caught forever. When you hear the scream, it's a little late, unless you are prepared to absorb that scream as your own and do something to correct what is so unforgivable. That being to not allow yourself to be you as it cuts you to the bone. Someone stands on your chest and the ache for them begins.

We all know. We all deny in our attempt to stay in control. No emotions. If that is where I am to go after such a long time. It's not to be believed. Impossible after so much screaming in the face of life. Scream louder if you are not being heard. Love deeper if it is not being felt. Be selfish and indulge in what others fear beyond fear. What? The very most pure of you. That which can only be shared with the like and strikes fear into those who live to control our feelings. Keep us locked away.

That is why I am to stop. For me to get the courage once again to scream the hell out of anyone or thing that wants me to be the same as everyone. Have trained hard and long to allow any breath to be swallowed.

I hope I can do as I say.

It's beyond cold today. The cold comes from within. Sleep in hope to dream.

To all,


THE WAY THAT IT IS - June 23, 2009

After a day of a lot of walking and some removal of wood and cut offs from the Studio update, it helped rid a lot of the fiery energy remaining from the night before. There's so much stuff lying about to clear up. Be prepared if you're having any alterations being made. Funnily enough I found a whole lot of items I thought I'd lost. Mic leads, Baffles, a couple of Amplifiers and one of my Trumpets. Stil there remains a hell of a lot of stuff to be thrown out that I've collected over the years. Always thinking I would use whatever at some stage.

Such a quiet day and plenty of time to reflect on many things.

It's this process that usually leads me to a song or at least the feel of one. By the afternoon I'd scribbled a line or two and picked up the Guitar to find a chord structure and Melody line. Came quite quickly really and low and behold today was the first time I fired up Pro Tools and began the learning curve needed to use Pro Tools 8. If you're thinking about recording, I can highly recommend Pro Tools. As usual I use it exactly as I would a Multi Track Tape Machine. Midi for me is something I've never really used as I tend to play everything in part by part. No cutting and pasting. If I make a mistake. I'll either Drop In or do the part again.

Later in the day I wandered down to the beach and for the first time in months took some shots. The place was deserted. Which suits me fine. Perhaps people are still concerned about Sharks? The water was cool but refreshing to say the least. I'll post some of the shots for our International visitors and those who get to wander Chinamans Beach. Usually in the Summer months, it's packed with every kind of Weekend Warrior known to man. The worst bit is, you can't take your Dog down until after four. In fact, there's not much you can do as they have signs specifying how much fun you cannot have. God, these are conservative times. I've never known of so many rules and don't really take much notice. The peace and quiet was so calming. Still, it would have been good to bump into someone for a chat or whatever.

After walking back home I got on with recording. As I've been doing of late I've been posting Lyrics as the recording process wasn't available. That's what these pages are for. To make notes and basically talk about whatever is on my mind. Forgive me if it gets a little boring
. However, I'd rather write about a walk or whatever than rave on about myself. I've got nothing to sell and it's a relief. Thanks to those who have written re some of the Lyrics and especially those who suggested a few chords. Like you, I have to do it my way and try to let the flow go. Keep those chords for some of your other songs. You know, when you get stuck and everything sounds the same?

I dunno, I hope all is well with you out in cyber land. We've got a full Moon approaching, so I know I'll be Barking mad by then.

Cheers to all.


Almost forgot my new ritual. That being to post new Lyrics I shall upload the Demo in later weeks after I've got the Outboard gear fully wired and I can present a reasonable Demo.

Iain Mclennan/Oinkmuse

Will you walk down the road
with me tonight?
Seems the years have passed
In our minds, nothing really matters
Just the sweetness of your eyes
You let your hair fall back
fall into a kiss.

Oh Glory Glory Glory Glory
Glory Glory Glory Glory
Where have you gone?
Oh Glory Glory Glory Glory
Oh Oh...


You know sometimes I wonder
what would happen
If we all stood back awhile.
Let each other breathe
Into the Wind.
I believe nothing will really change
Simply it may be rearranged.


Yes I wonder what would happen
in another day.
All the worries and those fears
May just float away
Still your eyes are just the same
So innocent, not full of blame

That's the way that it is
That's just the way that it is
After all these years
After all these years

As we smile away
any fears
That's just the way it is
The way that it is
Just the way that it is....

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