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Iain Mclennan: PRESS/REVIEWS

Some of the bands Iain has worked in include Richard Clapton Band, Ariel, Mondo Rock, The Bushwackers, Glenn Shorrock, Mike Rudd, Vanda & Young, Ted Mulry, The Sports and Russell Morris to name but a few.

I first met Iain about a year ago when he came into my store. We got to chatting and what I found was a great person who just so happened to be rather famous at one time in his life. Iain is the classic rock and roll survivor, having been in more well known bands than anyone has the right to, and having experienced more of what life has to offer than what the average person does in a life time.

And thank god he did, as he buried himself in the recording of his first solo album for over two years and produced a brilliant album titled 'Faith' full of songs derived from the rough patch in his life. But don't be thinking the album is all doom and gloom, it is an album full of hope and indeed, faith.

Iain soon found himself off to Europe and the U.S. as his album was picked up by radio stations there. Although only minor success, it none the less has brought Iain to the forefront of some people's CD collections, having all now found faith. Get yourself some Faith now.
"Like fine wine, Iain just keeps on getting better.

He has a depth of soul & understanding, that shines through his beautiful lyrics & music.

Bless you faithful Polly, I'm glad "Dad" let you have your moment. Another example of Iain's ability to create something very special.

Make sure you don't miss out on this cd. It's one you'll play again & again."
Wendy Rudin - Spirit FM 92.3 (Aug 11, 2006)

First a ‘ phone call and as promised, “FAITH’ a new CD arrived.

The caller, an old friend, writer-guitarist Iain McLennan. Those who saw him play during his years with Ross Wilson, Mike Rudd, Richard Clapton, Stephen Cummings and others, won’t be surprised at the quality and intensity of his work today. The searing honesty of his lyrics and voice, and the melody lines that support them, could only emanate from someone who has done it hard but is not about to complain.

The tracks “Faith”, “Fallen”, “If you walk away”, and “Mama”, all different in feel make compelling listening, as does the CD itself.

In the end, “FAITH” tells us a lot about McLennan and perhaps many others who made music their life on and off the road, and paid a price – it’s all there “on the page”, but without bitterness or self-pity. Quite the reverse. “FAITH”, the CD conveys to me anyway, a sense of arrival, peace and accomplishment. McLennan is a rock ‘n roll warrior who has once again made his mark.

Congratulations Iain. I won’t wish you good luck with “FAITH’ . If the web site response is any guide, you won’t need it !

The gifted are often ignored. Eventualy you hear music and writing of this calib
Reviewer: Mary J Wright-independant jounalist
To keep it short, just buy a copy and listen. Mclennan, it is obvious has done some personal work. I bought his last CD "Mauve". Had seen him perform in the late 70's in his role of drummer. Was he happy in the music and enjoying the benefit of Radio aiplay? NO. he replyed "tonight I'm flogging a dead horse. It's me and vocals the rest is an undiciplined mess,!" I wasn't surprised, as on an earlier occation he had said "If i don't drive the vocalist via rhythm and dynamics-he cannot function ( I know from experience, as a kid and I played Guitar and sang my songs) the drummer was I played them. 100% is where you begin and my gig is to not only drive the clowns but the Ringmaster. I don't play for fun, I play for keeps. If I let the man dangle on a string, he cannot hit his stride, settle and let go.That's the point..let go and let music do what it does-elevates us all. Wilson is a good responder and has a similar attitude/mind you, we hardly know each other. But I know the animal and Wilson is that! Mclennan laughs.. Now 2004-2005 here he is again. Rejuvenated, to say the least, he is frisky and open. The Album...Faith full of life experince is a strong move for Mclennan. Songs like "Mama" the subject, adoption is as hungry and political as it ever was. Mclennan works his way through rejection,understanding, confusion, every emotion is taunted, his voice is far more powerful than I remembered. purely soul driven... "Mama I have a son, I would give him up to no one' .."I just can't understand, why you did not take my hand...Oh no" When asked about his experience, Mclennan quietly reminds me.."Not all searches, adventures, particularly the search for a lost city/soul, whatever end in success . To survive any crisis, letting go plays a major role, as when it's done,Thats it. The end. Let Go! move on....Released I was, but not prepared for the turmoil it provoked." Rock Me with it's brushed rhythm implies that we sometimes limit our joy to feel more deeply. Cheaky as he is Mclennan is a serious man. He's been pushed, that's the given.. and understands the foolish in mankind..... I am simply grateful." I can enjoy music again, hold my son in my arms, love my girlfriend, be a part of my family and see the sun rise and set...there is nothing better. I've tried evrything else......Lets Get Down..turn off the tv..sit with your lover and hold on....Fallen, If you Turn Away, great songs. Writing this review with the album playing in the backgroud is quite haunting. Mclennan's intellect, his provocative sense of humour come from both heaven and hell. For me, I am strengthened by the optimism in this CD.Try'll like it, Love it, see yourself and maybe, just maybe; you might open the door, wander outside and take a good look at what we all have been given....Mary J Wright- NY Union
 Will you love me when I'm old? I will!
Reviewer: Leslie Down
It was on my travels through Europe when I found this album. 'Let's Get Down', was the first track I heard. I didn't know who it was, only that I had to hear more. 'If You Walk Away' from piano and vocal to a full blooded chorus reminded me of the euphoria of love and the lengths we might go to maintain it. Melodic, lyrical and darkly humorous, 'Faith' is a treasure to be shared.
Leslie Down - Cdbaby (Feb 27, 2005)
I've seen him live and been touched more deeply than I could ever have expected.
Reviewer: Melanie Oakland
I was not prepared to have so many buttons pushed and certainly not by a man with someone standing in his shadow, yet the largest sense of humor you'll come across if you're lucky to get close enough. The last time I heard this voice was fifteen years ago. Then. He vanished! I now have an idea of where he went. Seeing the cover, was like seeing a ghost. I bought it. Always candid and polite I remember the fun in the voice then the sadness in the eyes. Not an album buyer so much as a searcher I found Faith and found bits of me in each song. The title track won't leave me with its opening line... When we were young... to the chorus .. But heaven knows... There no preaching in this album. If you turn Away reminds me of the madness of first love... if you go so am I feeling. The hunger in the lyric is that very ache of love and for love. There is so much to this album. A voice you hear rarely. Powerful and broken to pure and gentle as in the song Fallen. As i said I've been moved by Iain Mclennan in the past now I'm moving with him. I highly rate this album for what it gives you. He made it by the skin of his teeth and shares some secrets when it comes to emotional survival. Melodic, optimistic and I love it! That's it... I love it... Thanks M oakland
This album takes you high. Vocals are raw one miniute, next it's "Let's Get Down
Reviewer: Mick Hall
Faith is some ride. I can't put it into words. Mama really hit me from all directions. Crackling vocals twisted around lyrics full of questions, heading towards the slate is clean!!! Get it. Play it. A1
Dear Iain,

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Dear Iain,
You have created very personal and enjoyable album, which is not so common
these days.Your songs are not stupid and you are trying to express yourself
through music. It's beautiful and I'm sure that my listeners will agree with

It will be my pleasure to play your music in my shows and tell my listeners
your story.
"The CD is doing very well, people like it and I get good response from them.
This is what I love in music - if it's good, it's international and people
all over the world can enjoy it"

Przemer Draheim.

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