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Christmas Hope -- Emily's Winter Holiday Album - December 14, 2018

Emily loves the magic of the winter holidays! Christmas Hope is her favorite holiday album of the several she's released -- glowing with the light and warmth of the season. The thirteen uplifting songs featured on Christmas Hope reflect Emily's dedication to love this special time of year.  

Emily (aka Madam Snowflake) is excited to share two music videos from the album with you as a Christmas gift. The first, All Comes to Life is a beautiful winter love song -- opening the hearts of all who watch and listen.

The second video The Light, produced by Kara Square, explores the magic of candlelight, a warm hearth, winter stars, the northern lights, and the solstice.

Emily's album Christmas Hope is available on iTunes, Bandcamp, Jamendo and Spotify

Honey Valentine is Emily's New Album Designed for Lovers - February 5, 2018

Madam Snowflake (aka Emily Richards) delivers vocals that drip with sweet emotion in her new release Honey Valentine -- designed to spark and caress the souls of lovers.  Consistent with her dedication to collaboration and attention to production quality, Honey Valentine stays true to Snowflake's passionate artistry by seamlessly creating a soundscape that burns softly throughout the 15 track collection. By harnessing the production talent of remix artists from the global community at, she once again showcases a culture that is truly fueled by love and gifting. 

The first single from the album, Our Whole World Circling (Loveshadow mix), features a beautiful lyric video featuring vast landscapes and moving imagery -- created by Kara Square. 

Honey Valentine features all original songs by M. Snowflake combined with the collaborative production work of remix artists Loveshadow (UK), Ghost Kollective (Poland, UK, Canada), Alex Beroza (Belgium), Zep Hurme (Finland), and many other talents from the ccMixter international community.

Madam Snowflake's album Honey Valentine is available on iTunes, Bandcamp, Jamendo and Spotify. To learn more, visit

Launch of New Music Video "Climb" - April 4, 2017

Emily Richards Launches First Music Video in 15 Year, Under Alias "Madam Snowflake"

Climb" is the Debut Music Video by Madam Snowflake (Emily Richards)

The dysfunction and depression in ourselves and our world are explored through the lens of awakening by Madam S. in her track "Climb."

The delicate yet powerful vocals of Madam Snowflake are heard in hundreds of thousands of remixes all over the world. Her high-quality vocal stems for "Climb" are available under CC license here: 


Madam Snowflake has teamed up with producer Nico Fyve for the single "Climb" -- and rumor has it they are working on an entire collection of tracks and videos to be released over the next year. 



I’m dysfunctional baby

And so are you
Clearly dysfunctional baby
There’s nothing to do but


Soul smothered by mental illness
Ego entertained by screen violence
So obviously flawed in our history books
What can we do?

Yea, I’m dysfunctional baby
And you’re dysfunctional baby
We’re all dysfunctional baby
There’s nothing to do but

AWAKEN (out of the madness)
AWAKEN (light in the darkness)
AWAKEN (out of the madness)

(Climb out of this well of insanity
Climb out, climb out, climb!)

Call to arms and extermination 
How can we call ourselves human 
Witnessing species mutation
There’s nothing to do but


AWAKEN (out of the madness)
AWAKEN (light in the darkness)
AWAKEN (out of the madness)

Climb, climb
Climb out of this of well of insanity
Pull me out of this cell of insanity
Climb out, climb out, climb out

Copyright Emily Richards, RillRiver Publishing

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