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Tony Mecca: Listen

Holly 1-2-3

"Just use your fingers it's so easy to do ...
... like counting purple monkeys at the zoo"
Holly was the smartest girl in town. Always draggin’ that big bag of books around.
And when she raised her hand her classmates knew she had the problem solved before they had a clue.

One, two idiots are down on the floor. Can’t tie their shoes won’t hang their coats on the door. Three, four idiots in back of the room saying we can’t see, that’s why we’re not as smart as Holly.

One and one is two. I saw Holly teaching all of you. Just use your fingers it’s so easy to do, like counting purple monkeys at the zoo

One, two idiots facing the wall. Matriculating in detention hall. Three, four idiots laughing out loud. They’re so happy they’ll never be as smart as Holly.

I know they tease me for the grace I lack. They think that I don’t hear them laughing behind my back. But just to fit in I would give the world, 'cause after all - I ‘m just a girl.

I never understood her motivation. Enthusiasm for class participation. But I was young and went along with the crowd where it’s a silly boy that thinks aloud.

Don’t call me stupid when I’m down on the floor. I hear your lessons/messege but I choose to ignore. I may be prone to immaturity, but in the end I’m a lot like Holly.

Holly one, two, three....