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Tony Mecca: Listen

New Green Shirt

"In my new green shirt I'm quite the rage, young girls think I'm half my age"
My baby bought me a new green shirt – she said that it matched her old suede shirt
I put it on with my new black shoes – same old jeans that I always use

I went outside to take my morning walk – I heard the old ladies on the corner talk
They said I was handsome they said I was lean – by all accounts I am the seniors dream -Then Mrs. Wilson winked at me and said you ought to stop by and keep me company

In my new green shirt I’m quite the rage – young girls think I’m half my age
My baby thinks I’m really cute – I’m going out to buy a new green suit

Friday night I took a walk uptown – to see if my celebrity had spread around
Women screamed and called my name – I’ve grown accustomed to all this fame
I jumped in a taxi to meet my date the driver turned around and said “you look just great”

In my new green shirt I’m like the U.S. mail – I’m in the public’s eye and I got mass appeal I’ll never change I’ll just leave it on – I’m a metropolitan phenomenon

They say the national stage is where I belong – I’m the media’s darling I can do no harm - In political circles I’m a candidate – to the bourgeoisie I’m just a fashion plate - But if you want the scoop – you want the dirt – I owe it all to this new green shirt