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Tony Mecca: Listen

Suzie Lone Star Hero

Suzie came from Amarillo - running from her alter ego that was just released from a juvenile detention facility - I was on the straight and narrow - grooming for a bright tomorrow - just a half Italian Irish boy apprentice in the big city - And I met Suzie on a parking lot - running from a man she shot - she aimed at his feet but put a bullet through his car

She said I know I don’t always do what’s right - but kiss your lone star girl good night - and when you grow don’t just think of me as that crazy girl that came to Philly

She said she drove across the nation looking for an inspiration to jump back up on the gravy train of honor and dignity - I told her that she shouldn’t worry she shouldn’t be in such a hurry to grow up and out of such a perfect state of individuality - Then Suzie took me by my hand - she said you’re gonna be my man - and in a fit of bliss she stole a car

And Suzie I know you must have been the apple of your daddy’s eye - running wild in the pan handle under that great big Texas sky – I want you to know your courage (memory) will endure - there’s nothing about you this Yankee boy will soon forget those cowboy boots and cigarettes

Suzie used her intuition - anticipating extradition to the not so wide open planes and prairies of a Texas penitentiary - She climbed out of the bathroom window - of a hotel that we just checked into and rode off into the sunset to find salvation in her destiny