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Tony Mecca: Listen

The Friends of Joey Coyle

"I’m gonna ride this fever straight into hell tonight"
There will never be a boy like you - Make things sound as good as you do
Selling everyone you find on something that’s been running thru you mind
Cursed to feed a burning heart - Always looking for the bigger part
No matter how you shed your skin - Something always seemed to pull you in
The river road was wide and bright, and lovers held each other tight
The rumor spread as fast as light - Davey saw Joey on TV tonight

You sit alone and think it through - You hear the voice of fame talk to you
You don’t know why you feel this way - To be someone is your only play
The river road is filled with joy for all the Christian girls and boys
You prove you’re tough you prove you’re free – Davey saw Joey on TV

When all the friends of Joey Coyle would speak of him their blood would boil
They could not see the irony they always think - if that were me

Standing at the edge of real trying not to fall
With a common man’s belief that someday he could have it all
When you stumbled on the Holy Grail it only made you see
You would gladly trade you riches for a place in history
Crucified by circumstances no one really knew
They put you on the silver screen – tried to make a star of you
But the joy you felt was all but gone the trip had done you in
Your eyes kept sinking in your pale white skin

Such a heavy price he paid – A lifetime ticket to the fools parade
With only the past in his sight – Joey Coyle took his life that night
The river flows for all to see - your choices are your destiny
you swim above or sink below – Davey heard about it on the radio

I’m gonna ride this fever straight into hell tonight
I’ve got a head full of trouble and the devil better get me right
… and if he starts to stutter we might just have to dance
but if he has a heart I’m gonna ask him for another chance