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Corey McKnight: Press/Reviews

The sound was delicate and pretty, easily heard in the Washington church’s resonant acoustics. Countertenor Corey McKnight had a clean sound, particularly fine in the rondeau “Je me demande ma bienvenue” by Johannes Haucourt — He seemed the more securely prepared of the singers...
Corey's voice will leave listeners stunned. The high notes that he hits on "O Jesulein Suss, O Jesulein Milt" and "Ave Mara" would make most sopranos envious.
What you take away from this album is a love for Corey's countertenor. When he sings the "Hallelujah Chorus," it is hard not to be impressed with his vocal range. As each note flows from his lips, it becomes difficult not to be swept away by the music.Corey's vocals give it that perfect sing-song sound that makes you think you are listening to bells ringing.
The album very appropriately closes with a stunning version of "Silent Night." The flugelhorn solo in the first bars of this song is the star attraction. This horn takes center stage on "A Christmas Fanfare" as well. Corey plays the flugelhorn as well, proving he's more than just another gorgeous voice.
Title: Warm Christmas Morning
Rating: 5 Stars (out of 5)
Reviewed by: Andrea Guy
Andrea Guy - CD Baby Music Critics (Dec 8, 2012)
O, Magnum Mysterium” strikes for a purity and richness of tone not often found outside of an Anglican cathedral, and rings with the magic and mystery of a God both distant and near; ancient and beautiful. “Coventry Carol” is sparsely sketched with instruments and voices, with McKnight showing both the power and delicacy of his voice in a moving performance. “Ave Maria” is absolutely breathtaking in its beauty; inducing chills right from the opening notes. Corey McKnight certainly can sing. The vocal performances throughout Warm Christmas Morning are technically flawless.
McKnight closes out with a haunting take on “Silent Night”. The first run through is sans voice, but a lonely trumpet in the vein of ‘Taps’. This transitions into a simple and reserved ensemble reading of the tune that is reverent and refined. It’s the perfect close to an album that is full of spirit and sound.
Artist: Corey McKnight
Title: Warm Christmas Morning
Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)
Review by: Wildy Haske
Wildy Haskell - CD Baby Music Critics (Dec 8, 2012)
Since McKnight’s vocals are really the only ones on the set, he’s a singer of amazing talents. It’s unlikely a singer can be found with a greater range.
"Christmas Time Is Here” lends a tasty jazzy ballad approach for a nice touch.
While the range is quite wide, all the vocals on all the songs are done by McKnight. Some sound like they are, but others will give the impression of multiple singers. That makes McKnight an exceptional singer. In fact, most listeners will probably never have heard a great range from one singer.
G.W. Hill - CD Baby Music Critics (Dec 8, 2012)
Christmas time is here. But no matter whether it is winter that is nearing or whether you are stuck in the stifling heat of summer, Corey McKnight's Warm Christmas Morning will get you in the holiday spirit.
McKnight's moving, elaborate renditions of "O Come, O Come Emanuel" and "A Trilogy For Christmas," the first half is aimed more toward paying homage to the root of why we celebrate the holiday. "A Trilogy For Christmas" is arranged in a manner that creates an expanse of sounds. McKnight utilizes a chorus of voices along with numerous brass instruments to produce a vast arrangement that parallels the immensity of previous versions of the track. The album then moves to a beautiful rendition of "Ave Maria." Although there is only a single harp and one vocalist, this song conveys the same immense impact as the previous. By juxtaposing these two songs McKnight communicates a range of emotions that the listener is able to carry with them and build upon as each song continues.
Corey's composition, "A Christmas Fanfare" is extravagant, sounding as if a king is being welcomed by a large assembly of people. That is one of McKnight's many talents; he creates lavish, rich compositions from otherwise simplistic material, and this is not the last time that he does so.
The album continues with "Sleigh Ride," the most energetic track hands down. It includes a captivating arrangement that makes use of various harmonies, melodies, and vocalists and even upstages the upbeat atmosphere of Leroy Anderson's original version.
Compositions seem to be something that comes naturally to him; his stories are expressed with a tactful ease that is both impressive and impactful.
Each song is exceptional on its own, but listening to Warm Christmas Morning as a single work is even more impressive. Because of the way each track is laid out within the album, McKnight is able to convey an entire story of the Christmas season that begins with the birth of Jesus and concludes with current traditions.
Artist: Corey McKnight
Album: Warm Christmas Morning
Review by Alec Cunningham
Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)
Alec Cunningham - CD Baby Music Critics (Dec 8, 2012)
“Remember, o thou man,” which included countertenor Corey McKnight and Yayoi Barrack on the viola da gamba, pulsed with devotion in time to the call-and-response of Thomas Ravencroft’s haunting writing."
"With quiet, aching intensity, McKnight gave a similarly affecting reading of Jacques de Cambrai’s thirteenth-century “Chanson pieuse,” well-shaped and in luminous voice.
- DMV Classical (Jan 8, 2012)
(About "My Solitude") "A beautiful collection of ambient a' Cappella vocal music. (Jul 7, 2005)
"This work also includes an exquisite solo by countertenor Corey McKnight"
American Record Guide
(About My solitude) "McKnight uses his experience to illuminate the fertility, diversity and soothing awesomeness of the human voice to create a transcendent atmoshphere."
Michael Deeds - Idaho Statesman (Sep 18, 2005)
Corey can also reach the opposite end of the male vocal spectrum. With "Sanctus" he delivers a distinctive bass sound. Granted, most of the tracks on this CD are countertenor. This is one of the exceptions. When Corey's vocals do briefly move higher in this very short track, the move is seamless. This CD really is a pleasure to listen to. Corey has a wonderful voice and the layering he does to accompany himself is enjoyable. I would easily rate this CD as one of the more accessible Gregorian chant/new age albums I have come across.
Wil Owen - Rambles (Mar 25, 2006)
There is not a track on this CD that isn't masterfully beautiful. The acappella vocal music of Corey McKnight must be heard to be believed.
Countertenor Corey McKnight collaborated closely with the composer in this work, which was written expressly for him. He has a beautifully clear, sweet, dead on pitch, voice exhibiting absolutely none of the problems often associated with this range. He can only be compared to the young Russell Oberlin, although McKnight’s voice is pitched higher and is more resonant. Although it seemed to me that at times he ventured well into the soprano range he assures me he is thoroughly centered in the alto; not surprisingly he also sings baritone. In addition to everything else it’s a pleasure to watch him sing; he is clearly enjoying himself and the music, and he affects none of the distracting grimaces and strains that some vocalists seem unable to avoid. Mr. McKnight grew up in Nampa, Idaho (five miles southeast of Caldwell), and had his first voice lessons in 1984 with Dorothy Barnes at the University of Idaho. Starting in 1991 he toured the entire USA, and much of the world, as a member of the Chanticleer ensemble, appearing on 12 of their acclaimed recordings. In 2005 he released a multiple tracked solo album with a Catholic liturgical slant, “My Solitude,” to excellent notices.
"Most notable were the solos of soprano Corey McKnight..."
San Jose Mercury News (Dec 13, 1996)
(About "My Solitude") "This new cd features lush vocal stylings, performed beautifully. Combining pristine intonation with seamless blend helps create a wonderful listening experience".

"A feast for the ear. . ."
Jay Moorhead/Assistant Conductor, San Francisco Symphony Chorus (Jul 9, 2005)
(About "My Solitude") "I loved this project! Especially the vocal arrangements and the new treatment of Liturgical texts."
Ken Love, Master Engineer, Master Mix, Nashville (Apr 14, 2005)
(About "My Solitude") "Fabulous" Dreamy"...This is a spiritual cd, full of beauty, with echoes of Gregorian Chant. It showcases Corey's wonderful talents."
Lois Boulware - singer quilter (Jul 7, 2005)
(About "My Solitude") "Absolutely gorgeous...silky music."
Rhonda Larson/Grammy Award Winning Flutist (Jul 7, 2005)
(About "My Solitude") "So beautiful...Reminds of a male Enya or the most ethereal, magical choir you could imagine"
Lynda Johnson/Recording Artist/Swansea Music (Jul 7, 2005)
(About "My Solitude") "It is wonderful! Lots of variety, beautiful sonorities, creative harmonies and textures, meaningful texts dovetailed with lovely musical moments."
Warren Barnes/Singer/Music Educator (Jul 7, 2005)